Ancient Briton June 18, 2012, 11:17
Here`s a simple litmus test for whether Max and Stacy Keiser`s Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation and Julian Assange`s Wikileaks stand any chance at all of creating the sort of democratic Enlightenment values really POLITICALLY free world.

It`s ONLY going to happen at all when Rothschild and the City of London and their dupes on Wall Street (and in suicidal warmongering Israel) are obliged to account for the TRUTH behind the last century`s wars and genocides and FRAUDULENT economics and FRAUDULENT democratic politics and FRAUDULENT religion.

It would help us all immeasurably if the politicians and journalists and historians and political (and social scientists in institutions like the LSE and Harvard) would PLEASE break ranks and stop lying and dissembling in the misguided belief that they are protecting the Jews and Israel....they are NOT....they are perpetuating a huge injustice to ALL mankind!
Ancient Briton June 18, 2012, 10:53
Sam...the truth is that Britain has been a satellite of global forces (largely centred in the City of London and the USA and later Israel) for at least a hundred years and that prime ministers are largely powerless hostages of that fact.

I still wonder if that loose canon Churchill would have been our Prime Minister and taken us to war if he had not been working with the Zionists from the early 1920`s. It`s possible that Israel and the Holocaust.....

(which have cast a ruinous destabilising shadow over world politics) would not have happened at all if Germany and Britain were not set on a collision course twice in the last century.

"Left wing" Tony Blair and Bill Clinton de-regulated the global economy NOT for our benefit (as voters in the Anglo Saxon world) but for whoever/whatever REALLY calls the global shots and is harassing Julian today.

Notice how NO ONE dares investigate the mystery and give Blair a break....Clinton and Blair would never have got into office if they truly represented our interests.
sam sophiana June 18, 2012, 06:36
Tony Blair had the distinction of being the first prime minister about whom the question was asked
"Do you think the PM is a lap dog for the president?"
Apparently, some others are following his footsteps!
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 23:55
And if we do have better ideas have we the political and financial/economic and military power to take over from Queen Hilary and her Zionist media and political puppets in our nations..... and her US Military and CIA with their bases and torture chambers placed conveniently all around the world?

There`s more to what Max Keiser calls the "Banker Occupation" than a few "entrepreneurs" like Soros and Rothschild and Murdoch and hundreds of elected politicians with an annoying habit of saying they have our interests at heart but clearly serving Washington and their masters in Israel.

Render unto Caesar whoever is Caesar`s? Let`s see who Caesar is today..... by following Julian`s progress.
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 22:35
What I am leading up to is the question we have to consider before we man the cyber-barricades and demand what the Americans call "change".

Where are we going after Julian is a free man and the House of Rothschild has fallen...and the CIA has been brought under proper public control?

Have we a better alternative to the chaotic casino global free market and the rich oligarchs and major institutions which meet at the Bilderberger conferences?
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 22:19
In the last week RT have shown an interview with Roubini the economist and juxtaposed it with one of the Keiser Reports where an economics ignoramus like me is left wondering which to believe of their differing perceptions....if either?

Emotionally and intuitively I favour the Keiser perspective because (as a BBC addict in the past) I have had my fill of sycophantic interviews of pompous financiers and their political puppets ..

...and come to the conclusion that the global financial system is so corrupt and chaotic that it`s too unpredictable for these experts and supposed public representatives to either administer properly or forecast with accuracy.

Surely it`s obvious that once you have a global economy (where the rich can move their wealth about at will) our nations and our governments are just powerless cosmetic shell institutions at the mercy of what are called the free markets?

Surely then democracy can never be more than a charade unless you have a functioning democratic global political system and government?
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 19:01
What has western civilisation to lose by a global default... if the alternative is life under the control of Chinese Communists and the sort of draconian society destroying austerity it would take to honour the USA and Europe`s national debts?

By closing our eyes to the fact that the IMF are now like global loan sharks (lending us money to pay off existing debts) we are ignoring the sort of consumer advice we would give to any individual who came to us for advice if they were in personal can`t borrow your way out of debt.

Whoever is loaning this money has to face the growing possibility that we will get desperate and start taking reprisals and defaulting as individual nations anyway.

RT should be promoting Max and Stacy Keiser and getting them to develop a rational restructuring plan for the world economy...a sort of alternative Bilderberger/Breton Woods plan?
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 15:53
I don`t knowthe answer to that question Rubin....but the problem with American culture is that it`s a money making enterprise for lawyers (and a host of other parasites).....

who in truth value and have "faith" in nothing but the "rights" of those with most money......though they TALK about liberty and democracy and the American Dream all the time!

The likes of Soros and the Russian Oligarchs and the Bliars and Clintons are the REAL beneficiaries of the Land of the Free and Opportunity.

But they are a busted flush we shall see very soon now as the Pope`s bankers and Rothschild`s political liars and gangsters and the CIA`s torturers hand themselves and their secrets in to face OUR last!
Rubin Schmidt June 17, 2012, 15:33
Ancient Briton: O.K. o.k. Tell me this, if Julian Gets in front of an American court, will he be tried as an individual, a whistle-blower, which he,s not, or will he be treated as a media outlet for whistle-blowers (Corporation).In America corporations are people and the "New York Times" is a corporation...Right.?
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 15:26
But let`s not get too rational and cerebral and forget our emotions and primitive irrational tribal territorial drives mere higher primates who have a frightening capacity to get above ourselves ....and in the words of Louis McNeice "think we are God". Jacob Bronowski`s book t"The Ascent of Man" is an inspiring but cautionary account of what we "are"....for good or ill!

That`s why I am deeply suspicious of what is deceptively called "faith"....because while it can elevate us to the skies there is no rational "braking system" within it to control the psychopaths and megalomaniacs from hi-jacking us and our baser drives and emotions....

....which don`t just include classic Nazi authoritarianism ...but ALSO elitism greed and arrogance and exploitation of the weak and the sort of empty individualistic Sodom and Gomorrah Judaism and "liberalism" and consumerism we see around us in the western world today.