Sir Jeremiah Greenstock July 21, 2012, 02:22
Julian,you are free to move about Britain without fear of arrest by Israel`s CIA puppet regime in Westminster.

The UK is a free country and under the control of my freedom loving friends at the BBC and Lord Rothschild and Mr Netanyahu and the Pope.

Just walk on out of the embassy and show the entire world who runs Britain and what the British fought wars and lost their empire to achieve. Democracy and human rights are never negotiable with patriots like me.

Go on,walk out that door, and show the world what Zionist America and Britain really stand for! (LOL)
Marjory Dawes July 20, 2012, 21:25
The rumour is that Hague and Fox went down to the US Embassy to apply for their jobs just before the last election David.
But Hague is more likely to benefit than "pay the price" of his treachery methinks.
Just look at the Marcos-like Blair clan`s meteoric rise to riches since they got God Vatican-style and Mammon JP Morgan-style in the correct proportions?
Let`s face it David, anyone with an ounce of integrity would never get involved in British politics or our media either.
Changing the personnel makes no difference if the entire society is rotten to the core.
David (UK) July 20, 2012, 21:07

Having leaked information, Julian Assange might want to be updated on Syria. For the US (sorry, British) Foreign Secretary William Hague, while claiming to help that conflict-torn country, must share the blame as he fans the flames-of-war. Despite murderous bombs in Damascus, he tries to puts all the blame on the Syrian government - as if they would blow themselves up? While Being no Churchill, Hague accuses Moscow and Beijing of turning their backs on the people of Syria "in their darkest hour". Having been effectively controlled by the Uncle Sam, he will (hopefully) pay a high political price for playing a most one-sided and dangerous game? Truly, William Hague is no Friend of Syria.
Ancient Briton July 20, 2012, 12:05
But a salutary rude awakening awaits us when we do finally democratise the world.....

...because whoever/whatever takes over the responsibility for governing the World will find it full of elites and deluded religious and political and national minorities and populations of people.......

.. who have become completely self-centred and drunk with their own self-importance and oblivious to the yawning disparities and injustices that currently exist in this overpopulated "capitalist" banana global republic.......

where the BBC and Fox are yet to grasp that Haiti and Rwanda and Sudan is more of an average reality or norm than Hampstead and New York.....or even the sweat shops of Asia.
Ancient Briton July 20, 2012, 11:50
In a Global Capitalist/Media Age it`s really very simple to discover who runs the follow the money and you find out who owns and controls the Media...

...and the satirist Graucho Marx and his relative Karl Marx...and Shakespeare (with his Merchant of Venice) each knew very well that organised International Jewry.........

.. under folk like the current leading Rothschilds and Rockerfellers.....and their global superpower Israel ...

.call the shots and write the history and define our society`s politics and our wars and even the public opinion our politicians largely ignore.

That`s why institutions like the UN and EU and USA and the global Media and "markets" and the CIA/NATO Gestapo (and their torture chambers and drones) have to be taken out of Rothschild/Israeli hands and democratised into OUR hands.
Ancient Briton July 20, 2012, 08:51
Why not view this moment as a chance to liberate ALL Mankind (including Rothschild and the much persecuted Jews)from the tyranny of "money" and religion and all the other fascist forces hiding behind the "Enlightenment that never was"?

Use the Internet and the CIA and the American NATO military to introduce GLOBAL social democratic government... rather than disband western civilisation and hand it over to the tender mercies of OTHER forms of global organised crime?

Rothschild and Soros need investigating and INCORPORATING into our scheme to create a TRANSPARENT and truly DEMOCRATIC Brave New World.

We can start by moving the UN to neutral territory and putting the CIA under it`s control.....and cancelling all debt NOW! Somehow I cannot imagine any money lender opposing the idea.....if he values his life?
Ancient Briton July 20, 2012, 08:35
The USA and UK have never been democracies.....they are like political shell countries....of the sort Rothschild and Soros have more recently created throughout Europe and the Soviet Union territories.....and would do through the Middle East...... if the Islamic World would only become more "Christian" and "democratic" for Rothschild and his Israeli Prodigal Sons.

Nothing will get any better until we ordinary peasants in Rothschild`s Empire of Money take our liberty from the likes of Netanyahu and Murdoch and the BBC ....and from the fantasy of a western Enlightenment run by "Jews" of the sort Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler and George Washington warned us not to allow into control of the western world.

But this time ...let`s realise that WE (the rest of Mankind)set the Jews up as scapegoats for OUR own folly and greed and refusal to face FACTS!

A "final solution" would solve NOTHING.....except to demonstrate that human beings are ALL the same......and that the Vatican and Cosa Nostra and the rest of organised crime would step into Rothschild`s shoes the moment he disappeared.
Ancient Briton July 20, 2012, 08:12
Rubin...perhaps the reason we Brits live in the least democratic society on the planet has something to do with our status as Rothschild`s centuries old capital of financial crime....the City of London?

I notice that Rothschild`s BBC historians concentrate their bread and circuses attention on the Kings and Queens of England and remain clear of more controversial subjects like the expulsion of millions of my fellow Celts (like JP Morgan)from the British Isles and their role in creating Rothschild`s English-speaking British Empire.

Who/what was behind the world wars and the creation of the US Federal Reserve and the Russian Revolution....and who/what has controlled the BBC and set up the State of Israel and handed over Britain and her empire and democracy into the hands of Wall Street and the CIA and the EU and Netanyahu?

There`s an interesting little story for Murdoch and Starkey and Sharma and "our" Friends of Israel Fourth Estate and "our" politicians to "investigate" 1929/2008 finally come home to roost on British taxpayer`s shoulders!
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 23:03
2/2 Work on the 2nd sister,"Titanic" was delayed as the 1st sister was given her propeller shaft and a starboard propeller. If the starboard prop. has the No.401,Titanic,s No., then the ship is 400, the "Olympic". The "Olympic was never rebuilt, merely made seaworthy.The "Titanic" went on to give 22 years of useful service, until finally cut up in T.W. Wards shipyard in Inverkeithing, Fife,Scotland. As all three sisters had their names "etched" (pre-welding) into their bulkheads all you have to do is check the 3rd sister,"Britannic". She lies in shallow water (400ft) in the Kea channel Greece where she was sunk on the 21st November 1916. Would you release this story, IF it were true, and spoil all those great "Mythe Re-inforcing Movies" or just back and be happy that the only cargo aboard the rescue ship S.S. California, another J.P, Morgan owned ship, was 3000 woolen jumpers and 3000 blankets.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 23:02
1/2 JULIAN: Once upon a time there were three identical sisters, their names are "Olympic" "Titanic"and "Gigantic". (Later to be re-named "Britannic".) With great publicity and press coverage the first of the sisters sails for New York, on the 14th June 1911. On her maiden vogage under the command of Captain and Commodore of White star Line, she collides with a tug at Pier 59 in New York harbour. Three months later she collides with HMS Hawke, which was equiped with an under ram, off the Isle of Wight on the 20th Sept. 1911. The damage includes hundreds of broken rivits and buckled steel plates on both sides of the ship, a cracked crankshaft, a broken starboard propeller, a bent propeller shaft and a WARPED KEEL. The 1st sister was a "Write-Off" The Liner was SCRAP with a permanent 2 degree list. The Admirty denied liablity..No Insurance..This sort of loss could bankrutp J.P. Morgan and the White Star Line. On the 14th Feb. 1912 as she was leaving New York harbour she lost her starboard propeller.