James June 7, 2012, 05:00
Next week it will be Dry Martini’s. What a hoax of a show and the mind control used at the end etc. This is episode WhiskeyLeaks. Next up is DryLeaks and in a few weeks we’ll have them sipping champagne with the Elite. What a show. Better than Disney. This is clever manipulation and Assange really dips his lips in it not uttering a word of significance. Total and utter nonsense. AgentLeaks because it is all a clandestine operation. It shine through like an open book. And the comment here shown that the whole team of elites have their agenda set with insiders pretending to be someone else. NO IM SPARTACUS etc. Give us a break.
Thomas Paine June 7, 2012, 02:04
I’ve watched all episodes of Mr.Assanges’ shows so far. As a over 50 yr. old American, a veteran of the US military I think he deserves the Medal of Freedom from my government, instead of the wrath he’s been subjected to. The kind of reporting he does once was done by PBS in the U.S., unfortunately ’Frontline’ no longer has the freedom it once has.
Deleting Facebook, Gmail, Google, etc. accounts June 7, 2012, 00:22
I don’t do anything illegal, but this is worrying that our personal data that we share with friends, family and so on, can be used and abused, and since no empire has lasted long in the past — stored for future regimes.

What do you know about deleting current Facebook and Gmail data?

If I choose to delete my profiles, how long will it take for the data to be removed completely from the respective Google and Facebook servers. If ever?

Can you recommend any reading material on this? Perhaps on alternate browsers, search engines, and email systems?
Enlightened Sheep June 6, 2012, 21:06
Oh…, the humanity of it all!

The plutocracy worries these thoughts you are having are creating more primitive irrational forces. Edward Bernays tactics of mass media brainwashing of the masses is now failing due to the economy. What must be needed is to continue to internalize democratic values in the human herd to recreate that lovely delusion of individual democratic freedom. Yes, yes that’s it! Hum…, perhaps you would benefit from buying something? Maybe a new car! Then watch a couple of games you will again feel as if you are part of the bigger picture. Have some refreshing soda pop and soak that little active brain with lots of corn syrup. Do you feel better now? Contented? See…! You understand now don’t you? Good! Good…, now go turn yourself in to the authorities and you will be uncrippled from your own neurotic conflicts and self destructive impulses.

Gods forbid anymore awaken from their delusion and figure out democracy is the fraud of plutocracy and tell more truths!
Hey Joe June 6, 2012, 19:41
Ubuntu and are a good start for you. Theres a lot to learn, but grow from there to a european VPN subscription and you’re doing pretty well for frustrating the surveillance carpet-bomb.
joe June 6, 2012, 19:35
I’ve listened and heard one of you say "I don’t use google anymore" please tell me what and where the alternatives to the N Am. google, windows, Internet ex.etc are? Thank you (even hotmail)
Anymouse June 6, 2012, 18:24
thank you for standing up to Darth Obama and his evil conglomerate of death and chaos, the infamous Pentagon Kill Industries Inc. The problem is not only a question of revealing the truth (the truth is a luxury that the majority on this planet can’t concern themselves with as they fight a daily battle for existence). How can one hope to motivate the mindless masses that gulp the lies of swill at the media trough that pases for news in our corrupted so-called western democracies? The 1% control 99% because most of the 99% are simply stupid and go along with the show, be it the religious cant or political nonsense that the presstitutes feed them daily. The spark to wake these lumpen from their stupor is nowhere to be found, I fear.

Despite my pessimism I am grateful for your honesty, energy and courage in staring down the "dark side" and the evil agenda of the elites and supremacists that have turned this planet into a living hell for the great majority of humanity.

May the force be with you and may it consign the undead to the bowels of the eternal crypt where they surely belong.

NO IM SPARTACUS June 6, 2012, 16:15
These cypherpunks are our modern day Revolutionaries, whose modus operandi is not one of extremism, but liberation as an Evolutionary Process of empowering the peoples Freedom of Information.

Great to see these True Heads in the same room together. JA nodding to JA’s rubber-hose; ...jeyyah! <3
Anonymous??? June 6, 2012, 15:49
love your shows Julian, especially the one with the Hammas leader and the president of Ecuador. not sure how long its going to last though, but personally, i think you are going to be made an example of. But i think the "powers that be" wont get the desired effect they are looking for. People are starting to see the truth, and if we stand together, we will be able to eradicate this cancer that is taking over our political, social and economic systems. But we all need to stand together on this or things will only get worst. But i truly believe change is coming, and you are helping. Keep doing what you doing man, and one day we might just all be free!!!
Calvin Davis June 6, 2012, 13:53
They are going to pass the law for Cyberspace security regardless if we like it or not. They are all ready doing it in the United States, especially in Philadelphia, PA. You don,t even have to be guilty of anything,and they utilize this type of technology to discredit yours reputation without your knowledge. Homeland Security uses this tactic with the Philadelphia police department. So they can stage a situation without your input if they believe you are against them in anyway. I love and Julian Assange Show,and hope to God it will stay on for ever.