Ingrid from NYC May 15, 2012, 22:31
A bit of a downer of a show after last week’s episode with Rajab and Abd El-Fattah. I found the defense of capital punishment for adultery by stoning under sharia law--namely that properly applied, such punishment would be extraordinarily rare because the law requires four witnesses--so unsatisfactory as to be utterly depressing. Not that such views in any way justify Gitmo, drone attacks, and the like, but it would be nice to hear a Muslim feminist perspective to counterbalance these guys.

In fact, it would be great to hear any women’s voices on the show, and I hope Julian’s legal problems haven’t made him unsympathetic to women’s struggles for full personhood, particularly in traditional societies. Iac, despite my discomfort with today’s episode, I’ve been greatly enjoying the The World Tomorrow.
Glenn Allen Nolen May 15, 2012, 19:53
America has no moral authority. What does torture accomplish? Someone explain it to me as if I were a four year old. The statement about Obama’s change being to kill them rather than detain and torture is quite telling about the leadership capabilities of this president. The law is being abused. The United States will continue on this path until we are stopped. The question to the leadership in the rest of this world is who has the courage to stop the insanity?
United States of AMNESIA May 15, 2012, 18:49
I am getting tired of this automatic assumption that everything Muslim is somehow wonderful and surrounded by an aura of simplicity innocence and sweetness and light.

the unspoken assumption seems to be that if the secular west and their Israeli colony evaporated one day never to return there would be Paradise on Earth from that moment onwards?

What are all these Muslims doing here in the West if the Islamic World is so wonderful? I don`t remember westerners inviting them fact the only people who seem to want them here are the Zionist crooks who run our economies and media and politics?

Are they here to work (when we have record unemployment and our jobs have gone to Asia)....or are they here just to take the blame when Zionist capitalism FAILS?
Ablemind May 15, 2012, 17:38
I had looked forward to this particular ’interview’ with anticipation that i would learn more about the Guantanomo experience & the activism working to release current detainees. ..but Julian spent more time questioning peripherals than the actual topic. ..the headline ’cage fighters’ didn’t help either, the title being a bit diminutive. ..will continue to watch your interviews, but Julian, please keep ’topic’.
eve May 15, 2012, 17:23
The establishment of a muslim caliphate is a long held desire in the arab world. However the problem is the various sects, sunni,shia,jews, christians living in the area which led to the failure of the last caliphate or Ottoman empire.Currently the Saudis are positioning themselves as leaders of such a caliphate, just as Germany has dominated Europe.The Saudis are already looking to quell disent in Bahrain and they are largely influenced by, and attempt to influence, American policy in the area i.e. Sunni domination as oposed to shia. (the shia being dominant in Iran)