United States of AMNESIA May 17, 2012, 04:30
Not protected by the secret services? You cannot be serious! The world is run by American and Israeli based organised criminals who use a huge network of US/NATO military bases and their CIA secret Gestapo to terrorise and execute anyone in the world who dared threaten the life of their puppet politicians and stooges.

Imagine if an Englishman like me was to get the silly idea that I could question the Bliar family about how our nation is now bankrupt and full of the crooks of all nations thanks to New Libor`s EU expansion programme and border control "problems"?

I suspect I would be unable to get near any of their six mansions ....far less the Blairs themselves.
Utopian May 17, 2012, 03:28
Let`s face facts ...democracy doesn`t work and the Aristocracy of Money`s empire of financial fraud is collapsing around us so let`s all become Muslims and join all the millions of unemployed Muslims in the third world in a Brave New Globalised Islamic World where we just sit around reading and talking and making art and playing sports and generally enjoying life without slaving ourselves to death working for Ebenezer Rothschild any more.

The present capitalist system is dead and it cannot provide family sustaining work for more than half the world population so let`s just "go Islamic"!
Through the Looking Glass May 17, 2012, 03:10
Our world problems will soon be solved,so stop worrying. God feels that there are not enough people in the world so he is encouraging the Muslims and Roman Catholics to take their enlightened ideas into China and soon there will be lots more Chinese children "to look after the old people"and all will be well.

I hope none of you will think of saying anything rational to contradict this because it could upset the "faith communities" and embarrass RT and the BBC.....and we mustn`t do that!

Anyone got some predictions about when the genocides and World War Three will begin? My guess is that the Soros/CIA engineered Palestinian Spring could trigger it all. Or we could face facts and try WORLD GOVERNMENT!
United States of AMNESIA May 16, 2012, 21:38
Which is why I can`t take a lot of this adoration of "faiths" seriously. Also I suspect that the immigration of Muslims into post-industrial high unemployment Europe through the Zionist/capitalist EU Ponzi scheme is a deeply unjust and cynical imposition by crooks like Soros and the CIA on behalf of Wall Street and the EU.

I ask AGAIN ..what are they HERE for? How many taxi drivers and bogus students and waiters does it take to realise that the Zionists are bringing them in to take the blame when the global so called "free market" collapses like it did after 1929 ?
United States of AMNESIA May 16, 2012, 21:28
Terrorists like the Zionists in the 1940`s and the IRA kill people in order to control their own people as much as to make a savage point to their enemies Otto.

If you were a Jew or a Catholic you would think twice about denouncing the extremists who CLAIM to represent "your community" but really rely on creating a climate of fear to keep THEIR power over others.

I doubt Netanyahu or Gerry Adams represent the majority of people in their communities but I know why Catholics and Jews in Britain steer clear of criticising them !
Otto von Bulow May 16, 2012, 20:39

If you were a Muslim terrorist seeking retribution for Washington’s crimes, would you try to smuggle aboard an airliner a bomb in your underwear or shoe in order to blow up people whose only responsibility for Washington’s war against Muslims is that they fell for Washington’s propaganda? If you wanted to blow up the innocent, wouldn’t you instead place your bomb in the middle of the mass of humanity waiting to clear airport security and take out TSA personnel along with passengers? Terrorists could coordinate their attacks, hitting a number of large airports across the US at the same minute. This would be real terror. Moreover, it would present TSA with an insolvable problem: how can people be screened before they are screened?

Or coordinated attacks on shopping malls and sports events?
Otto von Bulow May 16, 2012, 20:37
cont from above

Why should terrorists, if they exist, bother to kill people when it is easy to cause mayhem by not killing them? There are a large number of unguarded electric power substations. Entire regions of the country could be shut down. The simplest disruptive act would be to release large quantities of roofing nails in the midst of rush hour traffic in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. You get the picture: thousands and thousands of cars disabled with flat tires blocking the main arteries for days.
Before some reader accuses me of giving terrorists ideas, ask yourself if you really think people so clever as to have allegedly planned and carried out 9/11 couldn’t think of such simple tactics, plots that could be carried out without having to defeat security or kill innocent people? My point isn’t what terrorists, if they exist, should do. The point is that the absence of easy-to-do acts of terrorism suggests that the terrorist threat is more hype than reality.

Yet, we have an expensive, intrusive security apparatus that seems to have no real function except to exercise power over American citizens.
Otto von Bulow May 16, 2012, 20:36
cont from above:

In place of real terrorists carrying out easy plots, we have “terrorist” plots dreamed up by FBI and CIA agents, who then recruit some hapless or demented dupes, bribing them with money and heroic images of themselves, and supplying them with the plot and fake explosives. These are called “sting operations,” but they are not. They are orchestrations by our own security agencies that produce fake terrorist plots that are then “foiled” by the security agencies that hatched the plots. Washington’s announcement is always: “The public was never in danger.” Some terrorist plot! We have never been endangered by one, but the airports have been on orange alert for 11.5 years.
Ed May 16, 2012, 19:08
I now know why US wants to get read of guys like these, and the answer is clear, US does not like intelligent people. The more stupid people are in the world the more powerful big nations get.
Gay May 16, 2012, 19:07
Would they have even spoken to an interviewer who was obviously Zionist or Gay or would they speak to a woman interviewer not sporting a black bag over her head?

Can`t RT find a serious intellectual to conduct these interviews ....or are they descending to the myopic wet liberal idiocies of the BBC with their Vatican and Zionist masters?

What makes Assange qualified for this role?