Rubin Schmidt May 22, 2012, 02:25
RE: Previous comment, should read "scam in world history" not "scam in the world history"...sorry.
Ancient Briton May 21, 2012, 23:08

I have come to the sad conclusion that all this politics cannot stop a world war and genocides happening because the entire global media seems to be under the control of people who refuse to face the reality of things like the absence of real democracy anywhere in the world and rapidly increasing overpopulation and mass migration and the fact that Zionists appear run the world from an Israel that is in great danger of attack all the time.....and therefore pretty jumpy and paranoid.

Whatever your views are about politics surely it`s obvious that we will destroy the world for future generations unless we stop arguing and sabotaging each other and do some joined up thinking?

How much longer are we going to avoid facing reality by thinking our tribe or race or religion or culture will eventually take over the world if we just keep breeding or fighting or stealing other peoples resources etc.?
Otto Von Bullsheisse May 21, 2012, 22:34
See if you can find out who caused the greatest financial fraud of all time by getting a so called "Democrat" president to repeal the Glass-Steagall acts in the USA and get a so called "Labour" prime minister in England to do the same in Britain.

Why did they do that? It has allowed 2008 to happen and still no one has been identified and punished?

If Islamists had done it the CIA and NATO would have worked day and night to find them....but we know who these traitors and dupes do work for.....and it`s not us it?
Otto Von Bullsheisse May 21, 2012, 21:30
All my talk about Obama is a distraction because all presidents have been bought and controlled by the fascists in Israel since 1948.
Otto von Bulow May 21, 2012, 19:49
OBAMA is, like his predecessors, merely a strawmen of the Globalist – Cabala that picked, groomed and put him in office. However, unlike the glove puppets before him Obama is a very dangerous man indeed.

He has been groomed to accept the cult of personality, the Cult of the Leader, which have been carefully cultivated for him by the corrupt, controlled mainstream media and which has been accepted by an unthinking herd. He is a blank canvas upon which millions of gullible idealists project their own inner hopes, dreams and desires and no negative or cruel realism has been, so far, allowed to intrude on this mass projection process. Nothing in Obama’s election manifesto or speeches give anything of substance or specifics that may break the spell or alert some to the the fact that Obama is a merely a mortal man, and a very flawed one to boot.

Obama was selected by the Globalist – Cabala when a young man for this very role. He was carefully groomed and financed by it via among other things Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission. He has never worked yet lives in a multi-million dollar house in the best part of Chicago. He has practically no political experience yet he now holds the most powerful political office on Earth. His origins, birth and ancestry are all swathed in darkness and the American people do not even know if he is indeed eligible for the high office of President.
Otto von Bulow May 21, 2012, 19:46

Moreover, records of his early years and academic life are deliberately made obscure by those protecting him. Obama, if indeed that is his real name, is an enigmatic figure, yet, the Globalist – Cabala, the Evilarchy, via the Bilderberg gathering, selected him in May 2008 to be the winner (just as John McCain was selected the designated loser) in the high farce called the "Presidential Election."

Obama is verily a glove puppet of the Power Elite, the Invisible Money Power, which is the de facto Shadow Government of the World. He is the Banksters’ Boy and p…i…m…p for the New World Order crowd and charged by them to seduce the unthinking masses into accepting the coming draconian measures already prepared for the American people and are supposedly the remedies to the coming crises and chaos carefully planned to destroy what is left of the United States of America founded as a Republic on Christian Principles.
Otto von Bulow May 21, 2012, 19:45

Obama is the snake oil salesman the Power Elite have chosen to bring the final curtain down on liberty and freedom not only in in America but also the rest of the world. He is the man designated to be the front man and fall guy of the coming nightmare of created crises and chaos, the organised chaos, of the collapsing World Financial System and collapsing global economy. That is, the Planned Takedown of the World Economy. A meticulously conceived Globalist – Agenda out of which "They" will offer their solutions to the crises and chaos "They" have created. That is, the New International Economic Order of a Global Bank, Global Currency and a Global Governance in which everyone are "citizens of Earth."

Obama is a false prophet of peace whose mandate is to bring the American people into ruin and their society into chaos. Thus, the Bankster Bailout of which he is the figurehead violates all laws of common sense and fiscal probity. For, it is designed to destroy the economy, destroy savings and pensions, impoverish the masses and to bring social chaos in its wake. It is truly the biggest heist in human history. Moreover, it is designed to take everything from everyone and to destroy the middle class. Both prerequisites for the success of the "Big Idea" of the New World Order.
thoughtful May 21, 2012, 07:08
i love the ending bit’s where pepole try to counsel JA on how to avoid the PSYCO american security state disention killing machine, they alway’s have a look of genuine concern on their faces whan they give it, people who live outside the "america" security state"" have a true understanding just how EVIL the american GOVT is ..... don’t they
human May 21, 2012, 07:01
thoroughly enjoed it, i want to know all about what the Tunesians, Egyptions, Bahrain, Syrian peoples are going thru in these troubled times
americas crimes are TNTC(to numberous to count)
the american security state is cannabolizing itself
we can only hope the end will come soon, mercifully
thanks to JA and people like him

FREE Bradly Manning
David (UK) May 21, 2012, 01:54
V-peated comments: has RT a policy on them?