Comments July 6, 2012, 00:59
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2. Can anyone please help me out, the video won’t show in any browser (but audio works). It worked fine last week, but isn’t working at the moment... Is it a conspiracy?
Fourth Estate July 5, 2012, 23:51
Just a minute guys and gals...if you thought the smoke mirrors and pork pies could not get any worse give us a chance to prove you wrong !

Good journalism is all part of a free society...but the first victim of "privatised" British journalism was the truth...and the second victims were shmucks like YOU!

Check out the Blair and Murdoch personal fortunes to see how integrity pays!

Attlee left seven thousand pounds when he died....but integrity is its own reward.
BBC/FOX/VATICAN TIMES....and the rest of the Zionist Media July 5, 2012, 23:17
Stuff and nonsense Ancient Briton....we have a proud history of holding politicians to expense account...which all came to a halt back in the eighteenth century when the City of London (and entrepreneurs) were able to start buying up the media and the honour of the politicians in Parliament. (See Murdoch/BBC for recent examples)

Our imported "labour movement" came in from Eastern Europe George Soros and the Milibands and Jack Straw..and then moved on to occupy Palestine ...

...using all the techniques they forbade us British aboriginals from using to protect ourselves... while filling Britain with unneeded "labour" from the third world of a kind that would never get past border
controls into their beloved Israel.

Yes just watch Fox/BBC for the low down on the low-life Fourth Estate .....and then the complete absence of democracy in your "free and open society" will be no surprise at all!
Ancient Briton July 5, 2012, 22:55
Watch the House of Commons pantomime "debate" about avoiding responsibility for Blair and Clinton (and the rest of the crooked Anglo-Saxon Establishment)de-regulating the global economy for some truly sickening hypocrisy if you have a strong stomach.

Creatures like Bob Diamond and Rothschild and Murdoch and Soros (and the Israeli/American superpower) have total control of our virtual one party Neo-liberal banana republic (and the absurd EU in which they insist we remain).... this pitifully sordid den of treacherous shysters was left pretending to disagree while desperately trying to shift blame from one identical "party" to another .....

...when there cannot be an intelligent person left in the world who believes British politicians govern anything more than their own little money making rackets while Britain collapses around our ears.
Ancient Briton July 5, 2012, 22:34
i am wondering when Soros and the CIA and Murdoch/BBC will start "funding/supporting opposition" in Britain and the USA and Israel so we can have some real social minded political parties (like the post-war Attlee government) in Britain and Israel......

.. after years of complete horse droppings from all the Zionists in British and American politics.

We can see who our "Friends of Israel" lying treacherous politicians (and all their cronies in financial crime and the creepy Zionist media) REALLY care about....their sins are finding them out...

..and what good is it doing anyway? Soon we will see the books andrealisewhere our money was going since 1948.

Israel will not survive without trillions more dollars of our money....

.. and once our economies finally collapse under all that debt the recriminations will begin in earnest and our politicians and journalists (and their ringleaders like Soros and Rothschild) will not get away with blaming ordinary Jews and Muslims this time round.

Go on Israel/CIA/Mossad....blow the whistle and take some gratitude and glory.... or go down ignominiously in Holocaust 2 all your "disappeared" victims did before you.
Rubin Schmidt July 5, 2012, 22:28
Theres so much Julian Lassange could have done whilst in the limelight. Point out the big issues, things that surpass anything he, or his friends, have yet to address. The great crimes of 9/11 or 7/7. Did they recommend "7/7 Ripple Effect" or "7/7 The Big Picture." or "Fight the New Order." or "Missing Links" The ultimate truth about 9/11. No. I,d think more of them if they did. Maybe he,s holding out until he gets to America. Maybe he knows nothing.!!! July 5, 2012, 14:24
Bersih" movement run by Soros-funded frauds seek to restore IMF functionary Anwar Ibrahim to power.
by Tony Cartalucci

April 29, 2012 - In a repeat of last summer’s protests, yellow-shirted mobs calling themselves "Bersih" have taken once again to the streets in Malaysia demanding "clean elections." Their tactics and demands mirror similar movements that have come out into the streets in Russia and across the Middle East, and just like in Russia and across the Middle East, they are entirely funded, directed by, and working for the interests of Wall Street and London.

Bersih’s rank and file are responding to legitimate concerns regarding inequities that exist across Malaysia’s diverse population. Ethnic Malaysians are perceived to be receiving more benefits and upward social mobility than Malaysia’s large groups of ethnic minorities. Likewise it is perceived that Malaysia’s ruling government has an unfair advantage come election time. However, the movement’s demands and tactics seek simply to destabilize Malaysia politically and return known Western collaborators, and in particular Wall Street proxy and International Monetary Fund (IMF) functionary Anwar Ibrahim, back into power.

Wat Tyler and the real Jack Straw 1381 July 5, 2012, 09:31
Tell "your" so called "security services" to either blow the whistle and hand over the criminals in your financial and political systems for proper JUSTICE with all the evidence they must have of what has gone on during the War on Terror/Neo-liberal Soros "Open Society" era of rampant CRIMINAL globalisaton ....or face justice THEMSELVES!

CIA and Mossad and the Gestapo at GCHQ are global THUGS and terrorists themselves.


It`s time long suffering "voters" declared their own War on Terror ....on the mainstream media and politics!!
Wat Tyler and the real Jack Straw 1381 July 5, 2012, 09:16
Are the crooks in the Anglo Saxon Media and Politics "too big" to face Guantanamo Bay and the execution some of them have been allowed to demand for whistle blowers like Vanunu Manning and Julian Assange?

Who would weep if some of them were led to the guillotine or faced the ignominious end they gave to their old accomplices in torture and murder like Gadaffi and Sadam Hussein and Mubarak?

Global democracy would demand proper justice ....THAT`S why you never get it!

The bankers and Israel are scapegoats for the rotten heart of your POLITICS....not you financial system!
Wat Tyler and the real Jack Straw 1381 July 5, 2012, 09:06
Sorry....that should have read ..why are our Friends of Israel Parliament and BBC/Fox professional con merchants not the subject of full public inquiries and criminal trials of the sort they demand for bankers?

We believe that once again in the guise of helping Rothschild and Israel and being straight with the British people the New Global Establishment of Global Organised Crime are (probably unintentionally)repeating the worst aspects of the last century (like 1929 and the Great Depression) with a view to leaving western civilisation and moving from London and New York to the overpopulated cheap labour unregulated Asian economies.