David (UK) July 13, 2012, 02:07
Ancient Briton: One glimmer-of-hope is the growing number of concerned, caring and thinking people that are doing their best to prevent the right-wingers and fascists from spreading their lies.

So where are all the Chinese, Pakistanis and Eastern Europeans who are "sitting in our NHS hospitals demanding free treatment? So, what would happen to our underfunded care homes if all the Eastern Europeans workers were sent home? Real answers, not BNP spin - please?

Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 11:53
But the real lesson of this thread comes from what is NOT here....what is NOT expressed on the Internet.
Can you hear the silence Rubin?

Odd is it not that such opinionated media historians as Starkey and Sharma ....and wise radicals like Chomsky and Tariq Ali....and powerful people like Soros and Rothschild the Pope ....are not HERE in these very threads clamouring to persuade us mug voters (LOL) of the "rightness" of their causes in this democratic political "market place"?

But we know WHY they are not here! They are not here because they don`t give a hoot what we think....they are secure in the knowledge that in reality we have NO political power at all....while they have the global financial political and media classes and their CIA/NATO Gestapo to keep us "eccentrics" and "terrorists" in our "place"!

(I dedicate this post to Sayyid Qutb and Victoria Climbie and the London Bombers and the perpetrators of 9/11.....and that`s all the time I am going to waste on the Internet folks....good luck Julian!)
Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 11:32
And what does the BBC`s beloved Israeli regime really represent that is "good" and constructive in the world?

Or their darling Pope presiding over hellish overpopulation disasters like Rwanda and Haiti and all the kiddie fiddling and the curious business of their enormous secret wealth and that obscene gin palace of a Vatican?

And what is Rothschild doing that deserves the respect and devotion of the privately educated creeps who infest our public life with their devotion to looking after number one while pontificating about the "national interest"!

2008 is just a symptom Rubin ....and without the Internet and RT and Wikileaks the charmless greedy slimy Aristocracy of Money (that sits over our world and suffocates every decent generous instinct among us) will carry on just as it did the same self satisfied self serving hypocritical "good" and "democratic" way!
Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 11:16
But what can we do?
On the face of things the media and politicians are the "good guys"...all trying their best to stop insane so called right wingers and fascists from destroying the world.
But what are the BBC and RT and Julian and Max Keiser really doing to change the world for the better?

Well in Europe they are creating a diversion and policing our thoughts and adamantly refusing to let us ask what in the name of blue blazes trillions of Chinese and Pakistanis and Eastern Europeans are doing sitting in our NHS hospitals demanding free treatment at my expense...and sitting in unwanted and unnecessary taxis all day while their trillions of kids fill our free schools?
If you have any imagination you MUST know where that "good" behaviour will take us all!
Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 10:31
That`s the trouble with thinking gets you into trouble with the powerful.

The powerful much prefer more compliant needy greedy types of reptile of the sort you find in politics and the all-important media.

No need for a 1984 form of crude thought policing when you have Murdoch and the BBC pretending to differ but quietly imposing the same lies on us unfortunate Brits?

A very long time ago I was introduced to a secular socialist Jewish Holocaust survivor...and he told me that the City of London and Wall Street would eventually get all of the Jews murdered!

I was told that he was crazy....but often since I have wondered if he he was the sanest man left alive!
Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 10:19
Notice how Jean-Charles` death was ssnatched up by the Popist immigration imposers at the BBC and built up into a smokescreen to cover over the London Bombings atrocity?

Research the background to the BBC`s greater "concern" about Bloody Sunday than the Omagh Bombing and their beloved IRA`s thousands of murders...... and you find that the "good" BBC thought police will only tell you what suits the fascist money grubbing crooked Rothschild and his racist Israeli Jews.... and the billionaire Popists and Islamists...

. and all the other forces of REAL DARKNESS that make me sound like St Francis and Hitler sound like Mother Theresa!
Ancient Briton July 12, 2012, 10:04
Rubin Schmidtwrote on July 12, 2012, 05:27
Ancient Briton: See what freethinker says,YOU come from a Dark Place, the answer is War and pandemics, its mostly them at fault so why dont we spray THEM or give them a vaccination. The man could be reading strait off "The Georgia Stones" see what a good job their doing. We,re ALL supposed to Think like that.!!!
Good point Rubin/Free Thinker...I DO come from a dark place....and yet I hope for better things for those who are not yet born. But there`s no danger of me succeeding because it`s the "good" people of the world who do more damage than baddies like me.

I suspect finer humanitarian feelings about population control being "ungodly" and Malthusian are really just the Pope and Islam and the Chinese and Africans getting angry with us for seeing through their secret masterplan for world domination.....they will out breed the rest of us !!

It`s just another form of fascism about Athanese Seromba or think about who the biggest people traffikers are into Britain?

What was Jean-Charles De Menezes doing here in London? You can bet the immigration imposing BBC and the Pope were behind this unfortunate man`s demise!
Rubin Schmidt July 12, 2012, 08:32
JULIAN: So your sitting in a big tin can in in middle of the Med. your 4 seconds has been decided, so you can spend the whole 15 seconds thinking, and in these circumstances that time seems a long time, just as in the real 15/4 situation. First go through the down side. Your young brother has recently payed the ultimate price, he was following you, and you can do no less. The Americans passing through Londonderry have stolen your fiance, Beyrl,you dont know that many more will pass through in the coming year and you will be lucky if theres anything left for you. My mother might have already left with her Canadian sailor fiance. Your business had long since gone south. You,ve have been tricked into the ferry to Hell. You,ll just have to bite the bullet and do your duty.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 12, 2012, 07:44
JULIAN:...In this "saga" in no way are you a Basuto. They were there, but dont count, because they were neither volunteers, enlisters or conscripts. They were a GIFT from the King to the Emperor, in May 1943. All they had to do was pass the ammunition, in the open, to the emplacement, think bag of cement.! The 15/4 rule does,nt apply to them... all their 15 seconds alloted to "doing" not thinking.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 12, 2012, 05:27
Ancient Briton: See what freethinker says,YOU come from a Dark Place, the answer is War and pandemics, its mostly them at fault so why dont we spray THEM or give them a vaccination. The man could be reading strait off "The Georgia Stones" see what a good job their doing. We,re ALL supposed to Think like that.!!!