Victoria Climbie and Sayyid Qutb May 11, 2012, 17:36
You are both wrong God and Lucifer...two sides of the same primitive ape-like amoral coin....puffing yourselves up and affecting powers that were never within Everyman`s grasp in the first place...or even within the grasp of the most powerful potentates and princes either!

Were our torturers good or evil?

Were the "well intentioned" Rothschilds and Zionists and Popists and Islamists and BBC/Fox apparatchiks and Communists and Parliamentarians...... REALLY plotting our humiliating demise as they pontificated on podiums and offered preposterous political/religious illusions to gullible voters and faithful followers of God and Mammon?

Of course they often THOUGHT they could control events......but where is there ANY EVIDENCE that they really could do so...ANYWHERE in the world today?

You ALL inherited the world as it WAS.....from the highest to the lowest in society your real choices and options and freedom and democracy were all a FANTASY....a great Cornucopia of Illusion.
Lucifer May 11, 2012, 14:58
It`s probably too late for mankind to change course so let me enjoy explaining the truth to you stupid Goyem and you even stupider Chosen Ones in Israel! LOL!

God does NOT EXIST...what you think of as God is mankind`s "Collective Unconscious Mind".. which is an amoral assortment of good and bad and generous and selfish potential thoughts and strategies.... which are triggered by different social circumstances in order to cope with those events as effectively as possible.

You humans are getting aggressive again after a period of relative peace ....because in the past sixty years your population has risen from 2 billions to 7 billions ......and your religious leaders are pressing you reproduce way beyond you means to cater for all those extra people... the obvious answer your crooked Zionist financial elite have UNCONSCIOUSLY come up with is a world war between so called Christians and Islam in Europe and the Americas and in the Middle East which will leave Israel running the world! LOL

(How little do the stupid Zionists know....or they would be desperately suing for global peace and reconciliation NOW!....LOL)
Lucifer May 11, 2012, 14:09

Hold on chaps ...let`s be clear what that old know-all Almighty God would do to the world if I wasn`t around in the background with my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at the ready to keep the human population numbers down into manageable proportions!?

What pretty Boy Assange and the Pope and the BBC and Islam would do to the world is hopelessly overpopulate it with their chosen faithful followers and then PANIC when their crooked Israeli superpower establishes what the human race has known for centuries about the likes of the Zionists and Roman Catholics and Muslims...

.that they will TALK about peace love and democracy.....but quietly outbreed and ethnically cleanse other groups of people (like the Palestinians and the Celts from the British Isles)...using war and crime and genocide and mass immigration and their global "financial services industry"
Almighty God May 11, 2012, 10:58
Delighted as I am to have my views endorsed by you "USA" and "NATO" I think it`s now clear that voting for Ron Paul or even Almighty God is rather like turkeys voting for Christmas....... because it telegraphs loud and clear that you remain brainwashed victims of a global criminal elite and their Israeli superpower!

Notice how desperate the crooked politicians and their media handmaidens have become now NO ONE even bothers to join their risible "political parties" or votes in their farcical EU elections?

The entire global political class spend their time distracting you with manufactured controversies and swapping places in rigged elections and Soros/CIA regime changes simply designed to DENY people democracy and an opportunity to improve their lot and have a say in the political,economic and social arrangements for their children`s future.
NATO May 11, 2012, 10:21
N.A.T.O. = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

Seeking for a solid partner in States backed terrorism ? We do have the best field experiences in battle fields, conflicts, wars, guerrilla, etc. We are specialized in lies, mass media and opinions manipulations, in corrupting leaders, in supporting dictators then possibly removing them through many tricks (assassination, etc.). We do have an old experience in invading countries, setting up military bases all over the world, killing civilians by dozens of millions. Need more information ? Call us.

NATO, your best ally in terrorism since 1950.
USA May 11, 2012, 09:02

by Otto von Bulow May 10, 2012, 08:50

"What works (has been working for the last 20 thousand years) much better than US “Democracy” is unconditional love. The kind of love mother has to her child or ancient Kings had to their people. Mothers and ancient Kings did not love their children because of their character their deeds or what they did or did not do. They loved their children their tribes because they were, because they were a chip of the same block, the members of the same genetic stock.

This is called instinct of survival of species ... without that Powerful Instinct there would not be wolfs, foxes, coyotes , there would not be White Bear, Brown Bear and Black Bear etc etc etc , Mother nature knows what she is doing, trust her. She gave us animal like instincts for a reason.

Countries which practice the principles of unconditional love within their tribe are China, Korea, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and few other nations. In Switzerland we even had to split to 3 nations to practice the principle of unconditional love within our respective cantons of course.

Psychopaths, like those ruling USA, not only have zero compassion for their victims but also they have zero of unconditional love even for their children, ethnic group , coreligionists, or race. "


again, U R so right on the money! Thanks for being here or for just being!

USA May 11, 2012, 08:16
Dear All Mighty God,

your heart is in the right place. Indeed, USA is run by a collection of most despicable psychopaths. You are mostly correct.

I can not believe I voted for that Obama character, what was wrong with me! When I think about that I just want to die!

Go Ron Paul Go!

Aramazd May 11, 2012, 05:01
How can I obtain the text of this interview with the purpose of translating?
Almighty God May 11, 2012, 01:50
USA...American politics is run by Zionist crooks based on wall Street and in London and in their much pampered colony Israel.

So is European politics!

The whole global political system and our economic arrangements are run by rich unelected criminals who should be selling used cars or in a CIA torture chamber having the truth water boarded out of them.

But very regrettably...they appear to RUN the CIA and NATO and the Media and the entire world...including our religions and politics.

Voting for or against Obama is meaningless when Obama is a puppet of the warmongering Netanyahu with his hundreds of undeclared nuclear warheads ready to kick off a war that could simply wipe Israel.... and the rest of mankind..... from the face of the Earth.
Almighty God May 11, 2012, 01:34
USA...Karl Marx and others have talked about communism but we have really not explored communist ideas properly at all.

What is now painfully obvious is that global organised crimes "American/Israeli casino capitalism" have been an utter disaster run by people who clearly have no answers to the serious problems facing mankind.....
....other than provoke another Holocaust in the Middle East and World War and possibly a massacre of all the completely unemployable immigrants currently flooding into first world countries with the active support of the global criminal elite and their media and puppet politicians.
The world is overpopulated and capitalism is nothing more than organised fraud....the humane answer to this problem is proper democratic politics and honest economic reform....all managed GLOBALLY rather than by robber barons and oligarch crooks.