Cherie X July 24, 2012, 02:54
Gnome and I very much appreciated you marking our comments so highly Ed but Mr Chomsky is a little anxious that you will be sidelined and replaced by your business-friendly brother rather as Les Huckfield got mysteriously shoed out at Sedgefield so that someone (I know far too well) could be brought in to help George Soros and the CIA/NATO peace breakers take over the Soviet Block (using the EU Fourth Reich) and Bill Clinton to de-regulate the global economy for the usual suspects in Israel London and New York.

JP Morgan and His Holiness send their love their sincere hopes that you can recover from your bout of socialism soon enough to stand a chance of winning the next election for Messrs Netanyahoo and Murdoch and Lord Rothschild.
David (UK) July 24, 2012, 02:40
And, if "Care Worker" is REALLY concerned about low wages, s/he should not attack fellow (low-paid) workers, but put the blame on right-wing policy and ideas. S/he should not let UKIP, BNP and the hard-right con her/him with dis-information, half-truths or dam-right-lies. For even if powers-that-be could fool ALL the people - they can only do it SOME of the time. And yet "Care Worker" seems unable to understand that the aim is to set (low-paid) worker against(low-paid) worker. Now why is that?
David (UK) July 24, 2012, 01:54
May I start by saying, while it is nice to hear from "Noam", it might be useful to add a few point.

Leaving out the bit about Israel, Is it not more correct to say that Neo-liberalism extends everywhere... and that privatisation has had the same effects it has had in the old European social democracies?

We are living in a global class system where the poor of all nations have no democratic representation - wherever they live.(Correct)

Party politics and the Media and the business world are now globalised under a global middle class with no loyalty to nation states or their working people.(Correct)

National politics are a deception and an active conspiracy against ordinary working people.(Correct)

David`s radicalism seems suspiciously "Nu-Libor" superficial, and his evasions about Zionism and Israel1 racism tell their own story.
(Good - But Wrong!)

David Miliband(UK)

P.S: Ain’t the middle part of remarks from "Cherie X" the best penned remarks so far?

Cherie X July 24, 2012, 00:26
You have a point Rubin. as a human rights lawyer myself I would say there`s case to be made for sending all this information to the UN and asking whether there is prima facie evidence that a rogue state and its secret service bureau are systematically interfering in the politics and financial affairs of many sovereign nations and torturing and murdering people who threaten to expose their activities.

I live with a man who has been behaving oddly for years.Having won an election on the false promise of introducing socialist policies in our home country he immediately teamed up with some strange criminal characters in America and Israel who appear to be acting on the delusion that God has appointed them to run the entire world for a shadowy group of organised criminals based in London and New York.

Should I blow the whistle or keep quiet, as Mr Murdoch and the Holy Father`s Vatican Bank manager have advised?
Rubin Schmidt July 23, 2012, 20:01
JULIAN: Your not a soldier, your not a "whistle-blower". Your a "conduit", an"outlet". Your a man of papers, so why dont you do what your best at.? Imagine your Detective Chief Superintendent Plodsworthy, of the "Yard". One morning it arrives on your desk, "The File", you cant send it down stairs, again. You,ve no excuse, its as complete as humanly possible, all the sketches, all the skid marks, all the photo,s, forensics, statements and comments. You already tried to put the decision off for another day, by passing over to The Crown Solicitor for legal input, now its back. Only two options left. You can send it up to the Chief Constable, but, since he would be amongst the defendants, you would,nt ever here of the matter again and one of the most despicable crimes of the century, would go unpunished. Second option, take it to the Prosecutions Office yourself, for the issue of Summons and Warrants.Very important people wont be happy. What would you do Julian.???
Ancient Briton July 23, 2012, 19:48
Historically with the the ending of each civilisation all the learning and wisdom accumulated during its existence is squandered in the rush to start afresh and sweep clean and break from the past...on the misguided assumption that everything about the old regime was linked to its now discredited beliefs attitudes and values.

Is the Rothschild/Israeli/Wall Street global superpower really so awful?

Is it irredeemably awful or could it be unpicked and wound back to the pre-Federal Reserve/pre-1929 era ..... when it appears that money lost all connection with the value of recognised necessities?

We have learned a lot from the era of the House of Rothschild and the Russian Revolution and the World Wars and our experiments with secular social democratic "Attlean" ideas and the period of globalisation and Neo-liberalism....why throw it all away?

If we are to develop as a species surely we must learn to learn from our mistakes in a spirit of forgiveness understanding peace and reconciliation...?

WE did not create this mess....we INHERITED it! So why go looking for people to blame and persecute when we know that all we achieve is to repeat all our old mistakes yet again when we do so?

WE are where we are now.......and at last we have the chance to re-group as ONE cooperative Mankind.
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 23, 2012, 11:02
I keep hoping that there are a few people out there with the courage to fight for a world based on objective truth and reason and for one that treats Mankind as a single "racial" entity...

.so that we can divest ourselves of fantasy and delusion and face up to the truth about human behaviour.... and come to terms with the true needs of our abused planet and our over-procreation/overpopulation and crazy politics and economics TOGETHER in an inclusive generous loving cooperative humane fashion.

This cannot be achieved by using the current repertoire of approaches to running societies because we remain divided and competitive and reward dishonesty and criminality before virtue.

This MAY be because we are apes who are hard wired to carry on repeating these anti-social domineering tribal territorial behaviours....but surely it`s time we got together and at least explored that possibility in a spirit of cooperative rational scientific endeavour?
Ancient Briton July 23, 2012, 10:04
But the fundamental problem is NOT the existence of Jews among us....they are just a very successful bunch of crooks who use their cultural identity as a cover for crime!

The Jews are just human beings like the rest of us....and until we explore the truth about human behaviour in general we shall only find ourselves replacing Peter to install Paul.

Believe me....if you think the Jews of London/New York/Tel Aviv presided over a 1984 Orwellian world just think about what life will be like in a global " economy" (dictatorship of the markets?) run by the Vatican and Cosa Nostra...or Chinese Communists ....or the Saudi/Bahraini friends of our CIA/NATO Rothschild Gestapo?

We need Attlean secular social democracy across the world....because the true alternatives are far worse than what we have around us today!
Ancient Briton July 23, 2012, 09:47
Our World runs to suit the purposes of a powerful global Jewish/Zionist elite, who appear as indifferent to the truth as they seem to have no investment in peace and goodwill to Mankind in general.

Will we explore why? NO! We will NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO IT and instead will go on being told (in Rothschild`s Britain) that all Jews are wonderful honest peaceful misunderstood little victims of Holocaust Europe and horrid Islam and those ungrateful fascist Palestinians....etc etc!

Why? Because the Jews are so powerful that they run "our" World.....and so their racist supremacist fantasies and delusions are presented to us as "history" and "the truth" and our working everyday reality!

Multiculturalism CANNOT work....that`s why the Jews don`t entertain it in their precious Israel....but just watch the British Jews impose it here if it suits them and Rothschild and Soros!

That`s why 2008 will not get addressed honestly in "our" nations....and Julian will be persecuted for telling the truth.....because they are NOT our nations..and there is only free speech for Jews.

We (increasingly landless) global peasants are forced to accept the rule of a Bilderberger fascist elite of greedy homicidal oligarchs..... using the same old CRIMINAL Shylock/Scrooge techniques that got millions of honest Jews hated and persecuted for centuries.

Geert Wilders July 23, 2012, 01:33
I am offended by these attacks on the sensible racial policies of Israel.

Israelis stand behind so called "far right" nationalists everywhere, and there are Jewish supporters of the English Defence League and the BNP, ready to resist the superstition and barbarism of Islam.

Multi-culturalism is an obscenity and injustice to unemployed working-class indigenous peoples, like the
Zionists in Israel.