David (UK) July 16, 2012, 16:38
When the real problem is the Zionists, Ancient Briton kept banging on about "Israel and the Jews" and that the "Jews run our world". As well as attacks on democracy, would such comments have a place in 1930s Germany?

P.S: For folks that have not seen it, the film Cabaret is well worth viewing.
Ancient Briton July 16, 2012, 12:13
OK...that`s my final word for a few months while I do something more personally important and rewarding than try to stuff sense into the heads of chimps whose only objective is to misrepresent,silence and defame me!

Is there another functioning BRAIN out there? If so....why not see how you get on battling with the Elders of Zion and their "socialist" chums?

Go on RT ...bring back Spitting Image and hold a series of RT "Question Time" programmes in the sink estates of Britain....... and let`s see how real public opinion differs from the cosmeticised party political tripe churned out by BBC-Murdoch Enterprises!

How many of the false right left and centre of Anglo Saxon (lol) pantomime politicians can mix it successfully in the REAL world outside their manicured Zionist bubble?
Ariel Ky July 16, 2012, 12:10
As an American living in Kuala Lumpur, I was quite interested in this interview with Anwar Ibrahim and the rapport that Julian Assange obviously had with him, no doubt due to both having endured prolonged political imprisonment. The conversation about how Ibrahim survived in prison was especially poignant considering the fact that Assange interviewed Ibrahim while seeking asylum at Ecuador’s Embassy in London. Such is politics today that an Australian interviews a Malaysian who is the leader of the opposition movement (but can’t get air time in his own country) on a Russian station that can be viewed online by people all over the world. It takes courage to seek truth and speak out against power. I support both these valiant men in their commitment to principles that can liberate all of us.

Ancient Briton July 16, 2012, 11:56
This is why I bang on about Israel and the Jews...because after thousands of years of globalist fantasising (and setting unrealisable objectives like Christianity and Marxism and Neo-liberalism) the Jews have their own homeland or territory.

And despite all the arrogant boasting about being "chosen" and smarter than the rest of us we others all know that Jews are just ordinary human beings like EVERYONE else.

So at last we can test out how human beings behave if they become super-powerful.....and (quite unsurprisingly) Jews are just as obnoxious/crooked and hypocritical as we Brits and the Spanish were when we ran the world.

But our enslavement relies on us Brits not realising how normal the Israelis case we start asking why Rothschild Soros Yentob Straw and Melanie Philips (and thousands more Zionists) are free to be impose entirely different rules on us Brits in our British "democracy".

Try asking why/how Israel is so prosperous or why their immigration and race policies differ from ours and you will soon see just how powerful the Jews are!
Ancient Briton July 16, 2012, 11:37
Throughout the last two thousand years the Jews have been developing the idea of globalism as a response to their own homelessness as a people.

They have tried a wide range of ideas and techniques like democracy and socialism and capitalism and Christianity and Islam and Neo-liberalism etc...and at different times these ideas have caught our collective imagination as we tried to make them fit the reality of what we "are" as human beings....and FAILED!!

I pity all politicians and religious leaders and journalists and academics and economists.... because NONE of these ideas can possibly work unless Mankind does come together as one far more enlightened informed cooperative MONO-CULTURAL social organism.....and so far ALL the evidence is that we love to divide into opposing gangs and kick the hell out of each other on any pretext!

As the Irish say ...we "can start a fight in an empty room" the question has to be asked.... how realistic any of our current "thinking" about how society should be organised really is in the light of what human beings "are"?
Ancient Briton July 16, 2012, 11:19
Any serious student of sociology would conclude (if they were free to express themselves honestly)that democracy and objective truth in any human society are unachievable.
We are tribal territorial higher primates...not the gods we invent to keep ourselves in some sort of social order.
Democracy is NOT better than all the alternatives....quite simply because it`s an unrealisable fantasy that lulls us into a false sense of confidence about the activities of the elites who always will run our societies as long as we remain human.
Nor is there a single objective truth that we can aim towards either. We create reality as an act of our collective imagination.
We are emotional creatures deeply influenced by the current myths in the culture around us....but these myths are norms NOT objective FACTS.
I know the Jews run our world by their power to influence British society and "our" political policies.....and their power to stop us "questioning more" about all the differences between what the "far right" racist Israeli regime can get away with doing and what the "far right" British majority could do.
Ancient Briton July 16, 2012, 11:00
What I find interesting Ludmilla is the power Jews have to stifle any criticism of themselves and their legendary predictably cynical greedy and dishonest ways and their "socialist paradise" Israel....that (equally predictably) turns out to have been the cause of 2008 and of millions more deaths since 1948 than Rothschild`s European Empire`s imperialism caused in the centuries before it was created in an inevitably hostile Muslim Middle East.

I keep leaving these threads in the (seemingly vain) hope that some intelligent debating will have been stimulated by my controversial comments and that this may lead us all to "question more"as RT puts it.

But no! This wonderful opportunity for global free speech and serious "questioning" is squandered on the political drivellings of political sub-normals in the pay of Rothschild or followers of his false opponents.... the Jewish left...with their unfailing ability to turn into something to the right of Thatcher and Bush the moment they get a sniff of power!
Rubin Schmidt July 16, 2012, 06:16
JULIAN...Quotes from my fathers diary, "Things looked grim for there was intense artillary fire on shore..."Attempted to land on numerous occasions only to have to go off shore again owing to mines..."Told of desperate situation at Salerno and to be taken to the front as 1st line infantry troops-What a shock." Thing is Julian Not one American wanted to stay, not even the field commander Gen. Mark Clark. DWIGHT himself had to order them to stay. (Ever wondered why Hollywood missed this one) Churchill,s "soft underbelly of Europe" was nearly a disaster. Hence the need for Slapton Sands, Exercise Tiger, a real disaster. Something to be kept SECRET. Good job you were,nt there Julian.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 16, 2012, 05:49
JULIAN..You did,nt have to board LCT.366. Lets pretend your an embedded jouralist, tin hat and pencil. For everyone around you its a duty, you can still leap overboard. When you reach the beach there will be no APC for you or anyone else, no use staying in the LCT, its vunerable. NOW lets look on the bright side. You may survive, There may be no opposition waiting. Your best friend, Bobby Hamilton along with 15 others, including 10 Basuto,s might not be killed on the 21st Oct.1943. You may get to see Vesuvius erupt on 20th Feb. Out of the whole of the 8th Army, 12 men of the Londonderry Regt.might be picked to meet the Pope, one of them might be you. Back to reality in a minute.!!!
David (UK) July 15, 2012, 19:23
"Wikiliance: Anonymous and WikiLeaks collaborated on Syria Files".

Is there not something just a little odd about all this?