David (UK) September 13, 2012, 01:36
"Trouble is there’ precious little honest reporting. As far as reporting goes, Fisk is one of the better reporters, but he’s not edgey enough for me."

No I cannot get an handle on what Fisk is saying about Syria. While it appears that he wants to report what is REALLY happening, it can also seem that he is holding back at times. So do reporters and newspapers have a rule against clear reporting?
David (UK) September 13, 2012, 00:56

Historian Brian Loring Villa suggests that news of the raid may have been deliberately leaked to the Germans. “Some blame the French, the guilt and the blame has been shifting around but the truth always remained hidden...The guilty never received their sentence...Who has interest for it to remain hidden? Who was responsible for the slaughter of so many young Canadian lives?”

More to the point, why did the raid take place? Was it, as some have suggested, that Dieppe was a raid designed to fail - to prove to Stalin that a “Second Front” was not possible at the time? If so, this plan/tactic failed – totally. For it has been reported that Stalin said that, if they can afford to waste that many of tanks and men on a mere raid, then they have all the weapons/supplies they need for a second front.

Does not this reasoning make more sense than the need to battle-test the latest Churchill Tanks?
Rubin Schmidt September 12, 2012, 03:54
David (UK): Do you think that the perpetrators, of "WICKED" sacrifice, should answer for the worst of crimes, knowingly killing people to gain some advantage that the victims are unaware of. Like the soldiers at Dieppe or the victims of 9/11 and 7/7. Do they not call out for justice. Remember HOLOCAUST.....Greek, "A SACRIFICE WHOLLY CONSUMED BY FIRE. David, did they mean German machine gun fire.???
Rubin Schmidt September 12, 2012, 03:40
Julian: This is it, your very own 4 second moment. I only saw it today, those "Anonymous" people are coming to rescue you on the 5th November 2012. They are planning to storm London "on masse", a bit like Watt Tyler, but with laptops. So Julian, pop out on the balcony, with a loud-hailer, and predict your own salvation. "Operation Jubilee" intends to mess with the electrics on the same day. If the lights do go out, you could slip down the fire escape and hide out in the "CITY", a sovereign state, where British Law DOES NOT APPLY.!!!
Rubin Schmidt September 12, 2012, 03:20
David (UK): Here’s the cruncher, FOR ME, did you see the no,s 336, 36, 666 and no. 13. It all happens in "threes", hear that one before? On looking up Dieppe, I discovered "Operation Jubilee" and this is the JUBILEE of the 1942 event. This is JUBILEE year. and "Operation JUBILEE" is what those people, that look like Guy Faukes, and hack into computers. They are planning to march on London and take out the Banks and our corrupt Government and probibly free Julian, on the 5th of November 2012. They also threaten to take out systems linked to Banks, Military and the forces of OPPRESSION. (see "operationjubilee") I watched their video on u tube, very, very slick. I wonder if Julian knows.???
Rubin Schmidt September 12, 2012, 02:36
DAVID (UK): Up until today, I was on the verge of saying, ah well, were just "two old fellas mumbling in the basement", what with the British media banging out all that 9/11 piffle, to reinforce the mythe for the next generation. THEN I made a connection that tickled me. Salerno was the UNWITTING sacrifice,even though a volunteer, was’nt aware aboard LST336, that he was to give the 36th Texas Div. beachhead artillary.(whould you volunteer for what would seem to be a suicide mission?) The answer to this ,almost, disaster was Slapton Sands, Operation Tiger. Those taking part would’nt have realized they might become an UNNECESSARY sacrifice. The brother who also lived at no. 13,volunteered and made the ULTIMATE sacrifice, at the hands of U 666. But what I was missing was the WICKED sacrifice, DIEPPE...."OPERATION JUBILEE" and this just happens to be the JUBLIEE of that 1942 event. Can you imagine "wiki-leeking" to the families of a British Regiment that their sons, had been SACRIFICED to test the equipment, and had been thrown to the wolves. Thats why they used Canadians and Camerons, to avoid the massive public backlash that would have occurred.!!!
Rubin Schmidt September 11, 2012, 08:16
David (UK): Trouble is there’ precious little honest reporting. As far as reporting goes, Fisk is one of the better reporters, but he’s not edgey enough for me. Iwatched Alex Jones’s "Road to Tyranny" not that’s worth reporting. People will remember Julian for the moving pictures of the murder in a Bagdad street, but as I said before, you could have read the same story in "The Guardian" on Tues. 14th Sept. 2004.with graphic still photographs. Richard Gage on the other hand, is blowing a real whistle, with his "9/11 Blueprint for Truth". As for RT, why do you think any of these well researched and presented documentries are’nt shown on RT.? Thomson/reuters...Bilderbergers. Sometimes Reuters reporters put something on the wire their masters dont approve of, eg. RT reported, quite correctly, that the attack on the Sth. Korean patrol boat was a false flag attack by the Americans only to pull the story a short time later. The Reuters offices overlook the spot, in Canary Wharf, where three of "the 7/7 suicide bombers" were shot. RT would have seen it, but it was only reported in New Zealand and Canada. No, for me Antony J. Hilder,Antony John Hill (Ludicrous Diversion)and (7/7 Ripple Effect)and of course Dave Von Kleist (In Plain Site) are the real whistleblowers. You wont see them on the Ecuadorian Embassy’s balcony, or on RT.!!!
David (UK) September 9, 2012, 23:11
P.S: Using this soapbox, just like to highlight the following:

"The Internet threat to truly honest reporting"
By Robert Fisk, The Independent UK, 28 May 2001

While it might not be the ’latest news’, the issues covered (honesty and the internet) have not dated. Hope it is worth a look?
David (UK) September 9, 2012, 22:59
Rubin Schmidt: Sorry, but I am not sure where you are heading with 9/11. As for RT, in general their news reports do not seem that bad. Anyway, since The World Tomorrow and RT have given us a soapbox - is it wise to bite the hand...?

Concerning the replacement for Blair being sleezier, and having a cheesier grin, does not that takes some doing?
Rubin Schmidt September 8, 2012, 06:36
David(UK): Ask yourself this... WHY does RT allow Laura Smith to report the same old official 7/7 rubbish?. Why does RT reinforce the same old myths????? Are they really any different than FOX or the BBC.?? GET it straight, or loose any credibility, 9/11 and 7/7 are figments of somebody’s imagination.. STOP REPEATING RUBBISH RT nobody here believes that nonsense any more...OK!!!