Daniel C. May 12, 2012, 15:11
Imagine a world in which mankind have such a biomolecular system in their neurons that would allow him to directly control the entire evolution of the nervous system, memories and ideas. This system could be accurately controlled by electromagnetic waves of very specific frequencies and low power, the system would be transmitted through virus whose only mission is to transmit the system and be assembled molecular machines through the carrier DNA virus, so that the person once "infected" would that system and for life, the system would have a set of nanomachines within each neuron in the brain that could send information about the state of each neuron is connected with which neurons this, that information is sent and in turn to control and change all this.
Imagine a world with this technology, imagine that all job without this, all we had control of all, we all trasmitiríamos memories and ideas, and we all could communicate so much more accurate than any current communication (oral or written) , all minds could think and reason all the knowledge of mankind, humanity would finally all together and we would be the greatest creation of life, the species stronger, the better future of humanity ....
I, as a future student of nanotechnology and nanoscience has’m perfectly willing to investigate this technology
Excuse my English, I am using a translator
Her Majesty the Queen of Wonderland..The Queen`s Speech. May 12, 2012, 11:50
My husband Philip and I are justly proud of our long and mutually profitable association with his Holiness the Pope and the incorruptible House of Rothschild and their enormously successful global Ponzi Scheme and Zionist Empire run from our plucky little colony of Israel.
Certain among our lower orders ...(Julian Manning in a CIA torture chamber and horrid Bradley Assange from our penal colony in Australia!) have upset my loyal propagandists at the BBC and their nice Catholic bosses by cruelly suggesting that the fortunes of the British Empire have declined in direct relationship to the rise of our dear sweet Lord Rothschild`s Wall Street and Israeli "usury and debt rackets"?

RUBBISH! Britons has never had it so good! The Rosa Clegg Cameron Moribund Monster Loony Coalition of the Unwilling led by the same old usual suspects (talking the same old hot air?) are bound to "deliver" us a prosperous future of growth stability and ......sorry subjects ..I cannot continue to read out rubbish like this any longer!
BBC/FOX May 12, 2012, 10:41
We wish you to know that some journalists are honest people but they do not succeed in the sort of organisation run by folk like Conrad Black and Robert Maxwell and and Rupert Murdoch and the various other Zionists who decide what is broadcast by the BBC and Fox.

We realise that without a proper effective Fourth Estate ordinary Anglo Saxon people have been comprehensively betrayed and bankrupted for a century and culturally cleansed and cheated of democracy by the sort of crooks who should not be in your in your public life at all ...and certainly not in your laughable banana republic legislatures .....nor running the CIA global secret police and NATO either!
Holocaust VICTIM ...speaking from the grave. May 12, 2012, 10:27
And could we ordinary Jews be heroes this time round?

Could we please be the people who turn the crooks among our so called "race" in to justice and clean up capitalism for the betterment of mankind after centuries of being despised and persecuted?

When will other people realise that we are just human beings like the rest of better but no worse either!

We suffer because of the behaviour of the sort of Jews who run Israel as a fascist racist Apartheid regime.....and run your crooked economies and politics and your media...but we also brought you Elijah and Jesus and Karl Marx with his very sensible ideas described in "A World Without Jews" which (unsurprisingly)is not widely known about in a world run by Rothschids and Soroses and Rabbis that talk of marrying within the "tradional" Jewish "faith" like Chief Rabbi "multiracial" BBC Britain!

Many of Holocaust victims were secular socialists who would have been disgusted with modern Israel and Wall Street pulling the same old tricks that got us murdered!
The Real JackStraw 1381/1929/2008..and NOW! May 12, 2012, 09:25
Arrest all the thieves in the City of London and Wall Street and put them in a CIA dungeon and close down their global "free market" of criminal fraud ....including Murdoch and Bliar.

Stop the whole corrupt money lending IMF "debt" loan sharking game right now and seize all their assets (including the Vatican gold) and execute any of the blackguard Scrooges who disobey us! Then declare a global JUBILEE and FREE MANKIND from usury and debt.

It`s them or us...they are too crooked to succeed and too big to be up to any good at all.

Who are these parasites and when will the Rabbis and other clergy do their duty to GOD and denounce them instead of taking HUSH MONEY?

Where is our NEW ELIJAH to strike down these JEZEBELS and Baalists of Israel... and all these creatures of our NEW WORLD SODOM and GOMORRAH????

Where is GOD in this international machine of greed when we need him most?
Oligarch Bliar at JP Morgan May 12, 2012, 09:08
What do you people expect? No politician would ever get near a position of "power" if he wasn`t completely corrupt and lacking in any integrity or ambition that was not directed towards his own personal enrichment.
It`s the same with the CIA and the NATO military.

Many of us would love to bring you a cleaned up global economy and real democracy for the betterment of all mankind but you will have to convince our masters at Bilderberger meetings that it`s now possible to achieve and a workable idea.

Perhaps if you took the global media CIA and NATO and Israel`s nuclear arsenal away from Zionist International Jewry and the rest of global organised crime it would be a vital first step?
Rubin Schmidt May 12, 2012, 03:27
Not much from R.T. on a son of Russia...Bout.Not much from R.t. on Col. Oliver North, WHO ACCUALLY SMUGGLED DRUGS TO THE DETRAMENT OF AMERICANS. NOT MUCH FROM R.T. ON SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY SUPPLIED WEAPONS TO MURDERING B**t*ds who ACTUALLY butcharded women and children. Glad I,m not relying on Russia to protect me.
Almighty God May 11, 2012, 20:22
Otto..could you explain what the world would be like in fifty years if you had your wishes fulfilled?

Would the collection of racial types calling themselves Jews still be in the Middle East?

Would countries like multi-racial Israeli-controlled England and occupied Kosovo and Palestine be different?

Would the USA still be using Soros and financial fraud and the CIA to regime change nations like Iran and Afghanistan and Ireland and Greece?

Would the native Indians of the Americas have had their lands restored to them?
Otto von Bulow May 11, 2012, 19:45
USA wrote: "Do you know why Ukraine and Russia live in apartheid now? Do you know why 95 % of blacks, in Democratic primaries 2008, voted for black Obama and against white Hilary Clinton?"
Your blacks will always support Obama because your blacks are healthy people not Zombies, they know that race is everything! There is nothing wrong with that.

This is called " instinct of preservation of species". If you do not have it U R a Zombie, a dead man walking! You are a creature that responds only to ---greed and fear. The Most successful people- Asians and Jews -r also the biggest racists! Check out how many Africans immigrated to Asian countries (Japan Taiwan Korea China) over the last 100 years? ZERO!

I wonder what makes some Americans think that Blacks and Whites can live together.

Croats and Serbs, with support of democratic west, live in apartheid now. The same goes for Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians. They have separate countries now; live in apartheid endorsed and celebrated by world’s biggest democracies.

If slight ethnic differences are enough to tear apart countries like Yugoslavia and Russia shouldn’t be the Huge Racial differences enough for a country to split? USA? This question is for you! Isn’t the time for revolution, a divorce? Why to suffer together when you can live happy separately?
Athanese Seromba May 11, 2012, 18:14
Why not interview me about the real impact on Africans of white religion and politics and economic exploitation on us?

We know the Holy Father and Lord Rothschild would never allow their BBC/Fox Zionist propaganda machine to tell you the truth.....but maybe RT could speak to me before I am gagged and have a nasty "accident" Sayyid Qutb or Milosevic and the millions of others "disappeared" by those global champions of freedom in the CIA?