fixykyl December 8, 2012, 10:10
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Luisito December 7, 2012, 20:32
I’m impressed. You’ve raelly raised the bar with that.
Quino December 7, 2012, 04:40
So much info in so few words. Toltsoy could learn a lot.
Rao December 7, 2012, 02:57
That’s an inenvtive answer to an interesting question
tkamerica December 1, 2012, 02:29
This is great. But, these thoughts need to create a smarter method for participation. We can’t just focus on preventing groups from collecting our information, if it prevents us from focusing on using freedom of information to benefit us. By creating a civilization with a realtime knowledge map and activity chart, we can highlight changes in actions and beliefs which would not be possible through filtered channels. THEN we can have a system to share truth, promote actions, and receive rewards for meeting our needs in the most efficient way possible, even if these changes pose threats to existing business models or industries which depend on constant productivity. This is a fundamental shift, and thank you for laying the groundwork which enables us to rise above the profit models which cause so much suffering. Cheers.
Carla November 29, 2012, 11:22
Thank you all. This discussion is long over due and a vital necessity.
Katia November 29, 2012, 02:48
Brilliant, positive, constructive, look into the future, from a current perspective. Dreadfully needed. THANK YOU, PUNKS!
Breasth of fresh air!
Great kids.
21st Century Philosophers.
jacquelyn1111 November 13, 2012, 04:48
Love the show but why are there only male guests so far? If we’re talking about revolution and the redistribution of power, I urge you to include women in this discussion.
Lucas November 2, 2012, 12:57
Patroman = gonePilots/drivers = GPS driven cars, it’s been done alrdaey. But cars are not yet for sure in a RBE, maybe only emergency cars. But this applies to all transp.Again, all these tasks are technical, you really can’t see that, right? Robots build a whole car, come on. As a matter of fact, a car has alrdaey been 3d printed. If they can send a probe to mars, collect samples and return with no man aboard, do you think its really that hard for a gardener or a baker? [..YouTube..]
Isabelli November 2, 2012, 11:27
Many many qluaity points there.