USA May 30, 2012, 20:36
Otto von Bulow 20 hours ago also wrote:

Dear Dear Dear … you are very …hmmm?

The root problem of the disease You are protesting is Globalization! As long GLOBALIZATION is alive, you young people are wasting your valuable time! Stop fighting the symptoms of the disease fight the roots.

Also…WTO, IMF are the very organization that brought us to this disaster, they cannot be solution and they must be destroyed!

What is Globalization?
USA May 30, 2012, 20:35
Otto von Bulow 20 hours ago

"GLOBALIZATION": the undermining of the nation state as a focus of economic organization; the reduction to commodity status of worldwide raw-goods suppliers; the monopolization of distribution channels by international trading companies and Big Money by Rich Minority; the reduction of health & quality standards to least-common- denominator levels; the most honest self-characterization of the NWO agenda. "Globalization" expresses the intent to homogenize the world economy - to make national borders transparent to the transfer of technology, capital and goods, and enable a higher-order of centralized global management. The claim is frequently made that this will lead to a leveling of prosperity levels on a global basis, the evidence is all to the contrary. What we see instead, is that "globalization" leads to a greater prosperity disparity between the "developed" and "developing" nations as well as within the nations between poor and rich, as measured by the disposable income and living standards of the general populations.
The greatest real prosperity gains have been achieved by those countries which created domestic synergy in their economies through selective protectionism (eg., Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam..and before that . Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, Norway etc ). Think People, Think!
Frank P Phillips May 30, 2012, 20:34
The suggestion that we are all very different just doesn’t hold water, just like any species we also can go out of exisistance and the provention of this is the ultimate goal of any surviving believers no matter what your background or motives this is a natural and expected force. Surely you would like your decendants to continue?
The practicalities of my suggestions are not in question as there is no doubt that we are quickly moving to a civilisation shareing in vital information which was previously viewed as precious material things this information will soon have greater value than any other resource.
We will simply trade each others information of experiences as countries currently trade material resources, this is not a difficult concept!
Karl Marx May 30, 2012, 20:18


Something tells me you have both cheeks on the Zionist side of the fence chummy......but carry on fighting hard to make sure you get wiped from the face of the Earth if you really want Hitler`s final solution to get completed by the Jews themselves! Even stupid turkeys wouldn`t vote for Christmas. LOL
anonymous May 30, 2012, 19:56
Assange should have jumped on the Occupy guy that wanted more ’democracy’ in the finance industry.

Two Wolves and a Lamb voting over what’s for lunch, anyone?

Occupy is controlled opposition, probably Soros backed. No real ideas outside of the usual Marxist bollocks, and very close to the leftist political parties.

America already has the tools to create a paradise on Earth. Losing your collective freedom in a Constitutional Republic built on Libertarian ideals is the definition of stupid! If people were more willing to act against petty tyranny every time they personally witness it, we would not have this problem!

I am still on the fence about Assange. You can’t trust anyone these days!
Tim Jones, Wales May 30, 2012, 18:16
Thank you RT for taking this issue so seriously and responsibly. Julian you’re a hero - keep up the fight and the search for truth. You’ve have shown the world that those we ’choose’ to represent us in ’democracies’ are not acting in the interests of ’we the people’. So what is their undeclared purpose and what sort of plan is actually unfolding? Is it the collective corruption of those who act selfishly to maintain their wealth & power or something more sinister?
Rainbow May 30, 2012, 17:19
Thanks for your wonderful show, :} bringing light to were there was darkness
Linda Joslin May 30, 2012, 14:53
Question not answered, whether techniques of communication at meetings where old or newly created. In the past in protest such as "The Land is Ours" in UK we were using these hand waving signals etc at all meetings going back some 15 or so years. These were land and road protests that went on for many years. It would be a good idea in interviews Julian to go back to the questions that needed answering instead of allowing others in the group to distract! From what I heard there were many things going on on a controlling level at the Occupy movement in London that were not discussed here. This interview for the UK protests gave a very clean, staid, together appearance to what on the ground was not that way from what was reported in the alternative media here. Get some of the crowd participators talking and they will tell you what they felt was going on in this protest organisational group/hierarchy .!
Frank P Phillips May 30, 2012, 10:53
I wish to put forward a motion "that we all form the Universe Government" which can be done simply by doing the followsing;
All individuals over the age of 21 are permanently nominated to be volunteers (and deal in favours)in the Universe Public Service after each of us declares that we each individually are soverign states who accept full responsibility for the volume each of us displaces.This is probably the next diemention in life as distict to the queen ruling over an area of land. After-all my world is only in my head no where else and, the world is only made up of information that I have not recorded,so like stars in the sky surely the universe is the total combination of all the information in all our combined minds?
Bob Brown May 30, 2012, 08:17
People that do not enjoy your message are the ones that are blind to the degree in which they have been brain washed. Thank you for beating your head against the wall of stupidity.