Lawrence USA September 10, 2012, 20:12
Why is it that other poster’s comments no longer appear in the comments here, at least on my computer they do not appear? How can I discuss issues with other people if Iam not able to view what other people say in these matters?
Lawrence USA September 10, 2012, 05:20
Wow! I find it very interesting how such posts portray them self or selves as a specific group and the agenda or reputation associated with that group. It is also quite interesting how those same posts name or specify, and group or combine other poster’s together whom have very little real relation or intent in content, quality or principle of post. Also, consider the agendas or reputations associated to the combined poster’s. How many of those words are sectioning and pitting group against group and religiously, ethically, racially, ethnically, regionally or principally biased, bigoted or prejudiced?
Lawrence USA September 9, 2012, 23:41
I can also say that miracles are believed, and miracles of the kind that have no way to be avoided. Those who starve and who are enslaved may be papal than can ever be recognized in the eyes of the world. The past will always exist and the future will change the past. Shall we be deceived about time too?
Lawrence USA September 9, 2012, 23:24
Mother courage, how much more can you try to deviate from the good intentions of eternity? Do you truly know that this is a war of the most powerful weapons that ever will be, words. What I say is so far from what people as Soros would say or intend. Money is irrelevant to what is truly valuable so how could you see to make money from human suffering and death. If it is that you need someone to decipher what is it that I say, then how can you make such condemning statements as to the content and context of what I write? Iam a soldier, a soldier of the kind that is evils worst enemy.
Mother Courage September 9, 2012, 21:54
If anyone can decipher what Lawrence is talking about would they please let me know!? It looks like the writing of George Soros and as opaque as the thinking of the RT censor.

But Lo...I hear the soldiers singing...

The war takes hold and will not quit,
Yet Lawrence will make money out of it,
Starvation,filth,and cold enslave us,
But David still robs us of our pay,
Only a Papal miracle can save us
and no one believes in them today,
God`s former children awake,the past is gone,
So be alive,and soldier on while you can,
There`s nothing but you and your fellow Man.
And what is gone.... is forever gone.
Lawrence USA September 9, 2012, 20:11
Can we measure what is valuable by what, above all else, increases human comfort, convenience, capabilities, joy and life? Is what is valuable what stops humans from suffering and dying? How could things that cause human death and suffering be so inexpensive? Tangible and intangible things are directly used and involved in increasing humans natural inalienable God given rights of which all are entitled to, as rights and not as privileges. Money can be issued and the value regulated by who is holding or borrowed that money and what things are being traded with that money. However, the real value is in the direct result or effect to, for and by humans. Shall what is valuable be inexpensive and what is not valuable be expensive. Great care must be taken to reinvestigate, redefine, and reprove what is truly valuable. Some things that are established to be harmful to humans may actually be quite the opposite. Public and private policy is the issue here and this can consciously change all existence. Matter is not particle as commonly understood but matter is wave. Sprit is wave. Ideas or principles are things intangible, like spirit, yet these have the most influence on or to all matter and can be translated into words put into policy. Translations and interpretations of the truth about all reality’s existence can be accurate and all encompassing.
Lawrence USA September 9, 2012, 20:10
Jim Evans, You missed the point. It would be a miracle is people like you would consciously stop death and suffering of human beings. It is such a shame you have so much time to spend typing this issue away. Your words have such little confidence or hope in human beings when you say things like “human societies… will always be rather primitive territorial aggressive higher primates.”
John Phillpott ...Worcester News.. Saturday 8th Sept. 2012 September 9, 2012, 18:49
"Jewish people rightly keep the Holocaust in the public eye. However,,mass murder was not confined to the Nazis,a fact that often tends to get overlooked (in your Worcester News and the rest of the Zionist media?).

For Communism actually killed far more people than fascism during the last century.

In the Ukraine alone,Stalin murdered seven million people. And during the purges of the 1930`s,countless people who had offended the authorities died in Russian camps.

There is a culture of denial surrounding this inconvenient fact. And our television media-dominated by the Hard Left-will invariably ignore crimes that don`t suit a certain ideological frame of reference.
And that in itself is also an evil."
Lawrence USA September 8, 2012, 06:42
Are all the subjects and objectives of many issues merely directing our attention away from what I can word at this time as very important technologies? That if these technologies were to be known and used, can increase comfort, convenience, capabilities and life to all people. The closest public descriptions or displays of such technologies I have only seen in cartoons, science fiction movies and books, rare documentaries of the unexplained, and religious or holy books. Knowledge of such technology and cooperation among networks of people to physically develop, manufacture, construct and fabricate them can result in a miraculous future for all people. Obviously tangible and intangible things are vital to such an occurrence of increase of natural inalienable rights free to, for and by all people. Therefore, exclusive rights cannot be granted for any period of time to any person or entity, under the current definitions and interpretations of exclusive, rights and relevant terminology specified by established authority. Does any of this make sense and if so how do I go further?
CIA September 7, 2012, 19:42
I prefer David`s point of view...or I sense that I will when he expresses it here.