Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 16:40

DON opined...
You see, I can’t get your point for you are not even making one.


I was just suggesting that Americans and their ilk are easily drawn away from more vital issues....Mate

But as you are ignoring all the other stuff I have written to make some petty silly comment perhaps you are just another time-wasting troll...Mate!

I don`t care what you think Don....make love elsewhere...Mate!
Donald May 4, 2012, 15:28
Jim Evans in Worcester Englandwrote on May 4, 2012, 03:27
I think Americans are too easily caught up in deliberately created the stuff about 9/11. My guess is that in their consumer/lawyer society they get used to taking whatever they want if they wish to..... and equate this unfettered acquisitiveness with personal freedom. Who will miss these U Tubes? And if they will surely what`s more important is that you become a democracy? In fact Americans are slaves to Mammon and to overworking and a rather limited view of politics whereby both electable political parties are identical and clearly run to service the wishes of the rich and Israel`s demands.. Surely that subject should take priority in your quest for freedom?

I might agree on the distraction but I have to say that all the rest you say is quite inaccurate mate.
And it is a fact since I am not a US citizen nor from America.. Btw, without Youtube and other free sources of information how would you and we even know about "Israel’s demands"? .. You see, I can’t get your point for you are not even making one.
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 14:52
We so need to go back to basics and ask ourselves what we are handing on to future generations of mankind.

Never mind about having faith in illusory gods and overworking ourselves into an early grave doing something irrelevant to our own happiness and that of those around us....what is life ABOUT?

Watch Lord Sugar`s BBC programme the Apprentice on I Player and ask yourself what message that is giving out to young people about what matters in modern Britain and what they have to do to become successful.

No offence Lord Sugar but it`s time we all looked in the mirror a bit more!

Frankly.... I think Britain is f###ked!
Auntidote May 4, 2012, 14:37
In all your theorising about the President of Syria and Noam Chomsky and Obama chaps you are missing the fundamental point,..that even Netanyahu with all his Zionist Empire at his fingertips... has very few real options about how to exercise that power.

Not only because even he answers to pressures from other people..... but because conventional weaponry and traditional military power do NOT WORK!

They make the Military Industrial Complex rich and able to buy and sell politicians two-a-penny....but what USE are they unless you are prepared to risk genocide or Armageddon and getting YOURSELVES wiped from the face of the Earth?

What Vietnam and subsequent conflicts really prove is that Neteanyahu has hundreds of nuclear missiles but it`s all just an expensive BLUFF!
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 13:35
What the global Aristocracy of Money have done is make EVERYONE in the world feel dependent on Rothschild and Israel remaining in charge of the politics and economics of the world.

And in fairness to them we are approaching a time when enlightened globalisation could work very well for all of us...but we have not got there yet!

If the Zionist Empire de-materialised today we might raise a cheer for a few hours but the strong possibility is that another gang of powerful people like the Chinese or Islamists or Roman Catholics would soon be trying to replace them..... and fighting wars for control of the so called global economy (and to reduce our unsustainably large population numbers).
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 13:19
Joseph...has it ever struck you that the way to succeed in any society is to speak and behave and respect the same values as the POWERFUL people in your society?
Now consider the effect of Zionist media like Fox and the BBC on ordinary people as portrayed in soap operas...and popular culture generally.
How many Black people are portrayed speaking clearly and articulately in the way politicians and business leaders HAVE to do before they can "succeed"?
How many Jews are portrayed as shysters or uncouth or homosexuals or unintelligent or inarticulate?
Slavery did not go away. It was moved by Rothschild to Asia with "our" industrial earning capacity...and replaced with mass immigration and unemployment and a criminal financial system run by a Zionist aristocracy in Israel and the USA.
How will the average Black or White person (who doesn`t happen to be Jewish or a crook) make a living here in the future?
That`s what the London Bombers and Anders Breivik are really trying to ask in this Zionist BBC European Fourth Reich state....and NO politician or journalist dare answer truthfully.
Almighty God May 4, 2012, 11:45

What rich and powerful people do is STOP you seeing the obvious answers to "our" problems.... because that would threaten their grip on power....and we are NOT "all in this together"!
The rich make sure that the media and politics and the economy and military are under THEIR control because the only way you acquire and hold power is by being a CRIMINAL and A BULLY and PIRATE!
Will the meek and loving "Christians" inherit the Earth?? Not in any credible murder mystery story I ever read!
We KNOW who runs our world and how they do`s so obvious that you don`t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work it out.
But the reason 1929 and 2008 and the global mega-frauds remain unsolved "mysteries" ....and that bankers still get bonuses for stealing from that the rich and powerful elites "done it" ...and anyone who thinks they can get away with "solving" the mystery....... had better remember what happens to whistle blowers and "terrorists" like Bin Laden.
What would happen to any politician or journalist who consistently dared to point out that the Emperor Rothschild and his precious global financial system .....and his racist fascist thuggish crooked "State of Israel"..... ...and their "markets" and their CIA and NATO military are the most powerful gang of crooks in the world ? But would a new elite be any better?

Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 09:39
Thanks Joseph for responding to some of my previous comments and for being here as an African American....because it`s high time forums like this drew from a much wider range of cultures and nationalities and value systems.

I suspect that people I view are indoctrinated racists and fascists are holding us back from thinking intelligently about how to solve the problems confronting mankind as a WHOLE......

BUT I fear that many people who I know and love and like as PEOPLE or INDIVIDUALS march through life to beat of other drums!

The Muslims and Catholics I know and respect agree with me about lots of things.....but they do NOT think of my views about overpopulation as a good thing at all.... fact they have been trained to believe that its their DUTY to have lots of babies "for God" or "Allah"..

....and the moment I ask how our overpopulation problem is going to be resolved.....

or how many more immigrants their "faith" is going to dump into our collapsing British economy .....they get VERY ANGRY WITH ME!
Jim Evans in Worcester England May 4, 2012, 09:21
Am I alone in finding these threads difficult to use? All the other threads on RT seem to work OK so apart from the white on black appearance....which is appealingly dramatic....why don`t we just use the tried and tested format used elsewhere......and WHY are our posts being BINNED or DISAPPEARED without trace....where is the archive?

We know where you live RT!! And as the ONLY free press in the entire world we need you to be accessible and transparent!
Almighty God May 4, 2012, 09:10

Yes Joseph ....and the master plan is in a book entitled "Underwriting Democracy" (1990) by George Soros which itself borrows from George`s time at the London School Of Economics under Karl Popper.......

who himself will have borrowed from Karl Marx who himself wrote a very important but vital work he called "A World Without Jews"....

.....and before the usual suspects start screaming about another Holocaust it`s NOT about murdering Jews but about FREEING Jewish people to re-join the rest of the human race as EQUAL RESPECTED PEOPLE......after CENTURIES of being OUTCASTS!

Marx and Engels and Elijah and Jesus and Einstein and Bernie Madoff and George Soros and Lord Rothschild are JUST ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS.....JUST LIKE YOU!

The major problem in the world today is that for very understandable reasons JUDAISTS and ZIONISTS and MANY other tribalists around the world DO NOT BELIEVE that.....they think THEY ARE SUPERIOR in SOME WAY>

THAT`s the underlying issue MANKIND AS A WHOLE HAS TO DEAL WITH before we move on to solving other problems.