David (UK) August 7, 2012, 15:38
May I begin by making clear that I never have supported - and never will support - the Zionist. After what happened to them in World War Two, I cannot understand why they need 20 feet-high wall or why they keep attacking small countries? That said, while no friend of the Zionist, I refuse to support Jim’s racist attacks on the Jews. And yet, despite happen to Russia during World War Two, RT allow him to keep banging on, and on, and... . Would it not be nice if others could get a word in edge-ways?
David (UK) August 7, 2012, 01:27
Keep making your helpful, clear and direct comments - Flavio. Don’t let the bullies stop you!
David (UK) August 7, 2012, 00:31
A number of replies back Jim said: "Sorry! I have just watched an RT report about unrest in Europe and wish to appeal to journalists and politicians to stop this ignorant and dangerous habit of describing all concern about immigration as fascist and far right".

What about ’far wrong’? No, the truth is that the journalists and politicians don’t mind using immigration to divert attention away from cuts to public services - and the resulting social unrest. While they are willing to use a little soft-racism, the powers-that-be want to avoid people such as Jim giving the game away by banging on about race.
Flavio Pisa August 6, 2012, 09:00
I feel we got into the present mess by design/evolution. The intellect had to be developed. But now we can all see that other aspects of the human being are just as important ie the feeling and will impulses (feeling and will don’t have their physiological seat in the brain as is commonly believed)

As the age of consciousness is dawning on humanity, we will slowly but surely be able to take back the responsibility entrusted to oligarchs (powerful families, corporations, some counties and others) through old traditions and throughout history.

It is a slow movement from a group mentality to individualization of each one of us. From hierarchical to alternative systems. In this journey we’ll hopefully overcome our lower Ego and unite as free individuals to humanity as a whole.

As we entered the 21st century, mankind has just reached the stage of adulthood. This can be observed by looking at the world happenings in the last few years. The awakening is not merely political but has a spiritual basis. Many are aware of this, and the best part is that this spiritual inflow cannot be stopped.

Thank you for your contributions Jim, I’m quite sure that they have not gone to waste and that you’ve inspired other to speak out.


Flavio Pisa August 5, 2012, 15:10
From the standpoint of reincarnation, which prior to materialistic civilization was an universal knowledge & teaching, it is in peoples interest & benefit to incarnate in different cultures at different times in their spiritual evolution.

If you take this thought further you’ll see that if you incarnate among the people you now hate, you might get the same treatment from your present culture in your next life/lives.

If people could see deeper they would refrain from thinking, saying or doing many harmful things towards their fellow men. And not just refrain but start investing in their future lives on earth. From this standpoint we are naturally one and cosmopolitan.

Flavio Pisa August 5, 2012, 14:31
You fail to see that we live in a cosmopolitan world, the dark ages would come with the thinking that we ought to protect ’our own’ from ’the others’. Humanity in its diversity is one, not two or three.

Humanity as a whole has many common problems that will be solved by all, regardless of the nation, creed or family they happen to belong to.

Making names, blaming others, promoting hate, etc. is a very superficial way of looking at things and I don’t see how you’d improve anything with this method, unless of course you like to sensationalize.

I don’t mean to lecture here, I just find it upsetting to see how this space is wasted by unhelpful comments.

Flavio Pisa August 5, 2012, 12:03
Actually outer change comes from inner change; although more public debates would be very much needed. I would like to see Julian have a debate with people that are using Dr. Steiner’s ideas practically. People from Triodos Bank, Camphill (Special Needs), Waldorf Schools and other initiatives working out of Dr. Steiner’s research and findings.

These ideas are unique because unlike many philosophies that remain just that, these ideas have actually been put into practice in many domains such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Art, Finance, etc. and the facts are there that prove these ideas to be successful.

Philip Dawes August 3, 2012, 01:22
An interesting and lively discussion about freedom of thought, word and activity on the Internet, the positive consensus of which I fully agree. The psychopathic thugs and criminals in government and multinational commercial organisations want the privilege of their freedoms, but deny that right to the general public.
Well wad-yer-know, the world is changing fast, and those psychopaths and fraudsters will have the tables turned on themselves. The people are quickly awakening to the knowledge of the criminals running the show, and they don’t like it. The people are becoming empowered and will pull down the artificial construct of corruption and control, to replace them with freedom. That is all they want. That is all ’we’ want!!!
conscienceinsilence August 2, 2012, 12:58
Lolz Jim Evans....I can imagine some brand new robots being employed to fight public comments and general opinions.
conscienceinsilence August 2, 2012, 12:49
A very dull Hoax and ultimate charade.....are the two term goes best with wikileaks scam!