David (UK) July 11, 2012, 20:52
"... start telling us the TRUTH about why the BBC and Westminster are run by lying Jews and Catholics and Asians and other CRIMINALS who are far more cynical and right wing and crooked than anyone you would find in Golden Dawn or the BNP." Ancient Briton

Sort of give your true interests and views Away? For most people will understand the dark place you are coming from.
Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali. July 11, 2012, 16:08
Er.....don`t you think this is going too far AB?

We did not get where we are today by preaching revolution. Where would we fit in to a fair egalitarian honest world? What would we complain about in our carefully crafted ineffectual way?

In fact if the powerful had not realised that wecould be counted on to talk the sort of ineffectual tripe we came up with on Julian`s programme there would have been no cosy academic Guardian/BBC lifestyle available for either of us.
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 15:44
And surely it`s time for any honest politician left standing to free Julian Assange and demand George Soros` extradition to answer charges of fraud and corruption of the whole of Europe in his mad quest to turn us into a copy of the USA in the guise of offering us freedom and democracy and an "open society" world.

And close GCHQ too!
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 15:36
And referendums on whether we ENGLISH want to be part of the UK and EU (as they are presently run by George Soros and Wall Street) could be a very interesting exercise in real democracy in England`s green and overpopulated land!

And a referendum on whether we want the "special relationship" with organised crime`s Wall Street global gangsters for Israel could throw up some more interesting and vital issues than Mike Foster`s distraction about fox hunting or "Lords Reform" or which crooked on-the-make "honourable" MP can bend over far enough for Murdoch or Bob Diamond while pretending they dare do anything about the City of London crime HQ.
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 15:15
And it would help greatly if people on the staff of Rothschild`s Empire screwed up the courage to blow the whistle..... before their sins find them out ....rather than as exercise in ex post facto rationalisation and implausible "recollection" after they are exposed.

Yes politics and journalism have been worlds where you were either Neo-liberal and pro mass immigration and rooting for Israel or out of a job.....

...but surely it`s obvious that many more months of the Likudnik`s belligerent tactics in the Middle East ....and mass immigration into collapsing European economies.....and Mexican immigration into the USA..... and we would soon be seeing the BNP and Hitler as centrists or left wingers...

... and copying Israel`s present racist immigration policies across the World.
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 13:36
The only reason we are in this desperate mess is that Rothschild has privatised the entire world and got everyone with any status or power frightened to blow the whistle for fear of being implicated themselves.

That`s why we need a "no blame" amnesty a for everyone who wants to blow their whistle ......including Julian and Bradley and Vanunu.....and a LOT of very uncomfortable extraordinary rendering (to the Guantanamo Memory Loss Clinic and other CIA health spas)for anyone who doesn`t get the message and see things OUR GLOBAL social democratic way.....for a real CHANGE?
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 13:23
I will believe people like Cameron and Miliband and all the other Popists and Zionists and Islamists when they start governing Britain with OUR interests at heart and close the BBC down before it imports any more sacrificial immigrants into our banana republic.

Perhaps the arrest of the Rothschilds and the confiscation of all their assets while we investigate their City of London/Wall Street activities over the past century would be a good beginning?
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 11:29
Now for a very important caveat and appeal to all the smuggie lefties in western societies "journalists" in the RT and BBC propaganda machines....who are imposing unsustainable mass immigration on the collapsing developed world.....except for Israel of course!
This is a re-run of the expulsion of Jews from Eastern Europe into America and Western Europe in the last century....and it`s orchestrated by Rothschild and his cronies just like it was last time.
Rothschild and the Jewish/Zionist Bilderberger elite are USING you AND the brainwashed Israelis as SACRIFICES!
They know that we can see how our problems are associated with Jews and Roman Catholics and Asian shysters like Soros and the whole parasitic oligarch class you find in London and New York ....
..but their crooked games have failed and have been exposed again for the dishonest authoritarian nonsense they always were... ...and they never cared about the average Jew or Goy history shows for all to see.....

.so the real big cheeses are moving east and hoping we do what we always did and start wars and genocides while they SURVIVE.... like the House of Rothschild has before.
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 10:27
So...toput it simply....we are in a unique position to cut out all the flim flam and claptrap about patriotism and races and nations and God andfalse democracy and Zionist capitalism etc....and all the other impediments to progress and ENLIGHTENMENT..

.and start pulling together as ONE MANKIND....and creating a social democratic secular rational realistic cooperative (Attlean?)GLOBAL POLITICS.....

.. that starts to properly address the real problems we face as a species rather than the BBC/Westminster bread and circuses drivel about EU referendums (we will NEVER have) or fox hunting or gay marriage or House of Lords reform of a house that will be full of crooks however we organise it!
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 10:13
So why am I optimistic?

Because very soon now the Jews will need to return to America and Europe.....because the Russians know all about being run by Jews and the George Soros types of shyster to let "western democracy" (LOL)take hold there again.....and the Asians are FAR too smart to let Rothschild and his Marx Brothers Mafia control the East like they have the western world.(Notice who holds America`s "debts"?)

And then there`spoor little misunderstood "socialist" Israel looking increasingly vulnerable now they have finally shown us how fascist Jews can be ....and taken the western world to the cleaners one too many times even for "our" media`s Zionisist tastes!