Solicita July 26, 2012, 16:49

Ask to speak to their Hate Crime people at West Merica.

You got the run around because they never get white trash like you referred to them and desk plod didn`t know what to do with you.

If you were Asian or Black there would be teams of personnel holding your hand and getting you interpreters and making you cups of tea and doing wanted articles in the local rag etc.

Don`t get agitated again,because that`s exactly what they want, so they can claim their incompetence was your fault.

Keep us posted .

Don`t accept a Duty Solicitor either.
fucxck July 26, 2012, 15:35
nuvrNB eovpceewggld
Cherie X July 26, 2012, 15:18
A certain Libyan erstwhile best friend of my partner lost a lot of gold and his life trusting in the integrity of Zionist "justice" Rubin.

But then,not so long ago six million others may have made a similar mistake, not to mention the distinctly precarious position of a few million more of them trusting in the belief that they are safe and protected in the Holy Land.

I notice that the real high flyers in the casino capitalist world are keen to swear loyalty to Israel but mysteriously reluctant to put down roots there.
Perhaps they know something that we don`t know Rubin?
Rubin Schmidt July 26, 2012, 13:56
CHERIE. X: I hope this guy Baltasar is,nt one of these "Lime-lighters". I wonder where the "flash lawyers" are when theres NO case, NO file, NO evidence, NO statements, NO forensics, NO witnesses, NOTHING. The media went beserk, remember, RICIN, RICIN, RICIN great pictures, great coverage, front page for days.Imaginations went crazy. "A political criminal construct." Nine innocent, Muslim, asylum seekers, locked up in Belmarsh for two years, a lot of time in solitary, each thinking he,d been mixing with wrong crowd. not knowing when they,ll get their day in court. This is a form of torture in my opinion. Room here for a few prosecutions, do you think.???
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 26, 2012, 12:53
And what did the likes of "our" we don`t do torture Manningham-Bullzit intelligence services... and the global CIA Gestapo... and Mossad... know all this time....that we were NOT being told?

Most conspiracy theories are daft ....but you wonder if the chaps at the GCHQ and the Pentagon WE fund might have been a lot more forthcoming about why western civilisation is being gifted to pretend Communists in China and democrats like the Saudis....and what Syria is REALLY all about?
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 26, 2012, 12:44
You see Julian ...all this very very easy....without any extra input from Wikileaks at all.

Any observer of politics and economics in Britain could have told you all the Keiser/Assange stuff in outline long before we were press-ganged into Soros` United States of Europe project.

And Enoch Powell had the foresight to see what was being done to destroy organised labour and export our industry to slave economies....using the mass immigration that continues to this day as project UK sinks quietly below the first world waves heading for a genocidal crash landing in a "democratic" Ponzi Europe run by the likes of Geert Wilders and Golden Dawn and the Likudniks in Israel!

What took RT so long? And where has "our" Westminster/BBC middle class been focussing its attention? Gay Marriage? Fox Hunting? Cash for Questions?

Cardinal Athanese Seromba July 26, 2012, 12:29
And don`t forget the contribution of the Holy Father to world peace with the notion of Deicide ,and God`s earnest desire to grow the human population, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of an entire world based on the model of prosperous Haiti and Rwanda.

And who could forget the "faith community" connection between Judaism and Catholicism as expressed in the virtuous and transparent and philanthropic activities of the City of London and Israel and Wall Street and the Vatican Bank here in Rome.

Praise be to Baal -sorry "God"!
Private Eye July 26, 2012, 12:18
No one in their sane senses has believed anything described as "factual" emanating from the BBC and Westminster and Capn Bob Maxwell`s friends in Israel and The City for decades chaps.

We always knew what Rothschild and his British Media and Westminster House of Spivs were doing.

Rothschild has been screwing the global economy for centuries and we were there long before Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert dishing the piles of obvious dirt.

Why do you think all this tosh about racism and xenophobia was introduced by the Lady Porters and Lord Pauls?

Why do you think Spitting Image was taken off the air when Nu Libor were hard at work for global organised crime and the EU Fourth Reich and the likes of Capn Bob Soros??
BBC July 26, 2012, 12:04
Don`t be silly Rubin.Tony didn`t need any Inquiries Act.

We switched the attention of the public from 7/7 with an enormous "inquiry" about the death of one illegal worker from Brazil and even devoted a special Huw Edwards Question Time programme to whitewashing 7/7 with a young Muslim girl standing up and lithping "Allah is peath" to rapturous applause from the BBC Renta-Muslim audience!
Funnily enough the Roman Catholic Huw Edwards didn`t think to hold a Question Time programme about the Omagh Bombing, but around fifty million pounds has been spent on the Bloody Sunday Industry and installing the BBC`s beloved IRA into "government" while the IRA`s brothers in the BNP get a very different reception from the Zionists Popisists at the Beeb.
And isn`t the Likud Israel`s version of the BNP and IRA Rubin?
We need no Inquiries Act to keep the British public in the dark Rubin,in fact without RT life would be even easier for us "journalists"!
Rubin Schmidt July 26, 2012, 10:18
CHERIE X. You remember the way Tony handled legal matters, one month before 7/7, in June 2004, he passes the "Enquiries Act", just in case. Then it was the "Coronors and Justice Act" in a time of inconvenient sudden deaths. I believe he even tampered with the "Treason Act", maybe you know if he did. You remember when the boys took out a contract on Gadaffi, $800,000 of tax payers money paid to Al Qaida.Failed, a dozen civilians killed. The execution of a leader of a sovereign country is illegal, is,nt it.? Remember the MI5 resignations, remember the "whistle-blowers" imprisonment. The "D" notices, signed by Plunkett and Jack Straw, to silence the Press. I hope Baltasar knows what he,s getting himself into.!!!