Ancient Briton June 25, 2012, 13:47
So what empowers old failure from collapsing Middle be able to say all these things...... that we subconsciously KNOW to be true ...but dare not say?

A generation ago Julian might have been bought off with a peerage ......or tortured and executed and disappeared like Sayyid Qutb and Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden and millions of others ......who failed to heed the Aristocracy of Money`s offer they "could not refuse".

My secret? I was always too mediocre and anti-authority to be "a safe pair of hands"....... like those ikons of virtue and integrity and honesty and religious and political devotion who "run" our world.....or THINK they do!! LOL

Toodaloo! LOL LOL!
Ancient Briton June 25, 2012, 13:18
And don`t blame yourselves or start persecuting the Aristocracy of Money...because you and they are a political red herring...a fantasy which it suits ALL of us to indulge in one way or another.

Poor people "ye shall have always" because they are often the cleverest at an unconscious long as they don`t starve to death of course!

Jewry`s IMF "austerity measures" (in every nation but Israel of course!)are an unconscious recognition that while the Bliars and Clintons live like kings (as a reward for de-regulating the global economy) there are still pockets of freedom and social democracy yet not eliminated by financial fraud and mass immigration.
Ancient Briton June 25, 2012, 12:51
We "humans" are programmed to self destruct folks...our Collective Unconscious Mind has explained it all in the mystical poetry of the Book of Revelations ...and it`s everywhere about us in our unique ability to "start a fight in an empty room"......and our fatalistic belief that replacing the Aristocracy of money would usher in more feudalism.....and quite possibly far worse than we had before!

`Twas ever thus? WHO says we can`t take conscious control of our overpopulated basket case world??

God/Allah/Abraham say it....that refuge of the defeatist and charlatan says sit!


ALL of us say it and worse still "believe" it!
Ancient Briton June 25, 2012, 11:57
If you still don`t "get it" Julian is a hostage of what were once upon a time allowed to call Popist Idolatory and Jewry and Zionism and the rest of the enormous organised criminal global feudal power I call the Bilderberger Aristocracy of Money.

Yes can "vote" until you are red or blue in the face.... but the Vatican and Israel and Wall Street and Rothschild`s City of London will not be bothered at all.

They will carry on merrily bankrupting nations and regime changing them and letting little Georgie Soros and their CIA (and their unsurprisingly Zionist media) meddle in the entire global economy and "our" politics as well.

And you can interview crackpots with their heads full of superstitious nonsense about Zion and Islam (and even Christianity) until the cows come home and The Aristocracy of Money has it all effortlessly covered as they use the mass migration and transfer of jobs to the third world which "nice people " like YOU have been trained to avoid ever case the BBC/Fox/CIA secret police witch hunt you as a racist or zenophobe or anti-capitalist or infidel or anti-Semite or terrorist or socialist or statist etc etc etc.

1984 is your present`s how the world has always been ...until the Internet came along!

Don`t squander this window of opportunity on red herrings and squabbling among yourselves.!
Amnesty International and Liberty and "our" BBC June 25, 2012, 10:48
It`s a shame Julian is not like Baroness Uddin or Lord Paul or the Bliars or Lady Porter or Black or Roman Catholic or Gay or a Murdoch or a rich Russian oligarch with an interesting "entrepreneurial" history we will NOT dwell upon.........

He would have fitted in so much better in the humanitarian wonderland we call the "The Zionist Parasites Paradise of Londonistan"

Still...he has some rights...unlike the stupid tax-paying white trash British aboriginals themselves! LOL
Dominique Strauss-Khan and Roman Polanski June 25, 2012, 10:30
PrincipledOnewrote on June 25, 2012, 04:00
Go answer the allegation against you in Sweden, you coward, if you are innocent as you have claimed.
Don`t be ridiculous !! He`s not Israeli or Jewish or Zionist (or Roman Catholic like Father Athanese Seromba)!

Sweden and the UK are just part of Rothschild`s Zionist empire like every other so called nation on Earth.

Interview the REAL Jewish socialists in Palestine (like Vanunu) ....or real socialist politicians like George Galloway in England please.

Better still interview Marine Le Pen about the impending Soros-inspired genocide and war in collapsing Europe.
PrincipledOne June 25, 2012, 04:00
Go answer the allegation against you in Sweden, you coward, if you are innocent as you have claimed.
j steiner June 25, 2012, 02:18
dear rt-team,
why did you choose to record it from the skype-screen (I suppose it is intentionally)
i would be grateful for online accessible audio-files from the various interviews. than people can listen to them in metro and so forth and broaden the show’s popularity. I’ld be more than happy to work for you... smiling at my naiveté...

keep up the good work i.e. the humble why of asking the questions. but it would be nice, if you asked the interviewed persons - for example Khan - to be a bit self-critical and what they believe are their risks/failures.

Shahid Ahmad Rajput June 25, 2012, 00:28
Well done Imran Khan, please keep it up, It may look like a uphill task but at the end you will win and will lead Pakistan to the new heights with the grace of God. All my prayers for your success and the success of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zinda Baad, Imran Khan Zinda Baad.
Clement Attlee June 24, 2012, 22:28
At this turning point in the history Mankind many of you will turn in fear to some form of fanaticism or extreme measures in panic or the wrong minded belief that two wrongs can be fashioned into something "right" and true.

I urge you to study my rather modest and self effacing life and the death throes of the financially ruined a "British Empire" and the proud record of my post war British Government.

In so many ways we failed to satisfy the wishes of the British public and our dear and abiding soul mates the ordinary Jews and Arabs of the Empire when we with good intentions attempted to do justice in Palestine, and failed!

But I believe that as the Era of the House of Rothschild ends we should implore ALL mankind to use our social democratic ideas to build your GLOBAL New Jerusalem of peace and unity and generosity and equality for ALL mankind.