Rubin Schmidt July 10, 2012, 05:59
JULIAN:..The next "moment" for th 9th Londonderry can,t be counted, since it does,nt present any serious danger and theres no accidental exposure. For 6mths all they they had to do was ENFORCE a no fly zone over TRIPOLI against ALL European aircaft. In Alexandria the Italians thought they used "whitch-craft" (Rader). At Tripoli the Germans called them "Wand aus Stahl" (Wall of Steel).All in a days normal duty. The next stage takes it up a notch.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 10, 2012, 04:42
An example might go, David. Ron Paul and his mates push and reluctantly, are given, an audit of the FED. The results are that horrific that Ron Paul and anybody else can,t say anything. The argument might go, "do you want to bring down the entire system" "what will happen to America" "Can the poor sheeple cope with the fallout" So they keep quiet. When somebody says to me, most of the "capitalist" world rely on bailouts from the FED. I just think I,ve met an honest man and how is Britain going to pay their $1.59 TRILLION. Do you think the American taxpayer is ready to hear that. If someone says to me, "it was an "X" type missile that went through the 3, three foot thick re-enforced concrete walls of the Pentagon". I,ve met another honest man.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 10, 2012, 01:14
David (uk). Not sure what the best course is, just keep banging on and on, I suppose. What I do know is eventually when the truth comes out I,ll recognise it, but will it be of any "relevance". For instance if you were a serving soldier, at the front line and 30yrs later you learn that your Government was negoiating with the "your" enemy the Irish Republic, to seed the North for the use of Irish ports. Where does King and Country, heart and home, honour and glory come into it.(Cabinate Papers for 1940 released Jan.1971) My father lived to see, his kid brother did,nt. Medals dont seem so shiny. Know what I mean.
David (UK) July 9, 2012, 23:07
Now then Rubin, can we be clear what is being debated here? For I am not saying that the information released would be enough for the US to start a war, just that - ahead of any future war - it might have have been ’leaked’ as part of a plan for Syria. (Consider long standing US policy towards this country) While Julian Assange should not be handed over to the Yanks - nor should anyone rush to judgement - it is interesting that there are only 77 leaks regarding Israel. And, far from helping anyone understand what is going on, the main impact of the “leaks” has been to undermine the Syrian Government. At a time when the U.S. are looking for any ’reason’ to attack, is not Wikileaks’ timing un-helpful?
Ancient Briton July 9, 2012, 21:40
And NO ...I don`t blame you as individuals.....because the consequences of telling the truth and honesty in our Zionist global police state are dreadful...but have you no integrity at all?

Israel has become a "Homeland for the Jews" of the sort Hitler would have created for Germans ...despite all the drivel Jews talk about socialism and freedom democracy and the rule of law when they are lying and cheating their way into power in our countries.

Who benefits from all this Zionism? Ordinary Jews get despised and persecuted and not surely it`s no benefit to them or the pitifully few people of courage and integrity (like Chomsky) who are honest and fair minded.

But when I look at the Milibands and Straws and Rifkinds and Lord Levys and Lady Pauls of British politics is it unfair of me to wonder who and what they really represent in "our" politics?

NO`s quite understandable and nothing to do with supposed racism either in Lord Rothschild`s British banana republic.

In fact it`s time THEY and the "journalists" in the Zionist media and the crooks in the City of London came clean about whose interests they really represent....because there`s no evidence at all they give a hoot about the ordinary British!
Ancient Briton July 9, 2012, 19:04
And of course you organised criminals who form our British contingent of the global Aristocracy of Money have no answer to that question (or any of the others I could frame) ..... because we ALL know the truth that dare not speak its name.....that they would never get aired or answered honestly anywhere but in the only free media (RT) and free society in the world....Russia.

Come on you British intellectuals....who will take me on?

Stephen Fry? Laurie Taylor? Jeremy Paxman? Dimblebys? Rabbi Blue? Melanie Philips? Rothschild? George Roma Soros Simon Sharma? Jonathon Miller??

What a list of treachery personified....unless you are referring to their devotion to the Sir Robert Maxwell Holy Land of Israel of course!
Ancient Briton July 9, 2012, 13:00
And if the Jews did not run our "democratic" world ...would it be any less authoritarian and homicidal and crooked?


The Islamists and Asians and Roman Catholics and Communists and Julian and Max Keiser and the Dali Lama and St Francis of Assissi (and the infernal BBC) WOULD almost certainly be far WORSE if they ran the world!!

Now let`s get REAL about the human condition .....and what happens to ANY person who becomes powerful....( it CORRUPTS them)... and fashion our revolution around REALITY at long last....PLEASE????
Ancient Briton July 9, 2012, 10:21
Britain is run by a sort of Jewish and Roman Catholic and Asian and Eastern European (and other) ORGANISED CRIMINAL represented in the City of London crime HQ and Westminster and the Murdoch/BBC propaganda machine and our Zionist political parties and crooked "faith communities".

The mass of the Black and white majority are no more than powerless peasants (like the Palestinians) living without any democratic control over our own lives or over what the shysters who run our finances and politics and lying media do with us and our nation.

We need a global PEACEFUL peasants revolt....and some REAL social democratic institutions NOW!!

Ancient Briton July 9, 2012, 09:44
The most revolutionary act we could make is to realise that Julian and Bradley Manning and are no better than the rest of us and that it takes guts to do your best and work within the existing system in the hope of making gradual change.

I believe a close study of the Attlee administration and the 1940`s politics of Britain would give the whole world a basic political and economic framework to take forward TOGETHER.

What we ALL need in our dangerously unstable overpopulated violent indoctrinated world is a universal CULTURE to live within that fosters cooperative democratic secular liberal humanitarian behaviour EVERYWHERE in the world and a credible global government and police force that has our respect which attempts to stop all the criminal behaviour the current financial network orchestrated from London and New York

...( and like the undemocratic mass people trafficking of unsustainable numbers of totally unwanted "labour" into the collapsing "First World" by the churches and the BBC and Soros and the Mafia...that is destroying Britain and Europe as we speak).
Rubin Schmidt July 9, 2012, 05:38
Just noticed. I,m sure Willie meant to say UN-ARMED CIVILIANS.!!!