Ancient Briton July 18, 2012, 09:35
Loosen your stays "David"....or should I call you Goliath?

What do YOU believe....and never mind patting me on the head are about as objective and scientific as Hitler and his partner Rothschild!

Tell it like it is...or shove off back to your unworldly Olympian cloud and carry on your smug Radio 4 sneering with the other air heads like yourself!
Ancient Briton July 18, 2012, 09:25
David (UK)wrote on July 17, 2012, 16:15
P.S: Apart from some uncalled for remarks about the "Jewish cult", I do agree with all Ancient Briton says about the Zionism. So please stop trying to pat me on the head. For while much of that you say about race-relations is well planned - it is also total drivel. That said, the all-seeing-eye gives the impression that I (and the likes of me) cannot be reasoned with and do not take account of evidence. So perhaps we should all take BBC "news" stories, along with the nonsense from Westminster, on face-value? Sorry for the double-posting.
If you have something worthwhile to say David I suspect this (brief?) moment of freedom of expression on the Internet is not one to be squandered on talking in riddles? Truly ...NO offence meant...but you come across like James Bond`s other half ...Blofeld.
You don`t have to be cold and clinical to be objective....surely?
Ancient Briton July 18, 2012, 09:11
Imagine the world as a village where there are no secrets and we must come to an accommodation with each other and face a common enemy in a wartime spirit of shared destiny.

In fact this metaphor is very close to the TRUTH as a working ( if imperfect )concept....because we have overpopulated and ravaged this planet Earth but actively chosen to ignore and/or ridicule those among us who try to point these greater realities in the interests of various forms of sectarian or other tribal cohesiveness.

The reason I attack the BBC and George Soros is because they remind me of my "better" self in all my silly old post war Attlean "do gooder" well meaning impracticality.

Rather like Greece and Spain Britain entertains the ridiculous notion that we can live in a capitalist Scroogist world ...but throw away our jobs and industry ....and import half the population of the third world to share in a welfare state that would be overwhelmed with the "needs" of half our native-born population!

If we lived in a village encompassing the realities of the entire world this Sorosian fantasy would be immediately seen to be a folly and utterly impractical......but hush! Don`t tell the BBC or George Soros....these "philanthropists" at the posh end of the village don`t like being disabused one bit! They are real Violet-Elizabeth Botts!!
Ancient Briton July 18, 2012, 08:48
What divides Mankind is "distance"in many different forms. I spent a few days walking around the outskirts of Los Angeles with my nine year old son in the 1980`s.... and the problem with our entire world was there for all to see......but no one saw it because no one else was walking as they drove on by or lay drunk or begging on the pavements in the centre of town.

The huge Black guard on my tram from Long Beach told me he would stay with me as we travelled through Compton and South Central LA....because I was a "very foolish" man to travel this he was relieved and amused to hear I was just a silly old English person like his relatives in London.... who he proudly informed me lived "somewhere near the church" in London itself!
Ancient Briton July 18, 2012, 08:32
We lack a satisfactory conceptual framework through which to come together intelligently enough to save our species that we call Mankind.

Try not to leap upon the inadequacies of this idea but use it as a metaphorical device that this old iconoclastic heretic has devised in his cave and brought excitedly into town for the perusal of anyone who cares to look at it after the wizard alchemist Rothschild has been banned from town for peddling fools gold and a substance called "growth" as the real thing ...and the "socialist" Gypsies have been thrown out with him for stealing all our possessions and giving them to all-comers across the wider world......while getting suspiciously richer we got poorer by the day!
Rubin Schmidt July 18, 2012, 05:44
JULIAN: Say you get to report on "exercise Tiger. Do you give the offical version or the witness version. Offical account, quote, "The decision to mount Operation Tiger had its genesis over a year before when President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill met at Casablanca in January 1943. They agreed to the setting up of COSSAC to take over the planning of the re-invasion of Europe." ..."arguably the most important decision of WW2 was made...Normandy, France." Makes your presence at Salerno a waste of time your article still would be unread. Would your coverage be something like Mark Townsend,s Guardian Article of 16th May 2004, quote, "The Observer over several years, reveal a truth too awful to contemplate, perhaps explaining why the Penegon suppressed the details." "Soldiers streaming from landing landing craft were mown down like ninepins" Decades have not changed America,s insistance that there was no friendly fire disaster. The Penegon refuses to countenance that a second tragety may have occurred during "D" Day exercises. Dont think you,d this story out either Julian.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 18, 2012, 03:24
JULIAN: You,ve left the LST, made it up the beach and im-bedded yourself in a Salerno Hotel. Time to write your piece. Lets see, All of the 5th Army, including the Field Commander, Gen. Mark Clark wanted to retreat.Dwight himself had to order them to stay. The Generals own Officiers want him court-marshaled. The Americans at Bari, have had their greatest shipping loss since PearlHarbour. Against Geneva Conventions the Americans had Mustard Gas at Bari which resulted in the gassing of 100 sailors and 700 civilians.You could make a personal comment on the lines of, maybe more training is required. Better get your article off to your newspaper, what is it now, "Der Offenbarrener Zeitung" Berlin.? They,ll be evacuating people at Slapton Sands next month for "Opertion Tiger" in which three tmes as many servicemen will be killed than at Uthah beach on "D"Day, so keep your pencil sharp.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 18, 2012, 01:09
David (UK)wrote on July 17, 2012, 22:59
Trust that all this London-as-a-City-State is not heading towards the "Illuminati"?
David. Have,nt come to a firm conclusion to who they are, but I do know their organised, and secretive. I,d be happy to call them "The Bankers Mafia" You remember the "Hit" oganised by our Government on Gaddifi a few decades ago. $800,000 given to Al Qaeda (the "base" where the Nth.African CONTRAS are trained) botched, over a dozen civilians killed, an illegal act on any count. You,ll remember the MI5 Wiki-leakers, the resignations, the imprisonment. The "D" notices served by Jack Straw and David Blunkett to silence the media. I dont care what these criminals call themselves I just know their there.!!!
David (UK) July 17, 2012, 22:59
Trust that all this London-as-a-City-State is not heading towards the "Illuminati"?
Rubin Schmidt July 17, 2012, 17:09
JULIAN: Just exactly where in London is the Ecuadorian Embassy.???