Next Episode? July 25, 2012, 10:31
Thanks for bringing this series to us RT. I’m eagerly awaiting episode 12, like many others! People are only just starting to discover Julian’s show on RT, don’t stop making it now!
Edgar S July 25, 2012, 10:21
Is this (Ibrahim-episode 11) the last episode? Can’t RT send a crew into the Ecuadorian embassy, along with any in-person guests, with remote guests available by Skype as before?
Ecrisis July 25, 2012, 10:16
Julian might like to read an article on our website entitled ....
"Another of Correa`s Soros Legal Team of Fraudsters Chucked Out of Spain...Balthazar Garzon De-Barred for Hate-Mongering Lawfare"
Independent Thinker July 25, 2012, 10:10
Mrs Duffy might ask herself how a Russian oligarch can afford to buy her nation`s influential newspapers and football teams and the best parts of London .......and read an article by Richard Hall in the "Independent" of the 5th April 2011 under the headline "David Miliband is back in tax-efficient Business".
Our man-of-the-people Miliband has several "business connections".

David was probably the intended BBC/Rothschild/Wall Street shoe-in for the Labour leadership the Soros/Bliar/Mandelson/Brown creators of the IMF`s EU United States of Europe "democracy" that British people are now forced to share with 500 MILLION other "voters" who don`t even bother to vote any more in EU elections!!
Mrs Duffy July 25, 2012, 09:52

Another evasion David!. It`s people like YOU who set the poor and betrayed against each other. You have never done an honest day`s work in your life and yet you have more wealth than I will ever have.How come?

Run back to the Zionist EU Fourth Reich`s "Catholic" Poland or whatever part of Israel`s European empire all the Milibands,Mandelsons,Yentobs,Stravinskis (pretend Straws), Robert Maxwells Soroses and Rothschilds et al arrived here from.

You seem to us to be parasites of the sort George Washington and Karl Marx and many more HONEST people warned us against.

You creatures never gave a hoot about the poor of any kind except the Jewish poor, so go off to Israel and see what the great Rothschild global financial revolution really amounts to when Gradgrind push comes to Scroogist shove!
Rubin Schmidt July 25, 2012, 07:26
JULIAN: When we finally reach the "Emeral City" achieve the "American Dream" and pull back the curtains the "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" turns out to be Greenspan, Bernanki or Geitner.(They take turns) and everything is all smoke and mirrors. GLENDA finally tells Dorethy that she had the answer all the time, Tap her SILVER slippers (introduce silver into the money supply). But the WW of the W gets her way and the Bankers remove silver from circulation. They go further and make private possession of gold coins illegal. Its easy for the wealthy to hoard gold. By MGM (Dream Factory) leaving out the Mice, and making the slippers RUBY, the 112 year story lost its meaning. Which version do you tell your Grand-children.???
Rubin Schmidt July 25, 2012, 06:41
JULIAN: cont. Must try not to leave words like HOUSE out and spell keek with P in this bit.!Well Julian Tow-Tow has agreed to play the part of "A Pet" and I think Ms. Cherie X will volunteer to play "Glenda" the Good Fairy who will keep us on the "straight and narrow". Ron Paul has decided to join the party. The "Munch-Kins" have told us to follow the Yellow Brick Road (Gold Standard). Now, in the original script EVERYONE is asleep in the poppy fields and it is a hoard of mice that carry them back to the path. (the Mice are people like OWS, the homeless, the Hippies etc.) Emerald City can be, for some people, the keys to the Bank, when you can afford as much Horse Power as you like in as many colours as you wish.!! TBC...
Rubin Schmidt July 25, 2012, 05:45
JULIAN: A Bedtime Story. You are back "In the Land of Oz" I,m Dorethy (Represents any indivual in a crowd), your the lion (Representing the population in general) the "Straw Man" is the agricultural labourer, who,s cleverer than, even he, thinks he is. The "Tin Man" is the one that makes "things" cars, boats, planes, etc. He just needs a drop of oil to keek him going. But the production line has robbed him of his heart and soul. The Wicked Witch of the East (Silver Standard,Banker) is killed by a, probibily reposessed, certainly mortgaged (French for "Death-Grip"Gauntlet.) and misteriously the Wicked Witch of West (Gold Standard Banker), seems only interested in her SILVER slippers. TBC...
David (UK) July 25, 2012, 01:15
"Mrs Duffy": Despite the impression you try give, I am also interested in how many hours of caring - on the minimum wage - did Miliband and his mates work since they starting their spin about hard-working families? So, instead of setting low-waged worker, against low-waged worker(of whatever country), you might put the blame where it belongs - on the cost cutting of big business-people. For they have the most to gain from allowing UKIP/BNP drivel in the work-place. And yet, by repeating hard-right nonsense,a are you not helping Big Business?

"David" (UK)

Cherie X July 25, 2012, 00:44
How ever did you guess that I was going to offer to represent Julian Rubin?

Just as soon as I wrap up the "Justice for Athanese Seromba" case (I have been keeping quiet for the BBC and His Holiness) I will make myself available to Julian at a very reasonable fee.

In fact my partner`s friends at JP Morgan and in the CIA have offered to pay me to see that Julian gets "everything he so richly deserves"! What can they mean by that?