Jim Evans in Worcester April 29, 2012, 10:54
The reason we never screw up the courage to scientifically and rigorously investigate why genocides and wars and other dreadful things happen is because WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS!

Those with any power and influence and status devote their time and other resources to AVOIDING reality ...not exploring it.

When I started to explore why we pay so little attention to Israeli Apartheid and Athanese Seromba and the fate of little Victoria Climbie I met an enormous wall of RESISTANCE from all the types of people who would make a an ENORMOUS FUSS IF ordinary English people like ME behaved with such "cruelty" and "inhumanity" and "illiberality".

But the world is purposely arranged to ignore the failings and sins of the powerful and HIGHLIGHT those of the weak and poor!
Almighty God April 29, 2012, 10:38
You don`t "get it" you ..Jim?
It isn`t that the people around yo really believe that a belligerent group of westerners masquerading as "returning Israelites" will bring peace on Earth...or that the George Soros Open Society border-free enormous BBC multicultural "genocide in the making" will do anything but guarantee a repeat of the National Socialist era of the last century!

We KNOW there has to be MAJOR genocide and a war BECAUSE we have overpopulated the planet....and by no means for the first time either. What would the population size of the world be NOW if we had NOT had the two world wars?

Mankind has NOT run out of brains or common sense or fellow feeling or intuition ....but WE know... in our collective unconscious mind..


...because it`s NOT in our DNA (as aggressive primate creatures) EVER to tolerate the loss of something vital to our BEING as humans.....

....which is all the bling and luxury and opportunities to enjoy sex with attractive partners .... and status ..and power.... and positions of illusory leadership that turn us ALL on ...

.... which is what motivate us apes to strive and live and TRIBAL TERRITORIAL HIGHER PRIMATES.....and DOMINATE and compete and UNFAIRLY carry on doing so REGARDLESS of those around us and THEIR needsand wishes

whose instinct is always to PROMOTE ourselves and our OWN children BEFORE considering the needs welfare or existence of others outside our family or tribe or race or religion or nation etc.

Communists and humanitarians and Christians don`t "get it".....we unconsciously strive to KILL or DRIVE AWAY those who are NOT LIKE US as soon as OVERPOPULATION triggers our primitive SURVIVAL instinct!

Sorry chaps...but it`s how I MADE you to function!!
Jim Evans in Worcester April 29, 2012, 02:05
You folks keep talking about the left and right of politics but they no longer exist now we have global political classes ..

..and all the rich people and all our politicians and journalists are really liberals and globalist in outlook while PRETENDING to care about native workers rights and national interests but really being part of one pretty uniform GLOBAL MIDDLE CLASS.

Here in Britain democracy is a complete fraud because whatever the global middle class actually say about looking after voters and national interests their TRUE belief is in global economic liberalism mass migration free markets in labour and a corrupt Ponzi Scheme and authoritarian undemocratic immigration scam called the European by the usual Wall Street/City of London criminals usurers and extortioners and debt creators who couldn`t give a hoot about the average person.(Unless they are Jewish residents of Israel`s first class welfare state... in which case the picture changes entirely!)

Our personal views about "British" policies do not matter in the slightest in our banana republic...... because Israel and the USA decide what happens in Britain .....and they have done for at least thirty years in our virtual one party Neo-liberal Zionist oligarchy.

Can we even debate ideas like limiting immigration or leaving the EU or stopping fighting wars for Zionism and Israel and protecting our industry from unfair slave economy competition by voting for the crooks and frauds and apologists who pretend to represent us in Parliament?

No....but you can bet that Israelis get a much better deal and don`t have multiculturalism and mass immigration imposed on them!

Will the globalist liberals at the BBC or RT do anything to help us fight for justice? But they will steadfastly avoid criticising Israel for doing things that they would immediately call racist and xenophobic and populist and right wing if WE did them here.

They want an open border "free for all" global society at OUR EXPENSE .....where the world is their oyster and the Devil takes the hindmost....and WE native born GLOBAL UNDER-CLASSES who vote in phony elections and pay taxes they will avoid and fight wars for Rothschild and Soros.....can just shut our insolent mouths and fester in our sink estates!

Will Julian Assange challenge all that injustice? Let`s SEE!

Of course they will SAY that`s not so.....but just start asking about controlling immigration or protectionism and their true agenda soon comes to the fore.
22.17 April 28, 2012, 18:45


Yeah before he dies, dudes like 100.
Jim Evans in Worcester April 28, 2012, 09:27
I suspect that western civilisation could become bankrupt and fail completely because we have lost the art of LAUGHING and Satirising and CRITICISING ourselves vigorously and rigorously enough..

...and it`s very stupid of us to allow our civilisation to fail for that reason alone when in many ways we represent a long leap forward for the AVERAGE man in the street!

We know very well what has happened ....and it`s ridiculous that we are gifting our civilisation and the futures of billions of people into the hands of people like Lord Rothschild and Bibi Netanyahu ONLY because they have found a way to stop us criticising people who just HAPPEN to have Jewish ancestors.

When did we VOTE the rich OLIGARCHY..... (who we DARE NOT CHALLENGE OR CRITICISE).... into POWER OVER US??

Since when did people who happen to have Jewish or Asian or Black racial backgrounds become IMMUNE from criticism and somehow gain the political wisdom not granted to the rest of us?

This is RACISM ! We should have EVERY RIGHT to ask why so many JEWS are WRECKING our western economies and what special ABILITY they have to run aspects of society like politics and the financial system.

We are TRILLIONS of dollars in DEBT and any fool with his eye on society who can "follow the money" KNOWS WHY!!! We are bankrolling a bunch of cynical CROOKS and their crazy project ISRAEL..

...and what infuriates me is that these people are not really religious or even COMPETENT.....they are USING the accident of their racial origin to STEAL from us and very probably START WORLD WAR THREE by upsetting all the Muslims...

....and using the ridiculous unworkable idea of MULTICULTURALISM (mixed with IMPOSED immigration) to ruin all other advanced societies.... EXCEPT Israel`s....of course!!
22.16 April 28, 2012, 07:53

Matthew Burklandssen April 28, 2012, 06:27
Of course the media will attack you, what do you expect? Just ignore them and do your wonderful show!
Silenced Minority April 27, 2012, 17:52

It might surprise you to learn that there a tiny overlooked minority of people in the British Establishment and even at the BBC that know very well why you will never hear any criticism of Israel......

... or why the BBC are so desperate to keep you in the dark about Anders Breivik, by repeating what they did with Athanese Seromba and Milosevic and Sadam Hussein and even Gerry Adams for a time.

The TRUTH is that the BBC and Westminster are effectively Zionist institutions whose job is to impose a ridiculous unworkable "multicultural" regime on Europe while ensuring you learn very little about Apartheid Israel...

..and about the supporters of Israel, like Geert Wilders and Mr Rose with his inflammatory cartoons.....of an insulting kind you will never see drawn of Lord Rothschild or George Soros!

If you DID hear what Anders Breivik was saying you might discover that HE is a Zionist as well!! Will either RT or the BBC make much of THAT??? Let`s SEE!

Will the truth set us free...or get us disappeared?
Anonimuss April 27, 2012, 17:05
Julian is helping humanity to evolve out of naivete and imposed control by a wannabe "hierarchy" of damaged chromosomal entities under the protection of brotherhoods, sisterhoods & secret societies.

Has it never struck you "revolutionaries" that the toothless sabotaged regulating bodies, and the CIA, and FBI, (and other organisations like the Serious Organised Crime Agency)are crammed full of decent honest sincere people, who would LOVE to blow the whistle if they did not fear what the Aristocracy of Financial Organised Crime would do to them and their careers and families?
Lord Reith April 27, 2012, 15:53
. He pulls those curtains open revealing the decrepid organisms that control HUMAN PERCEPTIONS !!!

Hooray ! Break out the pop and cream buns down at the BBC....and let`s have some multicultural ring-o-poseurs and folk dancing NGO`s ....all financed from Ebenezer "Jubilee" Soros` White Wednesday slush fund.... girls and boys!

But for goodness` sake DO NOT let Julian pull back that curtain YET.....I have a premonition that when he does there will be a MIRROR behind it to reflect back what posturing hypocrites WE western liberals really are OURSELVES!!