Ancient Briton July 19, 2012, 21:05
I believe in the globalisation of POLITICS....I believe in social democracy ....I believe that we cannot go on allowing religious groups to promote overpopulation on the excuse that it is "God`s Will" or that God "will provide" and it`s none of our business if people keep having children they cannot support by their own labour.

I have just watched the Roman Catholics and Zionists at the BBC make an appeal on behalf of Islamic Aid for support for yet more starving babies in Africa and the memory of my research into the causes of the Rwandan genocide came back into my mind.

How dare these Popisists Judaists and Islamists socialise responsibility onto us in this way? It is OBSCENE!!

If it`s God`s WILL that they starve ....why don`t we respect God`s Will?
Ancient Briton July 19, 2012, 20:04
David....your concerns are timely ..but is it really fair to blame RT or even our (?)Foreign Secretary for the behaviour of police and other security personnel in an England that has been effectively governed by the USA since 1918 and a USA and UK that have been run by Rothschild and his paranoid Frankenstein`s Monster Israel since 1948?
In a Europe where we cannot even debate Rothschild and his demented sociopathic social engineers in the Westminster lie machine ...or the BBC CIA propaganda machine.... or in Soros` "Open Society" United States of Europe experiment..... there IS NO DEMOCRACY....nor even the opportunity to learn enough significant facts upon which to base any rational political opposition.

RT would be banned if it got any more informative ....and twenty years ago Julian would have been disappeared by the CIA.
David (UK) July 19, 2012, 16:53
Rubin’s idea around the "London Daily Bugle" is very well put - and very timely. For on the British M6 motorway, there really were Armed officers, troops, firefighters and bomb disposal experts - plus a full decontamination units - to deal a ’Terror Alert’. Passengers were ordered off a coach at gun-point and made to sit in the road – yet a “smoking” electronic cigarette was all that was found. A slight over-reaction?

As for JULIAN on RT, instead of weak questioning about issues that did not always impact on people’s lives, might he not have highlighted the true reason for the never-ending Terror Alerts?

Also, at a time when Syria is under the most murderous attack, JULIAN might let us know how the Wiki-leaks of information helps?
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 08:05
JULIAN..Dont take the Equadorian option,you might as well go to Spandau, spend the rest of your life spacing up and down, like Rudolf Hess, all the time in the world to think and no opportunity to do anything. If you take the "Spandau" route you might as well go straight to Guantanimo at least they dont have to waterboard you to get the truth. Snag is, many of those in that position ending up harming themselves. I,ll come back to-morrow with better solutions.Chin up old chap, we,ll get you out.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 07:02
JULIAN: A thought, why dont you ask them if they would convene a court on neutral ground, it does,nt need to be specially built, Megrahi,s is still there and not in use. You could answer all charges from all quarters, televised, live and in English. Only draw back to that, it would make you more dangerous than Gaddafi. The Dutch would love it, from a tourist point of view. By the way, talking about Megrahi, did you know that he,d been exhonerated for the Lockerbie thing, he was told before he died, (see julian theres is some decency in the world). The completed file is in the Public domain, if you consider the "Scottish Prosecution Office" or Megrahi,s defence team to be the "Public Domain". Its just that the Americans are,nt quite ready to accept the findings. You better keep your mouth closed on that one to.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 06:00
JULIAN: Say your a journalist, working for "The London Daily Bugle". Someone, one rung down, but is close enough to know what going on, gives you solid information that is not reflected in ANY other media. For example: 600 police, fire engines, blue suits, white suits and poly-tunnels turn up to arrest nine Nth. African. Moslem, asylum seekers accused of manufacturing ricen. You know they expect to find castor oil seeds in the larder, apparently Nth African,s put it on their pitza,s, you can injest the ricin in the beans. Still as soon as forensics makes its report, they be released on Monday morning. Right. Wrong all the other media is putting all the ridiculous scenarios, RICIN. RICIN. RICIN. Three days of front page news. Meanwhile the vitims are sitting in Belmarsh, no access to legal assistance (Asylum seekers) no visitors, most of the early time in solitary, not knowing if you,ll get a day in court and not knowing when you will be freed. All the time each one of them thinking that they had been mixing with the wrong crowd. You wont have to be told...if it gets that far...that after two years in Belmarsh, the defendants have "no case to answer" You wont know that they did,nt find any castor oil beans, they only removed a jar of Nivia. But you already knew that the whole thing was a politically motivated operation and not evidence lead. You,d run the story, real-time, after all that public expense. Now that would be coragous.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 04:17
JULIAN: So you see there are many ways to put yourself in mortal peril. Volunteer and take the risk of being killed by the enemy. Get killed because one of your mates take the wrong road to Bengazi. Tricked into a situation by "colleages", that you would never have agreed to if you had known the facts. The mortal danger might come out of the blue, when your feeling least vunerable, in the form of an acoustic mine, (new invention) You are also running the risk of being shot, gassed or shelled by your by your mates. Now, Julian , theres another level, You remember I mentioned my 15/4 theory, 15 seconds to think, the last 4 seconds is for action. In the 15 seconds you FIND yourself in the outcome for you,or someone else, has a very high likely-hood to lead to death or serious injury. What do you think you.d do.? There are several options, but you,ve had 11 seconds to run through them all.!!!
David (UK) July 19, 2012, 02:57
Do pay attention 007!

For it seems that my comments did not come across as all that down-to-earth. While the first half (hopefully) reads OK, the part about the All-Seeing-Eye, was about "The Oracle" and the suggestion that there was no point in talking to people like David, since no amount of evidence would convince him of the error-of-his-ways. I mean to say that, if we are not allowed to comment, then we might has well go back to watching the BBC (or old British spy films?. That said, when were your comments ever direct, down-to-earth or easy-to-follow - Mr Bond?
Rubin Schmidt July 19, 2012, 00:02
JULIAN: You know that holding a "truth" might have a reassuring effect, comforting feeling. You know, when your told something, it seems to make sense, and you believe it. You,d feel safe in LST. 366 as you, and all around you, believed that you were impervious to torpedo,s as they sailed underneath LST,s. In six months time you could watch, if you were,nt in LST499 which was rammed by HMS. Scimitar, LST.s 507, 531 and 298, being torpedoded. Mind you, you could also watch Servicemen being shelled and shot by their own side. What a scoop for the "Der Offenbarrener" Berlin.!!!
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 18, 2012, 10:47
The real problem here and throughout the world is that we are all to some extent taken in by a fantasy we call the Enlightenment and in particular by aspects of it like democracy and equality.

Before the deluded windbags and crooks in politics and the media talk us into an Armageddon built on their good intentions can ANYONE show me a place where the Enlightenment WORKED as a functioning basis for any society anywhere and at any time??

What sort of world would Julian and RT and the Keisers (and their liberal pals at the BBC) create .....and HOW would they go about doing it in our "Anglo Saxon" heartland??

Never mind the Chomsky/Ali airy fairy us a WORKING EXAMPLE of the "product" you folks are peddling before expecting the world to revolve around your conceptual "axis" !