Rubin Schmidt July 22, 2012, 00:19
JULIAN: Thats the only sensible descision Churchcill ever made, was to tell the "Yanks" not to go straight for Hitlers Bunker, as they wished, but to try "The SOFT Underbelly" First. SALERNO. We all know now what that lead to, do,nt we Julian.???
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 21, 2012, 15:30
And where would any of us be ..... without RT and those pesky Jews?
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 21, 2012, 15:23
I almost forgot to send my love to Erlin Ibreck and my warmest greetings to her boss George Soros...and to the BBC I miscall for everything under the sun that goes wrong in this world...

.I KNOW you are decent "good" well intentioned people.....

.... and that you may be responding to the desire of Mankind`s Collective Unconscious Mind to re-integrate us all (and the "races" and religions and nations )into ONE single POLITICAL body capable of meeting the challenges we ALL face as the most endangered species on the planet.

Where I take issue with you is over your clumsy attempts to do this secretly and by subterfuge and stealth using the medium of the CIA and so called economics .........and the crazy casino markets that gave George the cash to start on his deeply well-intentioned mission to create an "open society" world.
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 21, 2012, 11:37
Just an observation for those with an interest in really living in democratic societies run by people like yourselves....there is only one workable option....GLOBAL GOVERNMENT that looks out (fairly and equally) for the interests of ALL mankind and for the overcrowded planet we inhabit.

The Jews and Chinese and Saudis and Roman Catholics.... and all the other "tribes" ...will NEVER achieve that objective using their current narrow tribe-centred selfish thinking.....because their hearts and loyalties are directed to DOMINATING the rest of mankind......not freeing us!
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 21, 2012, 11:19
Well Julian....that`s as much help as I can give you..... sitting here in the shadow of GCHQ and QinetiQ`s CIA/Mossad surveillance systems........ and with my heir to Slater-Walker MP (and the BBC) "representing" horrid old Ancient Britons like me!

Democracy? My ARZE!!

Good luck! You are going to need it!
BBC/FOX/VATICAN TIMES....and the rest of the Zionist Media July 21, 2012, 11:11
Please be quiet you Elders of Sion.

There are still a few shmucks out there who really believe in ridiculous ideas like freedom and democracy and the rule of law!

They haven`t the brains to look at history and see why the global superpower is Israel, and why events like the Russian Revolution, and the World Wars, and the Holocaust, really occurred as they did!
Elders of Sion July 21, 2012, 11:01
You can never have democracy because it will not work.
Even now we are taking over the Middle East in the same way we enslaved the "Free World" of Europe and the Americas.

Whatever the naturally occurring indigenous tribal nationalistic or religious patterns happen to be (in each country we enslave) matter not a jot, when our Zionist global media, and George Soros, arrive and start agitating for "freedom and democracy"!

Of course the Syrians don`t want "democracy". They only have to look at the USA and UK, to see what really happens when any country gets our patent Zionist casino capitalist "democracy" and "freedom" to do as Israel decides it should be imposed! (Lol)

Britain`s next Prime Minister will be one Miliband/Bliar/Cameron or another, we don`t really care which "way" you vote, because it`s ALL good for us here in Israel!
Never give a sucker an even break!
Elders of Sion July 21, 2012, 10:41
All this mockery of the Friends of Israel is fair comment here on RT, because the Russians have no illusions about patriotic Zionists (like us), and our underlying centuries old purpose when we seek to dominate the entire world, and run it from Israel, by whatever means it takes.
Surely the Russian people understand that socialism and democracy are absurdly unrealisable objectives which human beings will never accept anywhere in the world?
We do not believe in them in Israel, and have simply used them elsewhere, in our quest to dominate the world rather than free it.
Any intelligent person could immediately see that true socialism and democracy would never create anything except continuous anarchy and mob rule by the worst and most gullible elements in society.
For example,if it were not for us Jews, ogres like Stalin and Hitler and Churchill and the Pope, could have been running the world as a dictatorial fascist "Coalition" Empire, since the end of World War Two.
George Soros July 21, 2012, 03:01
Greenstock! Meet me at the Bank of England NOW! Surely you realise that I run our Brave New "Open Society" world by popular democratic consent (lol)?

The UK can never be allowed to become a real democracy, in case global organised financial crime`s little game is exposed and we lose control of our HQ in the City of London.

Just imagine if the peasants ever get details of how their money has really been spent during the last century?

One truly transparent exposure of the "books" in nations like the USA and UK, would be the end of us in London and New York, and could be the beginning of a real "open society" world. (Suffer the thought!)
GCHQ July 21, 2012, 02:37
We agree entirely with Sir Jeremiah and assure you that the CIA and Mossad and the British secret service (who "don`t do torture")are only here to defend freedom and promote democracy in every nation on Earth, (except the ones where you might "disappear" to!).

In fact we are so enthusiastic about human rights (except yours) and democracy, we have asked Mr Netanyahu and Lord Rothschild if we could trial the idea in England and introduce real opposition parties (to the present virtual one party state) and alternatives to the Zionist Murdoch media and the Pravdaesque BBC. (No response on that one as yet)