JayCee April 19, 2012, 20:47
Wonderful program! Giving the guest the opportunity to make his point, let him speak and not to interrupt all the time or reinterpret (misrepresent) his statements by the host or commentator is unseen and truly unique in today’s journalism.

Can’t wait who the next guest will be!
Abdul Muied Siddiqui April 19, 2012, 19:50
.. Mr. assange, peace be with you, you are challenging the the hegemony that has just not captured resources but also minds...May Allah help you in your endeavor..
4rUl_query April 19, 2012, 18:37
Of course, it’s still "just" an interview. Let’s hope Nasrallah was not professionally misusing it - him surely being a trained man of word. But afterall there seems nothing more important than to hear both sides. We are so fed up with the western propaganda that always leads to violence as the necessary answer to nearly all questions of international understanding.

Btw. believers and their (mono)theism has always been one of the biggest source for injustice.
Leena April 19, 2012, 17:31
On March 13 2009, in a speech commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Hizbullah secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah had this to say about the prospect of recognizing Israel:

“Today, and tomorrow, and after one year, and one hundred years, and one thousand years, until the Hour of Judgment, we and our children and our grandchildren and our people, as long as we are Hizbullah, we will not recognize Israel. What is Israel? Israel is a plundering entity, an illegal and illegitimate state, a racist, belligerent, terrorist state. By what standard can a human being, Muslim or Arab, recognize an entity of this kind, and come and say, simply: “Yes, this is Israel,” while three quarters of it or more has been given to foreigners brought from all corners of the world, and while the people who are in the right, who are the legitimate ones, the people of the land and the holy places, the Palestinians ? Muslims and Christians ? have to let go, and leave, and surrender, and submit!”
Eric April 19, 2012, 13:31
From an American that never hears this side of the story, that was an interesting interview. This is the first I’ve listened to this guy as he is usually touted as a terrorist. Nice to hear this side of the story. l m. April 19, 2012, 13:14
Great overall performance and set-up.

A while ago this is what i wrote:

’technically it is impossible to be anonymous on the web. if Wikileaks finds a legal safe-haven, it will be temporary, subject to no boundaries in obstructing all and any involved.

Wikileaks will never be a mass phenomenon though, raw data are un-chewable to most readers. ’

Foreseeable: the intellectuals of the ’left’ see you as out of their comfort-zone. You have some kind of a platform now, that’ll do. Be pragmatic and daring, your best defence concerning the web of complications around your person.

These again are excerpts of comments, just to justify my sincere compliments to you:

’update, 30102010,

it seems appropriate to take position on Wikileaks as of today, it is an original concept in the working, it is a moment where Wikileaks became more defined. the ’cables’ exposure adds an element missing in earlier releases: the exposure of in the news, public sided people in governance.

is it fair to point to three elements surfacing over the last weeks? is it encouraging to merely point to, and critique Wikileaks in the midst of a huge effort? …now then, it is well meant.

one, in a timely fashion, mr. Assange is too much exposed as a bowsprit of the organization, individuals are more vulnerable as networks and affiliations are, wikileaks might use spokespersons, they should be unrelated to operational staff. true, it is less romantic, identifying, but far more enduring. the core of Wikileaks, all focus on that, being long term: raw data in a timely fashion.

two, the impact of Wikileaks is going to be minimal in the ’cable case’. ’professionals’ of any world, as indeed we live in a layered society, as through history, will at best nod at form and tone of the communications, no surprise there. and since the timely element is not really there, a cable real time, copied real time to a blank web page, they will be most uninterested, less the ’Wikileaks’ phenomenon in itself. ideally, being ’Reuters of the real to the many’ would be another matter. as for most of us, raw data are indigestible, of no practicality, complicated, out of the context of our ’live’ world. we expect polished images and pre-chewed info first, content or matter of relevance second. it should be a mistake for Wikileaks to bet on impact of there’s exposure of raw information to society in general.

three, and closely related to above second remark, the dilution of the information by taking in partners out of the conventional media, has, seemingly be done either out of opportunism for survival or worse sheer fright. should the work of interpreting, if one has the ambition to bring mainstream, some of the mud in the underbelly of diplomacy, intelligence and politics, should the polishing and glossing the data not be done by Wikileaks itself? if not so possible for technical reasons why not in close supervision of capable but in a much lesser way salaried and sponsored journalists bought and sold by the exact power mongers exposed.

in the end and again, away from above, US behaviour thrown in the open is in many ways identical to any other organization and network competing for power on the planet. it was not commented explicitly on the statements accompanying the cables. glad to be of help.

to be followed up.

update, 27122010,

Julian Assange lands book-deal, supposedly plus 1.000.000 us dollars for rights, no explanations on details, especially on how and when turn-over will be. i see a general pattern of also Americanism, because of the urgency to break the man, give the illusion to make him first. good luck Julian, i hope at least it betters your cash flow momentarily, as for paying legal proceedings, the punishment has started upon entering the legal process, a million is peanuts in your case, to put it otherwise, the non-defined ’case’ will follow the general pattern, whether guilty or not is irrelevant, the intention of the us government ego is to exhaust…slowly and break with a nimble knack the remnants of yours ego, preferably at a time few remember you.

suggestions from the hart and mind:

stay in power opaquely (your situation requires utmost secrecy, unhappy consequence of transparency: it should go both ways or at all), give thought to initiate a legal process as an alternative to the ones that will be imposed, some court in den Hage or other, as soon as solicited, will gladly, with some clout, dispute the right to your bones.

try to find a safe-haven territorially on a short term basis to un-hamper yours functioning as an operator, at the same time initiate and interest political us fractions. in short ’disappear from the radar and maybe consider pre-recorded audio and video statements instead of live appearances. your inner circle should aspire to the same mode of proceedings.

stay with declarations on principle, shift of publicly (too late is better then never) your responsibility on running Wikileaks daily.

time, time, time. stay in the news (your power situation), standing on principle, disconnect Wikileaks functioning and unavoidable mistakes from yours personality.

sorry to repeat myself, but i cannot foresee greater damage to Wikileaks as a compromised feed, that after publishing exposes the source as a crack-pot organization or individual. the shallow mind of society credits and discredits at a fast pace.’

naeem [pakistan April 19, 2012, 13:08
wonderfull interview,,,a big blow to uncle sam and his child... nasrallah is a great leader, , well done assange
Malika April 19, 2012, 12:12
Mr Assange,you’re my hero.I respect samahat sayed NasrAllah so thanks to invite him.I’m bad en english so i watched the show en russia today español.Wish you more succes,may God protect you...
Juan April 19, 2012, 11:32
I can’t listen the vid... =S
Samai Salim April 19, 2012, 11:30
What do I do to open it? I could not open it and listen to it! Too bad!

Anyway, the world would be too flat, stupid, without innovation and progress if we did not have Opposition and DIVERGING forces. Thank God, Nasrallah is one of them! Nasrallah is too smart to believe in the Shii/Sunni division and to be aware of "Divide & Rule".