Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 10:01
Britain and the USA are collapsing because our finances and media are run to favour Israel`s priorities when the BBC is a Zionist organisation for any inquiring mind to see.

Some clowns will tell you that the BBC is pro-Palestinian and that its journalists are all scratching their heads" why Syria and Egypt are in turmoil ....and about how 2008 happened....

while the Vatican and Rothschild and Soros and their fellow crooks in the Murdoch Press and the City of London/Wall Street MOCK us "voters" in our Zionist Neo-liberal virtual one-party United States of Europe Fourth Reich run from Germany by the all Jewish IMF and by JP Morgan.
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 09:49
Britain and the USA are collapsing because Jewish "investor confidence" has found a new frontier in the OVERPOPULATED regions of the World.... like "Communist"China and in the overpopulated third world enslaved and controlled by political and religious fascists like Soros and the CIA and the Zionists and Roman Catholics and rich Muslims like the Saudis.

Western labour is now "too expensive" while even Julian and Max Keiser are far too terrified of being called right wing and racist to see what immigration into the West is really all about!

But if you want a clue notice how all our fashionable lefties never discuss ISRAEL`s immigration policies while they dump half the third world`s economically worthless illiterate poor into the collapsing British economy that can`t afford a welfare estate any longer "because we are all living longer"?
Ancient Briton July 11, 2012, 08:56
Rubin....Mankind is better placed to evolve into a higher state of being than ever before.....because our de facto global government is run by the Jews....and they are Mankind`s natural (extra-terrestrial?) globalists!

Examine how they have acquired such power without a homeland of their own (until 1948)and we may have a route to re-integrating Mankind into a single political organism whose natural instincts develop around looking out for the species as a whole ........

rather than endlessly sub-dividing into acrimonious warring tribal groups using religions and nations and economic theories and imperialism and various other expressions of power to win the war...........

and ignore the real issues and science and arguments that a higher being might first and foremost feel obliged to explore in a spirit of humility and cooperative collective goodwill.
Rubin Schmidt July 11, 2012, 07:26
JULIAN: Pretend your a soldier with the 9th. Londonderry, a "frontline jouralist" Your invited to enter a "box" a gift from the 36th Texas Division, its called LTC 366. Why should,nt you your being paid, your mates are onboard, fully equipped, you,ve got your big gun. Your only going to Algeria, it,ll be even less dangerous than Tripoli. Like your kid brother did a few months ago you volentarally enter your "box", his "box" was the invincible frigate, HMS Itchin. He had his Tripoli moment, a risk with a Glorious outcome,stopped (probibily against regs) to pick up 300 suvivors from a Canadian destroyer. Then a "Gnat" from out of the blue bites you, fired by U666, (The Falling Angel). 1 survivor from the Itchen and 2 Canadians. Your present risk suddenly "seems" insignificant. Right. Your told mid Mediterrian that you,ve been attached to the American 5th Army to provide "Beach Head Artillary".at SALERNO.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 11, 2012, 01:18
David: The Inquiry into the London Bombings, the one the Police failed to do, is complete and ready for the court. Are the British public ready or interested enough. Can you tell them that the man who appeared over a year before the event went on BBC Panorama programme and "envisualised" an attack on three tube trains and a road vehicle. He then turns up at the same locations, on the same day, at the same time as the "Geehadists". Can you tell them the CCtv Cameras are run by an Isrealie security Co.(Verint Systems) the Transport Police another Isrealie Co.(ICTS) Can you tell them that it was an arms manufacturer (ELSEVIER) that hired Peter Power and his Visor consultants to carry out those exercises that day. Maybe thats an Isrealie outfit too. Try "Who is stirring uptrouble in Syria" should come up with "Operation Ajax" ...Kermit Roosevelt and H. Norman Schwartzkopf. Same old,same old.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 11, 2012, 00:42
David: Are people really concerned with the truth.?Can you tell people the truth.? Are people capable of hearing the truth.? I just put on a comment on Obama,s lastest gagging attempt. I just stated what I understand to be both truthful and a matter of history. The 1st Bank of America, the 2nd Bank of the United states (maybe the FED) are just branches of the Bank of England. The manager Nicolas Biddle was their man. Earnest Syad was sent over to buy of Congress, against the interests of the American people, it only cost £100,000 then. The only thing thats changed is the price of their politicians. Do they go and check it out, no, 250 years on their conditioned to reject it out of hand. I,M AT MINUS 11 AT THE MOMENT.!!!
Ancient Briton July 10, 2012, 23:52
What we have to ask (in the interests of truth and reason) is what a world would be like with the Rothschilds and their global Neo-liberal market forces empire brought under proper democratic oversight and control?

As I see it we are yet to experience real democracy or true capitalism or true socialism......because a variety of sinister secret political and economic forces have been the real "invisible hands" of our World ....and the Enlightenment has yet to begin in any other form than rhetoric and deceit.

Find out who is really behind the repeal of Glass-Stegal and 1929/2008 and the CIA`s torture chambers and GCHQ .....and the difference in handling of Julian`s alleged offences and those of Strauss-Khan`s....and we might be getting closer to real enlightenment ......after centuries spent flailing about in the dark.
Ancient Briton July 10, 2012, 23:32
Of course it`s disturbing that we seem to get so much biased ans suspect propaganda but that`s never going to change while the powerful rule over us by lying to us and exploiting our consequent ignorance.
All religion is just tribalist fascism based on hypocritical mumbo jumbo.... and all politics is designed to serve the interests of the powerful while pretending to serve our interests.
How do you imagine the Vatican and Israel and Rothschild and Soros and the "Markets" and the BBC/Fox Zionist media and the CIA/NATO global police force for organised crime ....
.exercise so much control over our societies if there is an ounce of honesty in our politics and government?
Syria is being destabilised to give Israel more security and control over the region one presumes? Why else do "our" governments and media do anything?
Surely it would save a lot of energy hypocrisy and falsehood if Rothschild became our monarch and Bilderbergers governed us directly.
At least the real reasons for British foreign and domestic policies would begin to make sense to us in our banana democracy....even if we had no more say over forming them than before!
David (UK) July 10, 2012, 19:00
Rubin Schmidt. Sorry, not totally sure what you point is - can you make it a little more clear?

To restate my question, given the amount of second-hand and one-sided news about Syria, is no one concerned that the "leaks" might have been fed to Wikileaks?
Ancient Briton July 10, 2012, 11:04
Rubin...don`t you get it yet ? The Internet has exposed the truth about the shysters in "our" politics and their cronies in global organised crime ...and the reason we cannot get a debate going about Rothschild and Soros and the Vatican and the Chinese and other crooks is.......

.... that if we ever fully realised just what evil lying greedy criminals they ALL are we would feel like murdering them and their odious "media" bosses and all their politicians and journalists and entrepreneurs (and other criminals).... and sweeping Israel into the sea OURSELVES!

The frightening truth is that the only real political protection we have ever had is from people like Hitler and Al Queda and RT and a few eccentrics like Julian and Osama Bin Laden and saints like Sayyid Qutb!