Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 14:59
Which is why we MUST get the Jews back to their TRUE among us Celts (Kazars?) and so called "Anglo Saxons".....(Be serious FFS! LOL) and re-start our civilisation as a BALANCE between Protestant/Jewish German-type capitalism and sensible SOCIALISM and rational scientific SECULAR collective endeavour.

What is the territorial homeland of our civilisation? For the moment I would hazard a guess it would need to begin again in Northern Europe and West Russia and North America....

...but the Internet and ease of travel and cultural cross-fertilisation and Europe`s imperial legacy are going to gradually but quite quickly allow ONE culture to become the template for our truly brave new global WORLD.... which overpopulation OBLIGES us to form and assertively IMPOSE for the sake of ALL mankind.
Ancient Briton June 17, 2012, 14:44
Rubin...I truly (like many other victims) feel your pain....but before our grandchildren are all speaking Mandarin or Aramaic or kissing the Pope`s ring and drivelling on about God and Allah or even Karl Marx and Milton Friedman.....

..lets all gather our thoughts and emotions and cognitive capabilities generally and THINK our way out of this mess WE have "gotten the whole World into" please?

I have been reading a lot of Bernard Shaw`s prefaces recently and though I don`t subscribe to all his conclusions (or assumptions even)what struck me forcibly was how much we have LOST as a civilisation in the past century.

This is not to say that we couldn`t regain the civilisation I was born into in the Mid-Forties here in Atlean socialist England.... but we need to start now and be sure what our objectives are so that we can get behind where we are coming from already!
Rubin Schmidt June 17, 2012, 12:08
Ancient Briton, Whilst on the subject of the Land of the "FREE",did you know, that according to page 131 of the recently leaked Government Accountability Office,(GAO),s on the FED, the good and generous American "Voter" "Taxpayer" bailed out the "Motherland" to the tune of $1.59 TRILLION divided between three banks Bank of Scoland, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays PLC, the whole of Europe...UBS Swiss, Credit Suisse Swiss, BNP Paribas French, and would you believe it Deutsche Bank took $354 Billion. I,m sure the American "Tax Payer will get it all back...NOT.!! Every one of the "Boys" want a Greek island EACH.!!
Rubin Schmidt June 17, 2012, 10:47
[quote=2481]BTW Antonio....Julian is already on American territory in England because we were already bankrupt and under US control by 1918 .....and Downing Street is just a cosmetic facade.

And since 1948 both America and Britain have been under the de facto control of the global Bilderberger Zionist financial elite and their Israeli colony........
When you boil it right down, you discover, as far as the "Crown" (The City of London)the independant sovereign state, the Vatican of the financial world, as far as its concerned, both England and the USA ARE COLONIES. America only had independance briefly during the Civil War, when they printed their own money,(Greenbacks),they have remained ever since, a land mass ,property of the "Crown" and pays tribute to it.(form 1040, IRS publication 6209.) Her Majesty does NOT reign in the "City" nor does British Law apply.!!
Ancient Briton June 16, 2012, 20:27
BTW Antonio....Julian is already on American territory in England because we were already bankrupt and under US control by 1918 .....and Downing Street is just a cosmetic facade.

And since 1948 both America and Britain have been under the de facto control of the global Bilderberger Zionist financial elite and their Israeli colony........

.. who our media seem to call "the markets" or IMF or "investor confidence" or "ratings agencies"... all of whose demands appear to govern the political decisions of governments across the world ....regardless of "voter confidence"... or the lack thereof!

In a media age you know how powerful a person or an institution is by its ability to keep itself OUT of the media spotlight.

Have you heard anything recently from the BBC or Sky about social problems in Israel ....or a Palestinian Arab Spring ....or when Mordechai Vanunu and Julian and Bradley Manning are getting their Nobel Peace Prizes?
Ancient Briton June 16, 2012, 16:46
Why do I use the word responsibility in our Tower of Babel where everyone has rights and no responsibilities?

Because it is just and right and responsible in the real sense of responding to our fellow man and woman as our first civilised instinct rather than forever placing our own immediate enjoyment and wishes as our prime objective.

When Max Keiser reels off the names of all those Wall Street crooks many of you will register only the Jewish ones....but what about the Celtic ones?

The Israelis real homeland is Europe and Russia and our Frankenstein`s Monster the USA....and it`s OURS too!

Time to re-group ....and Keep Calm and Carry On!
ANTONIO June 16, 2012, 15:38

I totally agree with the sentiments posted.But what about the more pressing issue ? JULIAN ASSANGE
Are we really going to allow the perptrators of murder U.S.A to harm him
Ancient Briton June 16, 2012, 15:35
Do you think my comments on this thread have been original or ground breaking?

Think again brothers and sisters.

If I had never existed someone would have done it...and quite possibly in a more capable and accomplished way.

The possible error of the Enlightenment world (that grew out of the Black Death in Britain) is its overemphasis on the individual and his supposed David and Goliath capacity to overcome and alter broader social forces....rubbish!

If Hitler had not existed something akin to National Socialism and the Third Reich would most certainly have happened without him.

Our Collective Unconscious Mind has been dying to find an outlet like RT for years.....but why have we taken so long?
Ancient Briton June 16, 2012, 15:16
Here`s a guess...if RT provided an alternative service to the risible BBC Radio4 and to the current Zionist/Popists/Wall Street/Friends of Israel/Neo-liberal TRIPE like the Daily Politics and Question Time and Newsnight etc ........

....we could keep our four billion pounds a year we are forced to spend on being brainwashed by the CIA`s chums at the BBC ....and spend it on leaving Israel`s global empire of financial crime ....and the "special relationship" and the EU Fourth Reich ...and turning Britain into a DEMOCRACY!
Ancient Briton June 16, 2012, 14:58
But worst of all we are forbidden now to even laugh at them in our post-Spitting Image PC BBC world.... where every thieving Robert Maxwell/Madoff gypo and con artist is now transformed into a god on the London Mount Olympus of our television screens...... and even the mildest criticism of them is blasphemy and racism and xenophobia and homophobia....etc etc....

.when what it really reflects is Mincerphobia and Popofobia and Madoffobia....Islamofobia and BBCphobia and Murdochofobia et cetera..

and general exasperation with being MISRULED by lying sh#ts and shysters who (common sense tells you) are no more than over-rewarded crooks!