Lee May 16, 2012, 05:41
why is so HARD to find a list of Assange’s RT interviews and play them on line ???
Syrian Christian May 16, 2012, 04:53
I like the idea of Muslim unity, with unity come strength, plus the Islamic caliphate was very powerful and developed a 1000 years ago, much more than Medieval Europe.
But I ask two questions to Mr Assange, Begg, and Qureshi, what about the Chirstians and other religious minorities in these lands. What about the Shia and sunnis. It is a big problem that needs only forgiveness and tolerance to surpass
Robert May 16, 2012, 04:03
Great episode Julian. Your interview skills are getting better and better with each episode. Keep them coming, and thank you.
Yoda May 16, 2012, 03:59
All episodes have been interesting so far.

In the concept of the "world tomorrow" we do seem to be moving forward as a species like a tortoise in terms of critical thinking.I’m hoping the next series of episodes look at progressive futuristic models of governance off the back of this.I think the way I now look at the world is more like carl sagan/dave allen/brian cox/george carlin - but nevertheless keep an open mind for any future developments.The problem is it has taken 40 years to conclude this.Each person has to evolve at their own rate and I remain respectful of others deep convictions to the contary as I have been there myself at different stages.

Egypt and Tunisa are cheering their green shoots of democracy whilst the US and Europe we are realizing how bad our voting/democracy process is.Personally I would like to vote on issues rather than for people or parties - politicians say most people don’t care but I think it is quite the opposite currently.One politican/party I may agree with on some points but wholly disagree on others - our current political system takes no account of this.Surely this would save money too and help people to have a genuine voice. Far less need for angst. Progress towards this in some form over the next decade using technology is a reason to hope.
Paradox May 16, 2012, 01:36

Your doing great mr assange.Would have been nice if you a wiser "modern"day scholars this 
Guys really do not know what there talkin about.We as Muslims lack quality but have quantity, we have more barberians imbracing islam then ever before.There is no such thing as a Islamic state a Muslim state yes when a country has majority Muslims that say they follow sharia law,they won’t know what sharia is if it slapped them in the face,fact is western society’s are more closer to sharia when comes to human rights and human protection then so called Muslim states themselves sad but true in my eyes as Muslim and as human we are humans first then Muslims.
Paradox May 16, 2012, 01:33
I believe in free will if you sin that’s between
You and Allah,I’ve not read a single paragraph
In the Quran saying stone people,kill homosexuals,
tell me how can islam be religion of peace and forgiveness
if you won’t let people repent,who are to decide if someone
deserves to die.’’ Allah said to the devil make people sin and sin
My forgiveness infinity for those who ask".islam is MSG from
Allah,god has given people free WILL to take this MSG and imply this
this there own life,people come to religion not religion should be forced
on people also forcing someone to convert is wrong because your controling
ones will witch is totally unjustified in Islam,it’s as simple as that it’s a MSG from allah
witch I believe in.

Ran out of space posted second part of my opinion sorry for bad grammar using a touchscreen phone.)
chigoravie May 15, 2012, 23:44
Really interesting interview. It’s great to be able to listen to controversial issues debated in a calm and rational manner.
Assange is asking more precise questions compared to previous episodes, leaving fewer unanswered. Nice.
Great of l’Espresso to publish the transcripts, possibly Italy is coming back to its senses?
JayCee May 15, 2012, 23:41
The views of the guest speakers may seem interesting, but although their opinions are different, they are no more valid that the standard mainstream pro-western views.
IMO their view of the world is limited by the perspective of their own box. From which they have not yet liberated themselves.
RealityLeaks May 15, 2012, 23:23
Another point arising from this interview: that Muslim countries come to unite in order to ’rise above nationalism’ (I don’t recall the exact phrase used) is just another form of nationalism...and we know that nationalism is all garbage. As a matter of fact he goes on to justify this "unity" in terms of facilitating "defense". This still implies divisiveness. We need to think way beyond this simple mindset and look at our common global aspirations which pretty well boil down to equality and respect for each other. From here we can begin formulating action to achieve this, and a first step in this direction would be to make all natural resources the property of the Commons. So, if the objective in uniting the Islamic countries of that region was toward this goal, then and only then do I see some positive advancement for this.
RealityLeaks May 15, 2012, 23:22
...informative, in spite of digressions. Re: Muslims uniting: "...into what is substance and how does it formulate in modern world." Well, it doesn’t, since religions really do not have any ’substance’, only conjecture based on cultural beliefs. The only values to be extricated from religions are the humanistic values, and I feel strongly that such is the only basis for them. In this way, all religions are pretty well based on the same value system. The rest is fiction, nice and plausible stories to establish and promote these values. The fact that these ’humanist values’ are most often subverted by those who will flaunt their religion and malign another is evidence enough that no religion has any real "substance".