Z May 29, 2012, 03:58
PLEASE make transcripsts of the inteviews!! as substitles!! please
Sunday Paul May 28, 2012, 13:32
Assange and Susan Lindauer are setting a pace that we all needs to follow. The mainstream media has failed and thanks to this, people are not more interested in them,but turning to outside news media.

Assange set another pace followers, care not of your detention. A new dawn is around and political and war-mounting liars do not know. They are still in their old good times. We are behind you, Assange
Ancient Briton May 23, 2012, 10:09
Very funny Stern Gang...but as we creep closer to National Socialism 2 in Europe and a Likud-inspired World War 3 ....surely it`s time mankind woke up to the way we remain tribal territorial apes because we never stop scape-goating and blaming other people for our OWN faults?

Europeans (including the Americans and Jews)have been successful for centuries because we have convinced ourselves we a peace-loving Christian spreading Enlightenment freedom and democracy and wisdom and progress and "reform".

But we are really just pirates and thieves and exploiters and racists and homicidal thieves....who have developed the clever trick of blaming OTHERS for OUR Jews and Africans and Afghanis....who we have the cheek to call sly and devious and "corrupt"!!

THEY are crooks???? Be serious already you folks in the City of London and Wall are calling OTHER people CROOKS and HYPOCRITES?
Asteroid May 23, 2012, 01:19
Do explain yourself Dinosaur .....or we will think you are an ad hominising troll.... more intent on harm than informing us simple honest souls ?

Julian will have made many sneaky creepy little enemies among the apparatchiks of our real "master race".....the global secret police ....or CIA.

Heads will have rolled for letting slip the dark secrets of our stealthy globalising Aristocracy of Money and their nefarious ways.
Dinosaur May 23, 2012, 00:04
What price your freedom Julian aSSange? You skirt it, play with it, sit there smugly, but you don’t tell do you? No, the real secret you will never tell - and so people keep dying.

You are a credit to your Master Race
Ancient Briton May 22, 2012, 21:50
What do they mean by "populist"?

Surely in a democracy that should not mean something negative....but it`s obviously meant that way?

Interview was good..and he got a fair chance to express himself and explore the complexities of operating in a "free world" run by enormously wealthy Zionist criminals ..........

.....who are very adept at using Enlightenment values as a sinister means to GLOBALISE the world and DENY people freedom and democracy .....

....while doing a BBC/Fox/CIA/Soros and PRETENDING to offer them a say in their nation`s future running.
The mysterious blue kitten May 22, 2012, 15:29
Hey Assange,

Is there any way to find out who will be your guests on future shows?
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 22, 2012, 11:42
Gosh ..I am honoured...GCHQ have stopped me posting on the other RT threads after my comments about the real reason "we" are sending our children to die in Afghanistan...LOL!

I had better quit before all I have left for "information" is the Zionist/Popist/Globalist .. BBC!

Well done RT and Julian and Bradley and Max and Stacy....I always suspected that the REAL free world was NOT in Europe or the USA!

Berners.Lee May 22, 2012, 08:03
Hypocritical Dinosaurs like the House of Rothschild and the Vatican and the racist concepts underpinning Judaism and Israel were never going to survive the glare of publicity given them by the Internet Age.

If there was an HONEST reason for this glaring HYPOCRISY institutions like the US/Israeli governments and the Rabbinate and the City of London and Wall Street and "Mainstream (lying) Media" propaganda machines.....

..... could have STOPPED 2008 happening and made clear why Israel works to one outmoded set of racial and economic "democratic" principles while the societies containing the City of London and Wall Street are clearly over-indebted and bankrupt UNDEMOCRATIC pirate nations (and multi-racial mass immigration nightmares)......

..... under the thumb of Zionist fascists whose only REAL function is to defraud and attack OTHER nations using ideas like the EU Fourth Reich and regime change and the NATO military and Soros and the CIA.

What are institutions like Murdoch`s News International and Wall Street and the BBC and CIA "for"?

Sadly the Internet answers that question very clearly......because however honest and decent and sincere their BRAINWASHED personnel may be....the EVIDENCE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!
wild sausage May 22, 2012, 03:14
so happy just wanted 2 :)