Moxxzee July 15, 2012, 18:21
Full support Julian. However, I have one suggestion; take it easy on all the irrelevant hand gesturing while interviewing. Keep up the good work!
Jewish Socialist Working-Class Agitator July 14, 2012, 17:41
It is a pity (well, almost) that Ancient Briton is a longer on-site and acting as a warning against BNP-type spin. Then again, a time when the US was putting out dis-information, never did get a possible reason why Wikileaks released all the anti-Syrian e-mails?

(P.S: See, ‘Whenever UN meeting on Syria starts, there’s a massacre’, And “The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking?”. Clarlie Skelton, The Guardian, Thursday 12 July 2012)

AKA, David (UK)
David (UK) July 14, 2012, 00:32
For anyone that has not seen if, the film Cabaret (along with the song, If You Could See Her Through My Eyes) is a timeless warning against the likes of Ancient Briton and his dark places. Then again, while he might hope that ’Tomorrow Belong To Me’, is it not for the rest of us to make sure it that does not?
Ludmila July 13, 2012, 18:49
It is interesting to see how many people who claim to be so ’smart’ and ’educated’ can sit around blaming the Jews for the world’s problems... smh
Rubin Schmidt July 13, 2012, 17:31
Only you and now, DAVID. Looks like Ancient Briton has desserted us. I just want to point out the importance of this SALERNO thing.It lead to the Slapton Sands thing , only 1000 American servicemen killed SECRETLY there!!! We must cocentrate on freeing JULIAN.!!!
Ancient Briton July 13, 2012, 13:19
That`s me finished with the Internet and the BBC.....I will stick to RT and spending my retirement trying to save my sons from financial ruin and homelessness and unemployment or an honest existence on the minimum wage.

Perhaps they would be better off leaving Britain and coming back as Russian oligarch "entrepreneurs".....or black economy immigrants.....or as Jewish socialist "working class" agitators David! Beats being honest any day! LOL

Don`t reply....this time I will definitely NOT be reading it....on my GP`s instructions!
What a release and relief!
Ancient Briton July 13, 2012, 13:06
Don`t worry David......RT and Jules and the Keisers and all the rest will not make any impression on your Zionist empire because (like all radicals/revolutionaries before them) they will either fail miserably or become just as authoritarian and oppressive themselves if they ever take over the world from the Jews.

Rothschild has privatised our nations and politics and finances and media and military into Israeli Jewish/Zionist hands ....but (like all dynastic arrangements) the current Rothschilds and their Bilderberger cronies are just "old money" using inherited and stolen wealth. Have they the talent to run the World? It does not appear so.

How long can it be before the Indians/Chinese and others let the Arabs finish off the Israelis..... and then leave Europe and the USA and the Muslims to hold World War Three..... while Asia just stands back and waits to clean up afterwards the USA did in the previous world wars?

Just read your Guardian and watch RT.... and leave the thinking to those with me!

Ancient Briton July 13, 2012, 12:42
Gosh quite forgot to tell us what that "glimmer of hope" was after all!

A mass exodus to Israel where the final solution can be proceeded with by relatives of your multicultural Muslim colleagues in Rothschild`s Londonistan "faith community" perhaps?

A BBC/Fox "News" service NOT run by Jews/Zionists with Israel`s interests first and foremost perhaps?

RT/BBC stopping attacking settled communities (like us oft "cleared" aboriginal Celtic Brits) for asking what will happen when all the Mexicans and Chinese (and many others) succeed in turning the collapsing (high unemployment post industrial) Developed World into a dumping ground for all their criminals and excess overpopulation?

An honest global POLITICS and economy.... with no Rothschilds/Diamonds/Madoffs and Flywheels at the helm perhaps?

DO tell us Davie Dearie! LOL
Ancient Briton July 13, 2012, 12:15
So sorry about that outburst from my BNP "dark side" David....for some unaccountable reason I don`t take kindly to lectures from thieving rats pretending to be radicals whose radicalism stops short of explaining WTF his Jewish relatives are doing in the Middle East ....where all the Jewish "socialist" BS hits the air conditioning of reality...

. as we discover yet more evidence what the Jews REALLY are as they run true to form they have from London for centuries.

You are just successful Gypsies and THIEVES one is fooled by you! And no amount of banning satire and free speech will change that ACCURATE perception.

Why don`t you and the other crooked masonic tribes of God`s/Allah`s "chosen people" face up to how you got where you are today (stealing) and re-join the rest of the human race on an even footing....

..and let`s move onwards and upwards TOGETHER as ONE united fair-dealing social democratically organised MANKIND?
BNP to David Miliband and the rest of the Prosperous Jews July 13, 2012, 11:53

If crooks like Rothschild and the other Jews/RC/Asian/etc other "hard working" criminal traitors had not been corrupting the world from their crime HQ in London for centuries Britain`s population would be half what it is now and our industry would not be in China and the western world would not have gone bankrupt funding the best free public services in the world for the Jewish occupiers of Palestine.
Quite probably the Rothschild orchestrated Russian Revolution would not have happened and the Europeans would still have their empires and the Jews would not be running America into the ground from Wall Street.
China would not be holding "our debt" and the two world wars and the Holocaust would not have happened and the mass expulsion of Jews from Eastern Europe/Russia would have been unnecessary as well.
I would be looking forward to a prosperous retirement rather than facing an uncertain old age receiving a lot of Jew-Boy lip from treacherous shysters called "David" and his RC/Asian freeloader cronies in the UK.