Peter Nagy April 20, 2012, 03:03
A very good show. The interview put a human face on a person that the U.S. corporate media would never touch.
Terence Chocolaad April 20, 2012, 02:29
Great Program!!

If there is ANYONE in the world who has proven not to bend for power and media, than it of course is Assange! It is ridiculous to suggest he changed all of a sudden into a puppet of the Kremlin, just because he has a programme on RT. It’s actually a big plus and a sign of independence for the people from RT that they’re letting a person like Assange, who let out lots of skeletons out of lots of closets for almost the whole world, including Russia(!), to do a programme on RT.
Tom (London,England) April 20, 2012, 01:54
This was absolutely brilliant. Before watching it I had a look around various news sites (mostly British) and the reports on this documentary were shocking! Russia today was reffered to ’The Kremlin propoganda channel’ for a start and the interview was instantly demonised because of having a ’Controversial’ guest. Living in the UK you have to deal with this rubbish on a daily basis of lies, cencorship etc but its thanks to people like Julian Assange that the world wide community can have access to truth or atleast get a non bias, non zionist report. Julian Assange, you are what the world needs right now! peace and good luck!
Brazilian Terrorist April 20, 2012, 01:23
hello assange

I liked the interview

I can copy the video and put subtitles with the language of my country? and also intend to do this with the next videos

David (UK) April 20, 2012, 00:34

In the event that World Tomorrow has any spare air-time(?), they might be interested in this (edited down) report by Owen Jones. (Friday, 30 March 2012)

“Galloway’s Shot Across The Bows”

...“the sheer margin of Galloway’s victory, more than all the other parties put together, and the fact that Labour figures simply did not see it coming underlines the significance of one of the biggest
political upsets in modern British political history...”

Firstly, it shows that growing anti-Coalition sentiment in this country does not translate into automatic enthusiasm for Labour...

Secondly, it is another nail in the coffin for triangulation. In the New Labour era, the sense in Blair and Brown’s inner circle was that the
so-called ˜core voters had nowhere else to go: the trick was to keep ˜Middle Britain on board...

Thirdly, it does signify a real rejection of the entire political establishment...

“Fourthly, Galloway’s anti-war message was to state what is both obvious but popular...

“Finally, we cannot underestimate the deep grievances that exist among British Muslims. Over half of Bangladeshi and Pakistani Britons live in
poverty; unemployment is significantly higher; and they are routinely demonised by the press...

“Of course, the bottom line is that large sections of British society no longer feel that they have a voice, and this will manifest itself in a
whole variety of ways. But Galloway’s surprise victory should not simply be dismissed as an eccentricity, a simple one-off. In an age of cuts and
plummeting living standards, here is a wake-up call to an extraordinarily complacent political establishment.”

(P.S.Hope some might find the report Interesting/useful.)
carlos April 20, 2012, 00:18
GREAT SHOOW!!KEEP ON!! please put subtitles to the forein lenguage guest! hearing the tranlat its confu
serving Jews April 19, 2012, 23:00
The sole purpose of non jews is – to serve jews, according to spiritual leader and Shas party member Rabbi Ovadia. This party has even said arabs are to be hated (RT)
Not a jew? Now you see where you stand. You see their racist and belittling minds. And why any and every critic of Israel is anti jewish. Why they have nuclear powered submarines to destroy any country – also the US and hence why the US is scared of Israel. Why Israels false partnerships exist with america britain etc and their propaganda endless
American April 19, 2012, 22:57
Assange, thank you for giving voice to the other side. They have the right to be heard and it is refreshing and unique to be able to hear that voice across the language divide.

The media here is terrible, but I think more Americans are realizing that and are eagerly looking for more diverse sources like this.

Best of luck, from the US.
majinmax72 April 19, 2012, 22:46
why would a country keep nuclear weapon? Even if it for aliens invading earth. we are gone
fbjtejj April 19, 2012, 20:56
Last night I was able to listen the interview in Castillian (Spanish), but no in English as I would have prefered.. Now I can’t neither in Castillian, English, Arab, or Russian.. What’s going on?????