Rubin Schmidt July 25, 2012, 00:09
JULIAN: Think of me as the Det.Supt. who sent the file up, with my comment attached. You will be aware that nothing in the file is unknown to me and I,ll be extremley interested to see what you do with it. You will also be aware that the Head of Sth. Yorkshire,s Police Intelligence was pushed out of his job for not signing up to the "Official" version of this file. Since you have decided to risk promotion and pension, and a possible knighthood, like your boss, did,nt, dont try and sneek the file over to the Prosecution Office, do in the full public glare, that will be your protection and you may not be killed. I think I,ve found an International Lawyer that will be of assistance in our effort to get you out of there.!!!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 22:21
The Begg-Qureshi interview threw up the main problem with the our global liberal middle class....they haven`t the courage to challenge fascism dressed up as religion.(Can you choose NOT to be Muslim?)

Long ago I realised that if the smuggies at the BBC ran Britain anarchy (and the entire Third World) would descend on our collapsing economy and welfare state in a matter of months....and then Powell`s rivers of blood would soon flow.! (As they surely WILL!)

The BBC have made it impossible to govern the many areas of Britain in foreign occupation on the grounds that it would be "discriminatory" and "insensitive" to the sort of "cultural diversity" that saw Victoria Climbie tortured to death for being "possessed by demons"!
Can I resist this madness by reasoned civilised political means? Not if David and Israel carry on running Britain!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 22:02
The illusions are "necessary" for powerful people to remain in power Rubin....though it`s true that many westerners would have a rude awakening if the World became a fairer more just and truly democratic place.

In the absence of democracy people quickly revert to what we call religion (and other forms of tribalism and nationalism)...which is really just fascist or racist or monocultural POLITICS dressed up as something patriotic and grand and spiritual.

I know Britain is the LEAST democratic country in the World because ANYONE can come here from abroad with the help of folk like "David" and I am forbidden to protest about it!

Multiculturalism can only work in a police state because it`s clearly an injustice to the majority of people.

Israel is the only real democracy in the World..... precisely because it can and does refuse to accept immigration of alien cultures into what is an apartheid state of a sort we English would never be allowed to introduce here. The Jewish majority rule their own homeland.
Rubin Schmidt July 24, 2012, 21:23
JULIAN: For decades if lived with what I believed was something Noam Chomsky said, or I read, "Everone lives in a necessary illusion." I,ve always questioned why necessary is necessary. Surely, I thought,everyone would prefer to live in reality. Surely they would prefer the truth. If you,ve followed my little stories you,ll understand what I mean. Only now I understand what Noam might have meant, If you suddenly remove the myth people have become comfortable with, their likely to go insane. What a responsibility, Julian.!!!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 17:35
Why did Eric Illesely go to prison when Lady Porter and Lord Paul and Baroness Uddin and folk like you Milibands and Keith Vaz do not challenge the injustice of it all?

Why did your bosom pal Jeremy Paxman not take the opportunity (he had on Newsnight) to open up the rich seam of investigative journalism Illesley`s presence on Newsnight offered him?

Surely the conclusion has to be that there`s a strong possibility that "our" Zionist BBC and their Friends of Israel Westminster House of Shysters and the City of London are institutionally CORRUPT?

I should check with Rothschild and Netanyahoo before you fire off a response to me again... Mr Bean!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 11:25
And before you start trotting your BBC tosh about me being "anti-Semitic" and racist and right wing again....just ponder this`s been made almost IMPOSSIBLE to warn you gormless crooked Zionists and Jews of the OBVIOUS fate that is about to befall you!

And it`s been made almost IMPOSSIBLE to point out the OBVIOUS truth that Soros and Rothschild are creating WORLD WAR THREE in the Middle East and Europe using Israel .....and mass immigration of impossible numbers of foreigners into Europe`s collapsing EU Ponzi scheme!

I AM NOT A FASCIST .....but you "Jews" ARE!!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 11:03
There`s a reason Israel and the Jews run the entire global media and politics and our farcical financial free-market global economy David....because YOU are the most greedy arrogant cretinous "race" on Earth .....and you NEVER see the obvious truth until its too LATE.

How many more Pogroms and Holocausts does it take for the obvious truth to sink in?

YOU are the "suckers" who will never give YOURSELVES an "even break" ....already!!!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 10:49
The reason so many politicians are Jews or Asians or Roman Catholics or plain crooks is because your so called global "communities" happen to contain the most powerful crooks in the World at the moment David.

Mankind`s future depends entirely on undemocratic powerful groups.... like the Popists who think they run Ireland...and the unelected obscure Chinese pretend Communists supposedly running our bankrupt global economy... and Israel`s version of the BNP (Likud) ....with it`s obvious power to run the western world ...regardless of western "public opinion" ....and its secret power to unleash the nuclear arsenal you traitors and liars have to pretend he does not even have!

You are just window dressing.....and if the Jews and Israel think that they are going to carry on running the World for much longer chummy....think again!

You are a sacrificial "race" DESIGNED to take the rap.....and very soon now you will be following all the other unfortunate Jews through history...who took the blame for social crises like the aftermath of 1929 and 2008!
Ancient Briton July 24, 2012, 10:26
We have drifted away from understanding what politics really is....we all know that today it`s an exercise in DECEIT BETRAYAL and OPPRESSION on behalf of our global Aristocracy of Money.....just like the deliberately distracting bread and circuses drivel in the MEDIA!

In the more honest time of Robin Hood the peasantry knew that people like you David HAD to be Sheriff of Nottingham .....with your medieval version of the CIA`s GCHQ and torture chambers....because politics is was and always will be about SERVING THE POWERFUL.... or ending your days in obscurity.. or hunted down as "terrorists" Julian or Osama Bin Laden or Robin Hood......or dead Sayyid Qutb and Gaddafi and all the CIA`s other (conveniently "disappeared") victims.

No one is fooled by you Friends of Israel Zionist "left of false centre" puppets like Blair and Clinton (and Jack Straw with his tripe about "we don`t do torture") and your Alice in Wonderland Houses of Parliament ..full of opportunists and Maxwellesque CROOKS!
Care Worker (Mrs Duffy) July 24, 2012, 03:09
David (UK)wrote on July 24, 2012, 02:40
And, if "Care Worker" is REALLY concerned about low wages, s/he should not attack fellow (low-paid) workers, but put the blame on right-wing policy and ideas. S/he should not let UKIP, BNP and the hard-right con her/him with dis-information, half-truths or dam-right-lies. For even if powers-that-be could fool ALL the people - they can only do it SOME of the time. And yet "Care Worker" seems unable to understand that the aim is to set (low-paid) worker against(low-paid) worker. Now why is that?
Just exactly how many hours of caring on the minimum wage have any of you Milibands done since you Milibands slipped into Britain with your spieling about "hard working" low paid folk "David"?

I know where Ralphie would have sat on this issue, and I doubt it would have squared with all your views!(Did he ever manage to get a proper job, or are you another family that never quite gets round to entering the world of honest toil from generation to generation?)

You stick to making Westminster look vaguely like a real democratic political forum, and count your income from representing business interests and keep your powder dry for the years of pragmatism before you, "Comrade"!