Jim Evans in Worcester England May 3, 2012, 10:33
The reason American Zionist capitalism is carrying on so effectively talking "freedom and democracy and the rule of law" while really being the worst homicidal pirates in the world is because George Washington was right in 1790 when he warned Americans not to allow the Jews to migrate to the New World.
Any doubt about what the Jews as a masonic band of robbers is REALLY about is now clearly PROVEN by Israel`s and Wall Street`s and Washington`s ACTUAL BEHAVIOUR over the past sixty years.

What if ordinary Celts or Arabs or Chinese people got away with doing what Israelis and their BBC/Fox/CIA/Soros/Rothschild CRIMINAL class seem free to do ....and with such an air of superiority and entitlement and righteousness it fair takes ones breath away?!

But we would NOT get away with it because strategically placed Zionists would call us every horrible name under the sun and drive us from public life!

And what has this Zionism achieved for the average person of ALL races?

Millions of innocent Jews and many others have been persecuted and died and mankind as a whole has been divided and driven to behave in a tribal "competitive" cruel way based (ironically) on ridiculous differences like race and nationality.

Karl Marx wrote about ridding the world of "the Jews" with a view to ordinary Jews giving up their insularity and racism and well known crooked tricks and RE-JOINING THE HUMAN RACE!

But what we have today is the exact opposite of that! We have a Zionist master race exhibiting the opposite of what decent Jews like Elijah and Jesus and Karl Marx wanted to give the world.

It is time for a HUMANE and RATIONAL and FORGIVING re-division of the world`s resources.... and a new examination of what life is really about.....and let`s guess that flipping burgers for peanuts eighty hours a week for Mr Madoff is NOT going to figure in that equation at all!
Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA May 3, 2012, 10:16
Otto von Bulow
@ Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA

OVB: "Abdul Hakim Belhaj is a Libyan citizen so he was deported back to Libya ... rendition is if you , US born citizen, are sent to Kuwait for torture.


"Rendition" is a *legal/administrative* (even if secret) process: that means that it is a *technical* term for a *technical* process.

"Deported" -- is also a *legal* and therefore *technical* term with a *specific* legal/technical definition and process -- and in most democratic countries you can, for some period of time, *appeal* that process through official steps -- is when you are ordered/sent out of a country you are in -- by the *government* -- i.e., *immigration agency* and *immigration agents* -- of that country -- if you are undocumented, or your visa, or (if a visa is not required) the legal terms of stay to the country you are in, has expired or has been revoked.

"Deported" is *not* when you are summarily *kidnapped* (legally or illegally) -- with no recourse or appeal -- by a *foreign* government/agents intelligence agency -- from a *2nd* party country -- and sent not to your destination (whether to your place of residence or from your in-transit route), but to a *3rd* party country not of your choosing.

Furthermore, "deported" is *not* when you are kidnapped in a foreign country by, and retained in the custody of, the U.S.’s *foreign* intelligence agency (i.e., the CIA) and taken by force to a country not of your choosing. Belhaj was kidnapped in a *foreign* country by the *CIA* and put on _an official U.S. *rendition* aircraft_ -- not ordered out on a commercial airliner/ship/train/bus by the government of the country he was in.

OVB: "NDAA give the Whitehouse Monkey aka Obama"



I morally find it deeply offensive.

(It’s also the very kind of thing that David Horowitz would say.)

It potentially says a lot about the kind of person you actually are.

(Even though I have never supported Obama -- or any other Democrat or Republican, American president that I have had any legal age opportunity to vote for.)

Furthermore, a serious apology on your part is morally in order.
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 3, 2012, 09:53
How many of you WANT to understand other points of view in this thread?

Everywhere I go on the web the Zionists and their trolls are there looking out for the interests of an Israel which has developed into a dangerous and selfish monster sucking the wealth from the western world.....and which seems to confirm every negative stereotype we are told we must not entertain about "the Jews" and other races and minorities in collapsing BBC Britain!

I mixed with young socialists and communists in England in the 1960`s and yes they were all TALK about the British "workers"..... but those who were Jewish had this contradictory obsession and loyalty towards Israel which quite frankly was clearly hostile to "the British" and probably did not care a bit about British working people at all....and still could not give a hoot about us TODAY!

In fact the "friends of Israel" in New Labour and the other political parties and the "business community" and the Zionist media (including the BBC)..... seem to have a deep seated desire to make sure FASCIST RACIST EXPLOITIVE Zionist "capitalism" the political way to go for the entire world.....and it feels very much to me that Britain has been cynically and callously USED by the Jews in general and robbed and left for dead!

THANKS ROTHSCHILD and SOROS and the BBC and GCHQ and "British" JEWRY in general....we can see clearly bnow what "socialism" really meant to YOU!.

How many British people cheered on 9/11.....and WHO IN THE WHOLE WORLD will will care a bit when you selfish traitors get what you so thoroughly deserve (and have coming to you) and your precious Israeli/CIA/Wall Street cronies!
Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA May 3, 2012, 08:57
One Eyed Man: "...He seemed weak and scared to be on Assange’s show... You could see the anxiety sweat out of him like a scared child right before they krap their pants."


He didn’t seem that way *at all* to me. Whatever else he was, Marzouki certainly didn’t seem "scared" or "extremely nervous" to be on Assange’s show -- otherwise Marzouki *wouldn’t* have been on the show to begin with. After all, he was safely in Tunisia and *no one* (least of all Assange) was putting a *gun* to his head and *forcing* him to be on the show. As for sketchy, most politicians in office are sketchy (it’s called PR) -- either *confidently* (i.e., conningly) sketchy so or *nervously* (if they’re bad liars caught in some scandal) sketchy or somewhere in between: that’s practially their job. That’s why, in general, I prefer *not* to hear most politicians, especially those in office, in interviews (unless they are, *briefly*, just giving new policy positions) -- because, for most of them, I know they’re not really going to say anything (or anything new). And most presidents, &/or prime ministers, &/or governers, &/or premiers are, verbally, more or less the *PR* chief for the country, state or province.

One major exception to this is George Galloway, British MP -- but then George Galloway is exceptional (for one, he’s *very* progressive, even truly socialist, in this age and era of right-of-center to right-wing Western politics).

Your post, One Eyed Man, is not very interesting or informative. Your comment post is like the kind of gross, graphic ad hominems that David Horrorwit might spew out. And most of us have had enough of him and *Horrorwit’s* level of discourse, for the year. Perhaps -- for those of us who do not know Marzouki, his background, his politics, his political achievements (or any lack thereof), or his record -- what might be *interesting*, *informative* and perhaps persuasive is if you pointed out, for just one example, *specifically* just *how* Marzouki has "sold out" (since you brought that up): *that* would be an *intellectual*, &/or *political*, &/or *moral* critique/criticism.
ormg May 3, 2012, 07:46
If this planet is no longer under human control, as I am forced to believe by those better informed than me, could we have an interview with some of those who really know what gives? The likes of Gordon Duff from
One Eyed Man May 3, 2012, 07:36
Anyone else get the feeling the Tunisian president or dictator or whatever was EXTREMELY nervous, sketchy, and untrustworthy?

He seemed weak and scared to be on Assange’s show- like he knew no one was going to buy his lies. Yes, unlike the sheeple TV-zombies, we have brains and we can play poker well. Most of us know when people lie because it bleeds out of them like the ripe funk of B.O.

& you know what I have come to notice since I woke up? Somehow stupid pons, especially those who have sold out, never seem to learn how to lie. You could see the anxiety sweat out of him like a scared child right before they krap their pants.
Glenn Allen Nolen May 3, 2012, 04:27
Ridiculous sums up the state of affairs by the United Sates government these days very well.
BIGFATTONY May 3, 2012, 04:02
Tony Blair must go on this show
wild sausage May 3, 2012, 02:14
i still get a red screen as if ive insulted somone ? Is this normal ?
Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA May 3, 2012, 02:03
Otto von Bulow
@ Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA

OVB: "well, Maher Arar is a Syrian citizen who was deported back to Syria, it was not rendition"

I beg to strongly differ: he was a *Canadian* citizen (who also had Syrian citizenship), a telecommunications engineer, living in *Canada*. And he was *purposely* deported by the U.S. (with elements in the Canadian government complicity) to *Syria* -- so that Syria could do the U.S.’s dirty work. And when Canada finally got him freed (why would *Canada* fight to get him freed, unless he were a Canadian citizen who resided in Canada?), he went back to live in Canada. Canada -- the even very conservative Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper himself -- even lodged a vigorous and formal protest against, and to, the U.S. government. Why do you think that Canada paid him over $10-million dollars? Lots of immigrants to, and citizens in, other countries (including the U.S.) can retain the citizenship of their birth as well.

You can go look it up! Everybody *else* -- including the U.S. and Canadian governments -- certainly called it a "rendition".