Rational agent: Assange is a big disappointment June 13, 2012, 14:58
I was expecting much more important topics to be covered in Julian Assange’s show: international Banking, monetary crisis, enforcement of the rights for corporations instead of the people, influence of political US lobbies on EU politics and the wars in Afghansitan, Pakistan (which is hardly regarded as a real war) Iraq, Syria and so forth. I hoped to find a voice of reason also in regard of the role of the UN in the world politics and the UN legislature which influences the legislature in EU and US.

I am seriously disappointed by the show, Julian Assange considers himself the "disclosure" only on the surface. In reality his point bacame extremely moderate and more uncritical than before 2010.

The show promises more than it delivers, it doesn’t really address the issues which are really important for a world of tomorrow. No shaping the future with this very superficial dispute about the political-societal reality ...
Timbo June 13, 2012, 12:59
I support both Julian Assange and Bradley Manning in their pursuit of truth and trying to obtain more transparency from governments.

it seems starnge that Private Bradley Manning had access to so much confidential information considering his rank. Surely the Anerican Govt is responsible for the leak as its total oppression of their own citizens is not yet complete (thankfully). Bit concerned about the anti semitic comments on this page. Rich powerful/wealthy people have always been corrupt regardless of their religion from popes to czars and yes zionists too. Any time theres a war or conflict just ask the Gerry McGuire question "Show me the Money" and you’ll get close to identifying the culprit. Whistle blowers and people of conscience are the only people who will provide information that allow the muddy waters to become clearer. Roll on Julian, Bradley and all the rest.
Almighty God June 13, 2012, 10:20
Yesterday I watched a rather sycophantic interview of an economist called Mr Roubini on RT and it reminded me in tone of interviews I have of people like George Soros and Warren Buffet and Irwin Stelzer on the BBC.

All of these interviews are conducted in an atmosphere of reverence for the interviewee`s wisdom and intelligence.....but WHY?

All their assumptions are much the same....that Neo-liberal "democracy" (feudalism?) and their precious global "free market" (organised crime?) just needsa little more time or reforming to deliver us ALL an age of growth and prosperity for the whole of mankind!


These people may have convinced THEMSELVES that they have the answers ....but just look at Israel and the grossly overpopulated third world of have`s and have nots to see where "capitalism" is taking western "civilisation"!

joesixpack June 13, 2012, 10:06
Actual human beings with real integrety and bravery.
These guy’s are real live heros.
Any pig who talks them down for breaking LAWS is just a govt spy (re-sock-puppet) spreading lies.
Almighty God June 13, 2012, 09:38
Don`t let Lucifer`s trolls discourage you Julian......they work for the Aristocracy of Zionist New Money and are just barrow boys and gypsies with no "class" about their pathetic philosophy of life at all.

They know the price of everything down to the cost of a pound of flesh........but they know the value of nothing!

You are financially bankrupt as a civilisation because you lost sight of what mattered and let Ebenezer Scrooge and Graucho Marx run your lives and of course they robbed you and created an Israel which has drained every last cent out of the western world and "invested" it in the sweat shops of Asia!
USA June 13, 2012, 09:18
Thanks, Julian. Very very educational program. Privacy is everything.

"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty."

This quote is for you

God bless
M D Wells June 13, 2012, 08:32
Here is the rub. Assange started a chain of events that was always going to end with his downfall. He is like the kid who walks past the same dog every day and gives it a kick each time. He is the same kid who runs home to his mummy in tears when the dog bites back.

Talk about a hypocritical activist! For years he has been challenging the system, now he is begging the system to protect him.

The problem with the whole Assange argument is this - in principal he is right. It would be great if our governments were less secretive. Unfortunately, rogue states and undemocratic countries are it going to give up their right to remain secret and they will take full advantage of our perceived weakness in sharing or having our secrets leaked. What Assange and Wikileaks did is dangerous. Had the US et al not come down hard on him, others would have thought they too would get away with leaking sensitive and confidential information.

The reality is this - everyone has to give up their secrets or no one can give up their secrets. No matter how well intentioned any one is - and I very much doubt that Assange had any good intentions. Just an over-sized ego and an under-sized expectation of the ramifications of his actions and the repurcutions on others and himself.

One last thought, if he did what he did to China, he would be dead by now.
roromissd June 13, 2012, 06:54
Cypher Punks Pt 1&2 were excellent! I was disappointed when the episodes ended:-( My inner subversive has been awakened thanks to Assange and his fellow ’Cypherpunks’! It’s thanks to the dedication and sacrifices you all have made that we can know the truth and share it with others. I look forward to next week’s show!
Soaring Eagle, Son of Running Bear. phoenix,AZ June 13, 2012, 04:13
The great Men of history were often marginalised , persecuted and eventually silenced. They very seldom lived to see justice for their cause , or received recognition for their work. Sometimes the implications or consequences of their altruist actions would not even be obvious for years after their deaths.

Here we have another of these Men, living amongst us , a mere mortal . But one that has managed to bring a machine as brutal as it is powerful , to the beggining of their end!
Now the whole world knows how deceiving and backstabbing these elitists are! all in the name of "freedom","democracy","peace" and their "gOD".

Thank you Mr Assange! You have made Humanity a favour!

Time’s up for these parasites, the collective unconscious is waking up , communicating , working for a better world.

The change is already happening,its all around us and its not a Revolution, its Evolution!

The Elder and wise had said this day would come....
I never thought I’d live to see the end of the machine.

Now the breeze smiles at me and the stars illuminate my path.

The Sun is king and always will be!

The time has come,

Bury my heart at wounded knee ...
Whitewashington June 12, 2012, 23:18
What we we do with Assange,even if we do get him to America?

We can`t let him spill any more cans of worms in an open court because even Joe Six-Pack is beginning to wonder why he`s unemployed and living in a slum while all his money gets spent on free health care and education and nuclear missiles for Israel!

A few years ago we would have tortured and disappeared him into shallow grave or the ocean but these days we have realised that it`s time to stop working for global organised crime and Washington and Israel or we might find ourselves on trial in a human right`s tribunal after a spell in one of our own torture chambers.

Of course we were only obeying Wall Street`s orders so we will never be imprisoned or executed for our crimes,(that we did not commit anyway!)