Jim Evans in Worcester England July 27, 2012, 08:51
Same deal with you creepy old Jews....Rothschild and Soros....debate here on the internet with Everyman ...rather than skulk in your counting houses full of cash! are no more than a BSing dim-wit and your books and Popper`s "open society" nonsense are enslaving drivel.

British Rail had you accurately assessed when they had you cleaning railway station toilets.

And Rothschild...what would you be if you had no inherited wealth? How would you survive on a London sink estate living on benefits? What are you doing to IMPROVE the world?
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 08:40
Come on MURDOCH...put your fists up!

I say you are just a Jew-Boy rich man`s son (in league with the Emperor Rothschild) ....who has had too much political influence for too long....debate with now on the Internet by yourself you slobbering old Jew CROOK!

Bet you haven`t the GUTS!Don`t hide behind your Aronovitch/Finklestein "brains trust" or that entrepreneur of a son of yours.....come on out and argue with ME...toe to toe!

Some say you were once a Marxist? What happened? Not enough money in that?
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 08:29
By why bother with Ralph`s darling little David when in Ed we have a decent Jewish social democrat to debate with?

You see David.....I could talk with Ed and Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali and many others all day....but my knowledge of your business connections and the support for you from the Zionist media BBC/Fox ...would always leave me wondering if you were just another Jack Straw or Peter league with the Jews running London and New York and at the IMF?

Bet that gets an answer...snigger!
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 08:20
But perhaps you should first have a chat with your fellow political wide-boys at the Westminster House of Spivs and and the odious BBC ..... and make sure the likes of Rothschild Soros and Murdoch will not cut you off without another penny for exposing their crooked world power to too much "democratic" and "transparent" oversight......going forwards not backwards in this Blairite "age of change"? LOL

You are just the Heir to Blair David ...and if you weren`t a Jew you would be NOWHERE and NOTHING!
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 08:12
Can we perhaps begin by unpicking all these comments of yours about ME being on the "far right" and also establish some sense of where we BOTH truly stand in the political spectrum?

I suppose my calls for us to use the present influence of the American/Israeli superpower to create a fairer basically MONOCULTURAL world (based on Attlee`s ideas and secularism) might suggest that I am FAR CENTRE rather than far right?

Perhaps you could respond by distinguishing between your views and those of your father`s views so we can see which form of political slippage and weasle words you are using to excuse becoming the White House Murdoch and Rothschild`s next shoe-in at Number Ten Downing Street for global organised crime?
Jim Evans July 27, 2012, 07:55
Apologies David.....I truly had no idea you were being censored and had assumed that what we saw on the page was a full expression of what you have to say...which (I hope you will accept) seems to be very little of any substance.

Perhaps the censor would extend the same indulgence to you that he appears to grant me.... so we can fairly fight it out here on the web?

A fair debate with David Miliband (?) holds no fears for me...because it`s time you Jews were brought to some form of equality with the rest of us and rejoined the human race on FAIR and EQUAL terms.

You see David I have spent years trying to express these ideas and until now had been censored myself....perhaps by the sort of "socialist" London Mafia members (like yourself) who have had the things all YOUR way for far too long ......

SIMPLY and UNJUSTLY because you were better connected to one of the powerful gangs that form what I call the Aristocracy of Money....or some racial religious cultural or national institution of which I don`t happen to be a member....but you BY CHANCE do happen to be a member.
David (UK) July 27, 2012, 02:26
Jim Evans: Along with some of your little helpers, you really are a nasty bit of work. Yet, while RT has no problems with all your racist and insulting drivel, it bans me calling your half-truths and dis-information what it really is - Total B***S***! I am also unable to understand - give what happened to Russia during World War two - why Russia Today allows your hard-right/Nazi comments on their site? Bet this point never gets an answer.

David (UK) July 27, 2012, 01:22
Correction: If people have nothing more to say, is it not due to the volume all the other direct, clear and overly-honest statements on this site? I site where nobody knows your name. Cheers!
David (UK) July 26, 2012, 17:54
Gosh! I can hardly get a word in here, so it`s perhaps as well that I have nothing worthwhile to say! LOL
Jim Evans July 26, 2012, 17:43
Thanks Solicita but my wife ran a CAB and was a JP so she`s keeping me up to speed. I should have taken her with me yesterday and then they would not have tried it on. Have to admit there was a lot of it reminiscent of forty years ago in Police Stations.

Same winding up and bare civility and moments of hostility....then mock surprise if you respond in a similar fashion.Same obstructiveness pretending to be necessary bureaucracy.

Of course I wasn`t the victim then! And people don`t fall down the station stairs any more ...I hope!

Of course I am no nearer making the complaint of assault on MY person......perhaps they are waiting for him to get away to save admitting what this is all about?

It`s the same deal with the Gypsies...we are on our own in the aboriginal white "community"`s more than their job`s worth to upset our ethnic masters!