Noam Chomsky July 23, 2012, 01:17
Care worker is misinformed about Israeli social services.

Neo-liberalism now extends everywhere and even the old socialist ideals of Israel have been shelved as privatisation has had the same effects it has had in the old European social democracies like Britain.

We are living in a global class system now, where the poor of all nations have no democratic representation, wherever they live,as Ancient Briton has mentioned.

Party politics and the Media and the business world are now globalised under a global middle class with no loyalty to nation states or their working people.

National politics are a deception and an active conspiracy against ordinary working people.David`s radicalism seems suspiciously "Nu-Libor" superficial, and his evasions about Zionism and Israel1 racism tell their own story. Perhaps he is David Miliband?
Nuff said!
Care Worker July 23, 2012, 00:48
David might not wish to hear this but there are millions of young British people who would be pleased to look after Ancient Briton when he needs care.

Sadly, they are undercut by cheap subsidised foreign labour who are only too happy to work for wages that honest taxpaying British people could not live on and raise a family.

Unfortunately for AB he is not Jewish or he would get the best of care either here or in Israel where the free public services are the best in the World, and there`s no austerity or cuts because the taxpayers of western countries fund everything in Israel without realising it.

To get an idea of the sort of people who DO prosper in Britain honest people might like to know that forty per cent of British prisoners are foreigners, and study the careers of some of our imported asylum seekers and ethnic entrepreneurs, and Parliamentarians, in all their sordid detail, by reading Private Eye and ignoring the mainstream Zionist-controlled media.

2008 has never been properly investigated because "radicals" like David don`t have any investment in the truth,any more than the Tories have either. We all know WHY!
Ancient Briton July 22, 2012, 22:10
But do enjoy the warm evening sunshine please and perhaps ask yourself how many others would have enjoyed it but for the activities of folk like you. I feel sad to be thought so feeble that you are the only person arguing with me here.....but after Noam and Tariq perhaps it`s no surprise.

What an intellectually/politically impoverished civilisation International Jewry have imposed on us wonder they banned satire and social commentary....or Soros might still be cleaning railway stations for BR and the BBC would still be worth listening to!

Enjoy your time in the may be briefer than you imagine.

I have wasted my time here...but at least I tried to stand up for my sons and Victoria Climbie and reminded people that the CIA has been running Britain and Egypt since before they executed Sayyid Qutb in an earlier Zionist-run Arab Spring!

Thanks`s hoping you go from strength to strength when CIA/Fox/BBC are finally brought to justice....along with Rothschild and the rest of global organised crime!
Ancient Briton July 22, 2012, 21:51
That`s my point David....while we go on allowing supremacist crackpots of ANY kind the luxury of defining their followers as "naturally" cleverer or more talented or even nearer to some imaginary deity than the rest of us.... then NONE of Mankind can progress onto a higher social plane..... where we can organise ourselves as a UNITED species to confront the SERIOUS challenges that our present behaviour has nationalism authoritarianism fascism racism criminality in high places and overpopulation.

Bring to mind the British Israeli and American administrations and our media moguls and ask yourself whether they are likely to save us from extinction?

No doubt the raw intellect is available among them but they are too focussed on looking out for the interests of the crooks who finance their absurd party politics to save themselves ....far less the rest of us!
David (UK) July 22, 2012, 21:46
Old Brit: Don’t know what you mean by "BBC", but your remarks seem little more than BNP spin. For you must know that people are not able to arrive here "in any numbers they wish". Bet you will avoid this point, once more, but what would happen to our care homes without immigration?

It is news to me that I am part of the Zionist global elite or British Zionist Establishment - might have more money if I was. For while the Zionist do have a great input in UK policy, is it any mistake that some people keep banging on about the "Jews"?

P.S: If I Did start to believe my own BS rhetoric, I would not be alone on this site. That’s enough BS, think I might enjoy the warm evening sunshine.
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 22, 2012, 20:36

David....I have been trying to express views like this for years but Britain and America operate very effective censorship which ensures that political half-wits like you (and the British Zionist Establishment) can carry on smugly persecuting honest people like me...and running Britain into the ground.

Of course being part of the Israeli National Front is probably absolutely it not David?

Like the Sir Robert Maxwell/Lady Porter/Lord Levy/Lord Black/Sir Rupert Murdoch et al... fringe of "British" politics perhaps?

The trouble with having everything your own way David is that you start getting arrogant and begin to believe your own BS happens to all human beings.....and especially to the sort of preposterous little idiots who imagine themselves to be "God`s chosen ones"! LOL
Ancient Briton July 22, 2012, 20:19
As you know very well Zionist racial separatism and superiority would never be allowed us Celts and Anglo Saxon powerless unenfranchised peasants in "our" homelands....ruled over by Zionists and other fascists racists and criminals.

The Zionist Aristocracy of Money operating out of London is a CRIMINAL enterprise....and no one in the world can surely be surprised that so many Jews are here pretending to be socialists and democrats and patriots ....when their real motivation lies in supporting Israel... by hook or by crook.

Sadly....`twas ever thus David.....but power imparts delusional arrogance and the conviction that one is cleverer than others....and that little Israel is invulnerable and can walk on political/economic water....when everyone else can see it`s going to SINK ...with the City of London/Wall Street and you false Chomskyist radicals and Janus socialists?

Why not save yourselves by re-joining the human race on fair and equal terms and accepting that folk like Elijah Jesus and Karl Marx were trying to tell Mankind some vital truths? The game is up!
David (UK) July 22, 2012, 20:10
I was going to ask Old Brit: Why-don’t-you-take-all-your-British-National-Party-spin-and-B***S***-somewhere-else? But RT said: it "does not allow insulting and obscene words in comments". While they have a point, why do they allow racist comments that many people find obscene and insulting?
Ancient Briton July 22, 2012, 19:42
Thank you David for highlighting the contradictions in my comments...of which I am sure there are many as I struggle to remain rational in a culture clearly designed to make me blow a gasket!

If racism is minding that people can arrive here in any numbers they wish and benefit from our first world society without my having any say in the matter perhaps I am "BBC" racist?

Find me any nation where the government allows immigration into their country on the same terms as those prevailing here and I will tell you that it`s doomed to cultural conflict and economic collapse.... and that it is NOT a democracy.....whatever it`s inevitably Zionist elite may proclaim it to be.

And as you are so fond of highlighting contradictions why not answer the many point I have made about the Jewish David Miliband/Jack Straw/Lady Porter Westminster Friends of Israel and their double standards over the differences between England and Israel?

Of course you can`t ...because you are a Jew and/or Zionist ....and part of the Zionist global elite.....who neither apologise nor explain!

David (UK) July 22, 2012, 19:28
Ancient Briton: Yet again, your comments are contradictory. For having said the aristocracy have always used the minorities to remain in power, you have to have a go at the Irish Gypsies. Despite all your spin about "BBC thought police", if people "blow a gasket", then the police will charge them - and rightly so! While you should have the POLITICAL means to (vigorously) question the people who run the world, that does not give you the right to start bullying others. Give your comments on race, is it any wonder if people call you a racist?