Wat Tyler June 19, 2012, 17:18
What started modern capitalism and socialism were the teachings of Christ and an accident of history,called the Black Death.

We are discussing this issue now because the plague made European labour scarce and it gave us British the chance to break away from Rome and use our Industrial Revolution (and the Jews` grasp of money lending and investing) to create the European empires which were the prototype for the American Zionist Empire that rules the world today.

If your labour is cheap your life will be cheap, and you will be a slave. No democracy will change that fact while you live under capitalism.
Wat Tyler June 19, 2012, 17:06
While I pay tribute to RT and Julian for giving me the only opportunity I will get to express these honestly held views and fears, I must be true to the facts and say that it is very unlikely I will get this opportunity to use the Internet again like this.

The truth is that mass migration and overpopulation are gradually making civilised life LESS possible in Europe and America because they are being overwhelmed with more people than they can offer a decent standard of life.

Most of the media and any politician who wants to survive are deliberately underplaying the impact of this because they know what will happen to them if they explore the real truth.

Mass migration suits ONLY the rich,but it is craftily portrayed as "necessary" and "humanitarian" and "growth promoting",when in truth, it`s about driving down wages, and forcing poor people out of the country, in the way we British have been "cleared" for centuries.
Wat Tyler June 19, 2012, 16:49
The simple truth is that you cannot have democracy and the sort of globalisation by stealth which people like Rotschild and Soros are imposing on the whole world, except for their beloved Israel of course!

Britain has never been a democracy in anything but name and it`s easy to prove this by asking yourself just how many government policies in the last century the majority of people would have voted for if we had been holding a referendum over the issue.

I will save you the time. It`s almost none at all. And that is after having an Israeli/American oriented Zionist media bamboozling us all the time.