Ancient Briton June 24, 2012, 10:03 last I AM going to shut up...but could the Rothschilds and George Soros please watch Michael Rose` wonderful little film...."The Ladykillers" in it`s 1955 form...and then dwell upon what the Jewish American Rose was trying to convey about our dreadful casino capitalist world and its impact on Jewish people in particular.

That it`s as relevant today (as it was back then) is a SCANDAL and an insult to the memory of the eighty (or more?) million people who died in wars and genocides in the last century alone.
Ancient Briton June 24, 2012, 09:44
How to go about it?

Well there are some advantages to having "the Jews" running the their sense of humour and their ability to create visionaries like Elijah and Jesus and Karl Marx.

And the grim reality of what a Jewish homeland turned out to be ( nuclear Likud Apartheid Israel) must have been a slap in the face to all those windbags like Max Gluckman who used to tell us Young Socialists all about how wonderful our Marxist future was going to be when we stopped working for capitalists and enjoyed ourselves?

What we need is some OBJECTIVE truth telling and accurate history give us a sound basis on which to hold a GLOBAL "truth and reconciliation" process as ONE mankind.....

... in which stop making up fairy stories about how "superior" folk like Muslims Christians Jews or Americans "naturally" are.... and by deduction how inferior the rest of humanity is!
Ancient Briton June 24, 2012, 09:02
I think our problems as "Mankind" ARE resolvable......but ONLY when we give ourselves an heroic UNIFIED history as ONE human race.... rather than as a perpetual collection of competing/warring classes and races and cultures and nations and religions etc.

When we are ALL "proud to be human" our identity of choice.... we can begin to address the world as it really a grossly overpopulated one in which WE are the most endangered species !!
Right On June 23, 2012, 22:12
I am surprised that the usual London humanitarians like the BBC and Liberty and Amnesty International are so quiet about Julian. Perhaps his being white and from western culture counts against him?
Or could a name change help? Srauss-Khan? Polanski?
Ancient Briton June 23, 2012, 17:10
How do I decide whether Julian Assange`s cause is worth supporting from my lowly position here in England?

For years I trusted the BBC and voted Labour but after 1997 any remaining faith I had in the socialist/radical credentials of the Labour Party and BBC were entirely blown as my new New Labour MP wasted months of Parliamentary time on fox hunting.......

.. while Clinton,Blair Mandelson and Flywheel collaborated with Soros (and the suspiciously enthusiastic BBC).....

to de-regulate theglobal economy and force us into expanding the EU and turning it into the United States of Europe.....

and literally FLOODING Britain`s subsiding post-industrial economy and collapsing welfare state with millions of unnecessary so called "workers" ....

..not just from Europe but from the entire world.....with NO democratic debate or support at all!

Will Julian or RT or the Zionist Murdoch/BBC mainstream media investigate issues like that ....or the even more worrying nuclear arsenal alleged to be in Mr Netanyahu`s "right wing" paranoid control?

If I am honest I fear RT and Julian are a modest step fox hunting reform.... in a world that needs radical political truth telling and a complete overhaul of our global economy and politics.
Ancient Briton June 23, 2012, 15:01
But thisdoes NOT mean that International Jewry (or the Zionists or what I call the Bilderberger Aristocracy of Money)ARE in complete control of the world.

In fact one has only to observe the behaviour of their CIA/NATO global secret police force and their Israeli colony and BBC/Fox propaganda machine and Military Industrial Complex etc... realise that they are in active competition with a range of other institutions and philosophies and cultures and nations and religions etc NONE of which is ever truly fully transparently discussed in our western politics or our mainstream media.
Ancient Briton June 23, 2012, 14:48
However upsetting this is to our rich and powerful elites the simple truth is that they are NOT in charge of the world and mankind....however much they use their power to exclude and ignore that truth.

The unavoidable truth today is that what we once called International Jewry are the current elite and that unless we are allowed to discuss that truth all our discussions about social,political and economic policy are just meaningless nonsense.

But here in Britain we live in the most totalitarian of all circumstances simply because London is the HQ of global financial crime and corruption and political and economic manipulation.

We cannot be democratic ...or set England free (like Ireland or Egypt)... because the electorate might reject all the crazy counter-intuitive ideas imposed upon us by "our" politicians and media.
Ancient Briton June 23, 2012, 14:31
Throughout Man`s history we have created wonderful civilisations and then thrown them away on the promise of something different or better that seems forever to become no better than whatever preceded it.

If you see religious and political and economic and social theories as instruction manuals for building a better future then man would have torn them up and concluded that they were unsuitable long ago...

.because ALL of them are unrealistic and counter-intuitive and almost designed NOT to work if you accept the TRUTH about what we REALLY are......and realise that human beings and our instinctive drives and intuitive minds REJECT them after a brief period of increasing disillusionment.... and sometimes with the most appalling barbarism.

Whatever planet Jesus and Allah and Karl Marx and Milton Friedman inhabited it was NOT ours!!

And however upset that makes all the political/economic/social/religious dogmatists...... we will not move forward to any better common purpose until we face that TRUTH....that MIGHT just set us free!
Ancient Briton June 23, 2012, 11:51
I hope all the people/institutions whose names I have so cheekily used will accept my genuine apologies.

What I have tried to do (with RT`s brilliant assistance)is explore the realities of our endless struggle to match our real behaviour (as tribal territorial higher primates).....

.. with all the crazy utopian religious and economic and political philosophical concepts we bandy about as though they were real.(They are NOT REAL...they are the imperfect work of OUR Collective Unconscious Mind!)

Of course it`s never going to be half as much FUN as "taking power" and dressing up "your" your race or culture or nation or religion.... as the "Chosen One" and turning the rest of humanity into slaves to your OWN eccentric ideas....

.but could it be time we realised that a global over-population (which has trebled in my sixty five years) OBLIGES us to GROW UP as ONE unified Mankind?
The House of Rothschild June 23, 2012, 11:20
George Soros is perfectly correct about us being the Aristocracy of what is now a successfully globalised pseudo capitalist totalitarian empire.....

..but now consider the true alternatives to our feudal mesmeric global false democracy and "capitalist" world economy ..... where we at least give you the illusion of having some freedom and control over your own lives?

Look hard at what went before us (and remains in the wings awaiting our demise)? Vatican "Christianity"? Failed Rothschild/Jewish Russian "Communism"? Chinese "Communist" Capitalism? Israeli "Zionist" fascism/racism/nationalism? "Islam"?

Go on you clever clogs....Pick `n Mix ....and just remember that the EU Fourth Reichs and CIA/NATOs and Clintons and Bliars and Berlusconis..... may not be so bad after all....when you seriously consider the true alternatives!