FROM MEXICO May 24, 2012, 10:22
Just to add. Mexico is going thru a Presidential Election. Four candidates three are Conservative Right Wing and one is Left wing. This last candidate is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador a Social Activist, ran for the Presidency in 2006 and won. But was denied his right thru Electoral Fraud. He is now running again well loved and respected by the farmers, workers and students of Universities. He is going thru the same problem President Correa had, "The Media" privately owned an speaking lies about the candidate; battle ling the MOB of Power in Mexico and Foreign Interests in the Country. Doing anything possible for him not to occupy the highest most honorable title "President of the United States of Mexico" ; our only source is now the internet. Their have been marches of thousands of people giving him support especially students of Universities UNAM and IBERO the most recent student manifestation was this 21 of May in Tlatelolco there is Video on YOUTUBE of mass students present. Many students are helping him be heard in all Mexico. His ideas are centered in the NEW DEAL of President Franklin D. Roosevelt adding a mexican spicy flavor to it. Would be interesting to give him an opportunity to speak on your show and find out what awaits Mexico.Thanks Again RT and Julian for everything and for this comment space.
FROM MEXICO May 24, 2012, 09:29
Thank You, Julian.
For taking the time an interest into Latin America. RT thank you also for Liberty of Free Press. By any chance can you give the opportunity to Fidel or Raul Castro to be a future guest on your show. Cuba still has a big influence over Latin America and still considers Mexico like their big brother existing still resentment between the two countries were the Ex President Vicente Fox called Fidel on March 2002 an told him not to attend the Cumbre Iberoamericana de Monterrey in Mexico; a special favor asked by the US. And still being denied any partipation in Latin American summits. Would really apreciate if giving the opportuniy to Cuba to speak, since up to know this is the only media channel that is open to listening. Please RT do not get censored by the WEST you are now our AWAKENING. DIOS TE BENDIGA JULIAN. THANK YOU.
joeblow May 24, 2012, 08:47
Correa gets my vote for kicking the "imperious, pompus, LickSpittle old Hag" american ambassador out of his country soooooo good.....

and the "we’ll allow an american military base in our country if you let us set up one in Miami" was a pure joy!

i’m McLoving it!

Keep it up JA

Rubin Schmidt May 24, 2012, 06:04
Otto von Bulow: Could,nt agree more, selected by one man BRZEZINSKI,backed by one other man ROCKEFELLA.A birth certificate which took nine layers of photoshop. What I dont get is why Mr.Assange or R.T. wont take on the big issues, if their serious, the facts are there, the evidence is there. The recent audit of the Federal Reserve carried out by the Government Accounability Office shows that $12 TRILLION was handed out to banks ALL over the world. Would the American people take a different view of Mr. Assange if he Wikileaked this information? Why does RT propagate the whole 9/11 nonsense by reporting the second Bin Laden lookalike had anything to do with anything. The first lookalike did,nt even look-a-like. Bye the bye it was Col. Alan Sabroski. Phd. who said Isreal would be wiped off the face of the earth not Imadinnerjacket, by America if they were aware of Isreals involvement in 9/11 were known. It is,nt rocket science.."Missing Links" The ultimate truth about 9/11.!! Im still waiting for Assange to leak anything important.
StG 44 May 24, 2012, 05:45
Don’t get assassinated? What at thing to say to a head of state! (Even if we’re all thinking it.) Luckily he was only the president of Ecuador -- had Julian said this to Obama he would already be out of England and in a Secret Service dungeon.

Hurray for Correa and all the other leaders making a stand against the NWO.
A US Citizen May 24, 2012, 04:38
Absolutely brilliant. I hope that you do not get extradited to Sweden, and then tortured in the U.S. The World needs both you and Wikileaks.
USA4ALL May 24, 2012, 01:25
When will you release the 3700 Israeli WIKI leaks documents? Your brand will suffer if you do not put them all in the light? May 24, 2012, 00:10
Damn! if i read again "Zionist" "Cabala" "Third Reich" or some other psychotic obsession like that i’m gonna scream.
Exelent interview, Correa has guts! And a lot in common with Assange.
The problem is all the lies about reality thru biased and idiotic mass media. Selling us their own values of being rich and famous and terrorist against it.
Phil May 23, 2012, 23:25
The Greatest and hopefully most influential Quote of all time, by Rafael Correa - "The only place there will never be a Coup d’état is the USA because they don’t have an American Embassy".
Otto von Bulow May 23, 2012, 22:50


OBAMA is, like his predecessors, merely a....... strawmen of the Globalist – Cabala that picked, groomed and put him in office. However, unlike the glove puppets before him Obama is a very dangerous man indeed.

He has been groomed to accept the cult of personality, the Cult of the Leader, which have been carefully cultivated for him by the corrupt, controlled mainstream media and which has been accepted by an unthinking herd. He is a blank canvas upon which millions of gullible idealists project their own inner hopes, dreams and desires and no negative or cruel realism has been, so far, allowed to intrude on this mass projection process. Nothing in Obama’s election manifesto or speeches give anything of substance or specifics that may break the spell or alert some to the the fact that Obama is a merely a mortal man, and a very flawed one to boot.