Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 10:38
JULIAN:...Imagine you wiki leaking whats AREADY in the public domain, and by public I mean Megrahi,s defence team and the Scottish Prosecution Office. The general public, especially the American public are,nt quite ready but at least somebody had the decency to tell Megrahi, before he died. "so it was,nt a Tick-Tock from Malta but a pressure detonated device put on at Heathrow.Who would believe it.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 10:22
JULIAN: Imagine wilki leaking something at the time, for example. Its 1940 EVERYBODY in the know thinks Britain is about to lose the war The War Cabinate was negotioning with the Irish Government for the use of the western ports.(no stratigic advantage). The Irish turned them down even though they had been promised the North after the war. But they thought they were going to lose the war.What do you think would be on those liners,the Crown Jewels, the contents of the Bank of England, the Art everything of value really, oh!and soap, toilet paper and whiskey. (their mates weathering it out in Bermuda also wanted bicycles.) You,would have to read the Cabinet Papers released early 1971. It does,nt matter, who cares 30year on it does,nt make any difference.!!!
Ancient Briton July 6, 2012, 09:34
Am I alone in wondering what the ordinary people of Britain and Israel and the USA are getting from their so called "democracies"?

Who is profiting from what appears to be a Neo-liberal Zionist orchestrated social suicide mission.... where our previous social democratic secular rational Enlightenment values and attitudes have been corrupted and tossed aside by a gang of lying confidence tricksters and other criminals..... who appear to be modelling their actual behaviour on Hitler and the Marx Brothers and the Mafia?

Was Hitler any worse than these creatures? He could take lessons from "our" governments in betraying every principle upon which our civilisation claims to be founded.

Who benefits from this? When will this Neo-liberal global "War on Terror" (sic) reign of terror END?

Should not folk like Blair Clinton Murdoch Soros and Rothschild be in Guantanamo before we are finally bankrupted and Chinese Communists are running the World?
Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 08:30
JULION:..sorry JULIAN:...Second example. Your passing the Very Reverend Ian Paisley. M.P. as your leaving police headquarters. He says "good evening" you say "good evening Sir". Can you leave it at that, can you keep your mouth shut NO, my 4 seconds was to use sign language. I put my thumb and forefinger round my neck to signify the collar of an ordained priest, I then slapped my breast pocket, to signify a 9mm. My question as to how the two are reconciled was met with a rye smirk.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 07:24
JULIAN:..The events are,nt usually harmful, some 15/4,s are actually humorous. Example 1. Your on the stairs in RUC (Police)H.Q. Knock Road, Belfast and you meet the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.15 seconds...4 seconds. Say Hello, Say Sir, Say Mr.Prime Minister certainly not Mr. Wilson or Harold.You would,nt mention his raincoat.(Bit of a scandle him getting them for free from "Gannex") Aagh those were the days.! My 4 seconds went.."Ho! Ho! No wonder you did,nt put the tax on pipe tobacco up (the only one he missed) WITH THE SIZE OF THAT BOWL."
Tim Shumitt July 6, 2012, 05:52
"Friends of Israel" I am NOT, abuse and murder is what it is ....abuse of power and murder. Free Palestine
Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 05:32
JULIAN:...I have this theory, I call it the "15/4 second window". Some people find themselves in an sudden event in which in less than 15 seconds they have to decide who they are and what they are. In the last 4 seconds of the 15 seconds, they act on what that ever that decision was. The event is not, always dangerous, it might not lead to any serious consequences or fatality. You might be in your "15/4 second window". Example 1 later.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 6, 2012, 02:57
JULIAN:...Did I not read what you "leaked" in the Guardian of Tuesday 14th. September 2004. was, it called "One morning in Baghdad" was,nt it written by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad. Did,nt the story go.."On Sunday, 13 Iraqis were killed and dozens in Baghdad when US helecopters fired on a crowd of unarmed civilians. G2 columist Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, who was injured in the attack, describes the scene of carnage-and reveals just how lucky he was oo walk away......Sundays Bloody Sundays and its always 13. Thing is Julian are you going to walk away.!!!
Edgar July 6, 2012, 02:17
I am just amazed at how educated and smart people are outside of US, specially the ones that are against U.S July 6, 2012, 01:00
what the? Go figure, I ask for help about the video not working, then it starts working on its own?!?