Friends of Israel July 27, 2012, 14:52
We take deep exception to the smears about any connection between the Fiends of Israel and any undue influence of the tiny victimised Jewish community over British government policy. We hardly get a word in edge ways in fact! Just ask Lord Rothschild.

But if our word is not good enough you can google phrases like "Labour Friends of Israel" or "Conservative Friends of Israel" or "Media Friends of Israel" to satisfy any remaining curiosity you would be unwise to persist in having, unless you like the idea of extraordinary rendition and holiday in the Cuban health resort known as Guantanamo Bay!
Dave Cameron and Boris Johnson July 27, 2012, 14:14
Less of this racism Jim ....we are only slightly Jewish!

Our real talent is being Old Etonians! What could be more Down-to-Earth and egalitarian than that?

And our crony Paxo may look Jewish and claim to come from oop North...... but he went to Malvern College and lived in a big house near you in leafy Worcestershire!

Ask Eric Illesly about Paxo`s Semitic "nose" for investigative journalism and you may find he`s sight down there in the Murdoch undergrowth .....with Brillo and Pansy Potter... in the Lady Porter/Lord Levy School of Fearless Turn-a-Blind-Eye "journalism"....with the rest of the BBC!
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 14:00
You are OK Ed...but have look at the website of an organisation called "The Media Briefing" for their low down on the creep who has been trying to smear me as a racist ....and notice which flag our patriotic heir to Ralph (the (con man?) Marxist) wishes himself to be associated with?

I remember attending lectures by Max Gluckman on Marxism and reading Ralph`s writings "Dave".......and it takes little imagination to realise that you and they would not see eye to eye "Comrade"!

Perhaps the answer is to have a proper official political party called the "Friends of Israel" standing at the one that has been secretly running our country (unofficially) for decades? Would not that be more HONEST?
Ed Moribund and his "business friendly" Murdochite brother Dave! July 27, 2012, 13:45
Come on Jim....can`t a couple of Marx Brother`s "politicians" make their dishonest way in the world without being singled out by you?

We are no worse than all the other shysters supposedly running Britain and the crooked global Media....surely?
David Milband and Jack Straw and Alan Yentob and thousands more July 27, 2012, 13:27
Only a few years ago we could have "disappeared" or tortured Julian and Jim Evans in secret while mincing about the World Stage telling porkies about "not doing torture" and poor little Ann Frank and droning on about the Holocaust we Jews brought upon ourselves.

Alan Yentob`s little BBC programme about the
"Disappearing Jews of Iraq" was definitely a mistake.

But that Zionist BBC Newsnight about the Arab Spring....

featuring con men like Kissinger and Jeremy Greenstock and Simon Sharma and other non Arabs......

...orchestrated by same Kirsty Skwark who assured us that only fourteen thousand extra people would arrive when Soros enlarged the EU...

.might all just have been a little too insulting for even the average British intelligence!

Maybe it`s back to the ghetto and being one step ahead of the shoe shine boys....but then fortunes (like Madoff investments) can go down as well as up...even for long last!
Sayyid Qutb and Rachel Corrie and Victoria Climbie July 27, 2012, 09:41
Well done shut your trap and let people with real brains talent and connections construct a peaceful forgiving GLOBAL truth and reconciliation process to make it all happen....

.. and stop bullying the Jews....because they were only DOING THEIR BEST in the real circumstances they were presented with!

Tomorrow is another day....don`t look you go forward TOGETHER!
CIA/Mossad and the rest of Global Organised Crime July 27, 2012, 09:29
What a shame we are too stupid to realise that we hold all the World`s secrets and could revolutionise it entirely by dishing the dirt (on what has gone before and is happening now)...

...and by then using our power to construct a much improved GLOBAL politics and economic system based on monocultural social democracy.....and saving the world from overpopulation and World War Three...all in a matter of years?

If we got EVERYONE behind the project it could be much easier than holding bloody revolutions and genocides and wars and mass migrating ourselves from one Hell to another?
Lord Sugar and Mary Portass... Queen of Charity Shops July 27, 2012, 09:17
Perhaps we could construct a training regime for the native British people where they are taught how to cope with no work and no prospects and no homes when the nutters at the BBC finally manage to import the entire Third World here .....and the only successfully thriving industry left standing here are gas chamber manufacturing and the Swastika Flag Making Trade?

Or perhaps we would be wiser firing ourselves off to tax exile and boring the other ex-pats with tales of that clincher deal we made flogging broken Chinese made electronics to shmucks back in England while making sure there was no British industry left for the next generation to work in?
David (UK) July 27, 2012, 09:05
Ooooo Crikey! I just wet myself!

Wonder if Mad Melanie Philips and Simpering Simon Sharma can use their BBC to destroy RT before this freedom and democracy really takes hold on the world and we are exposed for all that we really are?

Or should I become a "Catholic" and get Cosa Nostra to rub Jim Evans out? Tony and Cherie did OK on that deal!
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 27, 2012, 08:58
And dear Bibi about giving Mankind a break and handing your nuclear weapons over to the control of UN weapon`s inspectors ....and having a Pauline Conversion on the road to Damascus?

How many lives has the State of Israel cost since 1948? And WHY?