Ancient Briton June 14, 2012, 11:45
Why is Julian in his present state of disgrace?
Is it because those in power are evil and he is good?

Is it because the entire global political class of the world and the global financiers dream of our New Elijah`s destruction?

It`s because we are still set in our previous cloak and dagger ways and have no recent precedent to guide us.

We have stumbled across global political treasure but are still amazed by it...still inclined to want to keep it all for "ourselves" and to cast out our Elijah rather than listen to the still small voice of our Collective Unconscious Mind (aka GOD).

Is Hilary Clinton a New Jezebel? Yes and NO!

Maybe it`s time we gave the powerful an even break and realised that WE set them up to take the blame four our stupidity and ridiculously impractical and unworkable aspirations?
Ancient Briton June 14, 2012, 11:03
Revolutions have usually been traumatic affairs in which the revolutionaries soon became as oppressive as the previous regime ....and sometimes more so.

This may have been because the underlying architecture of power distribution across the world made this inevitable rather than because Mankind instinctively wished to live in a competitive and hostile environment in a world of have`s and have nots.

See how our Collective Unconscious Mind yearns for us to "see the light" and whispers to us all through our religious and political philosophies going back thousands of years.

See also how Mohammed and Jesus and Elijah and even Karl Marx dreamed of something better.....of an age of cooperation and love and respect.

Would it not be a travesty if we took this wonderful Internet and wasted it on selfishness and power play and all the same futile social and political and economic self-defeating reflexes of the past?

We are become our Enlightenment ourselves....the meek are inheriting the Earth..but our first action must be to honour and respect those who did their best in the past...who died in that we could bask in the afterglow of their struggle.
Ancient Briton June 14, 2012, 03:16
What we must do is confront the"investors"and give them a very firm offer they can`t refuse in which the global accounts are brought into the public domain and we take measures to find out how we got into this debt and who precisely we owe it to.........

....and ask ourselves whether we want to use our political and military power to declare a global default and start again taking advice from a wide range of professionals who at long last have OUR interests at heart.

This exercise would be a glorious opportunity to introduce a global POLITICAL dialogue in the interests of ALL mankind now there are centuries of evidence that nations and religions and even unions of a few nations lead to war and hostility and instability of the sort we see everywhere across our troubled world.
Ancient Briton June 14, 2012, 03:04
We have lost confidence in ourselves as western secular rational modern thinking civilisation and are unfortunately being taken over by a variety of forces that are far less based in the Enlightenment values we used to profess with pride....but which now seem to have a hollow ring about them as the truth sets us free?

I think we are being utterly stupid about this ridiculous fraudulently imposed debt problem.....and giving away power to a variety of nations and religious and political institutions in the world that make the CIA and NATO and even Washington and London look positively utopian by comparison.

I very much support Julian Assange but have to concede that in many places in the world he would have been "disappeard" long ago....and not by the CIA either.
Ancient Briton June 14, 2012, 02:48
Dr Buhagiar...I suspect the problem is that we have going on around us an attempt to create a global politics by stealth. What some people call a New World Order..

...but what I fear is really just an increasingly chaotic political anarchy brought about because Rothschild Capitalism (based on usury and debt) has been partly replaced by BRICS capitalism ....

....but NO single nation or power is any longer orchestrating the whole show now the USA and Europe are collapsing under debt and a growing realisation that we are homicidal pirates with no moral legitimacy to be policing the world anyway.

Dr. Mary Anne Buhagiar June 14, 2012, 00:35
THE AUTHOR IS NOT A JOURNALIST. Governments must not generate information of a classified nature in ways that make hacking possible! Governments should use computers that will reject any attempt to connect it to the internet, or even to save any document. The likelihood of hacking is thus reduced to nil, because printing will be the only option available to the user. Such measures safeguard the basic rights and freedoms of hackers. Governments must take time to appreciate that hackers form part of an elitist and highly intelligent community of people! Governments cannot put all hackers on one basket. In Assange’s case, the diplomatic cables do not even savour of being of a classified nature. So, neither Manning nor Assange should be treated as having acted with criminal intent. Indeed, what Assange says on RT is that he wants a global journalism where truth will prevail. There is nothing criminal in such an intention. Ultimately, upon an ethical level, all democratic governments should, until new stable rules are enacted for a new digital era, refrain from taking unduly oppressive measures! To have people indicted/imprisoned in morally uncertain circumstances that do not warrant criminal intent is totally wrong and a betrayal of the people’s aspirations for democracy. DR. BUHAGIAR, MALTA

Capitalismophobe June 13, 2012, 21:36
@Rational agent. I think you are being unreasonable and unfair. This is only the eighth (or ninth) episode. This is new for JA and Crew. Thus I expect it to a bit disappointing now. I, myself have been disappointed with most of the episodes except for the Cypherpunks ones which I really liked(mostly because I am a computer scientist). One thing you also have to realize is that as much as we choose to ignore it, the fact is that this show is subject to the gravity of mainstream media(Yes! RT is mainstream). My hope and guess is that the series will mature with time. Better topics and more controversial topics will be covered and discussed. We can all contribute to demand better shows, by watching, debating, criticizing(constructive), proposing solutions instead of just quitting. Besides we have very few alternatives(and I am not talking about NPR, more like Democracy Now, or Max Keiser). Thus we should encourage more alternatives and strengthen the one we have even if that means giving them more time to mature.
Bishop Hugh Latymer June 13, 2012, 17:12
Be of good cheer, Master Julian, for we shall this day light such a candle in the World as shall never be put out.
Karl Marx June 13, 2012, 16:54
I wonder if the main problem is arrogance and pride in a capitalist system that has been promoted as the best thing since sliced bread but turns out to be as stale and unappetising as every other political and economic set-up we have poured scorn on in our arrogant progress through the centuries.

Ditto so called democracy and the rule of law and all the religious ideas we take up enthusiastically then pervert or drop when they conflict with our real instinctive self centred tribal territorial higher primate selves?
Ancient Briton June 13, 2012, 15:29
I tend to agree with Rational Agent`s general disappointment...... but wonder if he is underestimating how powerful Israel and the Zionists and Wall Street and Rothschild are in this very corrupt world?

After a few years attempting to debate social and political issues on the Internet I find it nigh on impossible to hold ANY rational debate about the global superpowers Israel and the USA and their CIA/NATO hoods.

It`s simply verboten!

You can make paranoid and extremist comments about them and Rothschild and the EU Fourth Reich and Soros as much as you wish .....

..(because that just strengthens bargaining position of the Likud in Israel and their friends at Fox/BBC)...

But just try starting a RATIONAL discussion that explores the feelings and true positions of BOTH sides to any dispute and the true trolling/sabotaging power of the Jewish far right are unleashed on you.