Behnam Neilgooni April 25, 2012, 10:46
I hope Julian Assange interview following people:

Silvio Berlusconi
George Papandreou
Dominique Struss Kahn
George Galloway
Viktor Yushchenko & Yulia Tymoshenko
Eduard Shevardnadze & Mikheil Saakashvili
Hosni Mubarak
Karobi & Mosavi (Iranian green movement leaders)

Jim Evans in Worcester April 25, 2012, 10:42
Go on you middle class globalist liberal self-serving windbags....INVESTIGATE issues like these IF YOU DARE...
Why are the BBC desperate for us to never forget the Holocaust and the wicked behaviour of Anders Breivik and the death of Jean-Charles De Menezes at the hands of the British police?

Because the BBC is the Vatican and George Soros` and International Jewry`s et al DISINFORMATION and DISTRACTION mouthpiece!

Ask them why they don`t keep on about Athanese Seromba.....
or the racism and fascism in that financial crime hub of theworld ..Israel ...
..or the IRA government they installed in Ulster after the Omagh Bombing...
.or their talk of "springs" in countries we all know very well are run by the likes of Soros and the CIA..
..or why Victoria Climbie was tortured to death by savages under the protection of "humanitarian" liberals at the BBC..
.or why in our "democracy" we can`t stop immigration into our collapsing economy and welfare state...
...or what the BBC` beloved European Union is really all about????

But don`t hold your breath....and don`t imagine that Assange and Keiser and the rest of the folk at RT will be asking these questions EITHER..
..because there`s no PROFIT to be made from it and you will be ostracised from middle class life like Horowitz was..!
Jim Evans in Worcester April 25, 2012, 10:16
This is all preposterous piffle.

There is no political philosophy in the world today beyond the mumbo jumbo and religious clap trap spewing from the lips of loonies appointed by the criminal class one might call the Aristocracy of Money and Debt.

The USA and Israel do whatever they please as a consequence of their power to direct the media and politicians and armies and the CIA global secret police. Where is the power of argument in that cocktail?

Did Bin Laden and Milosevic and Gaddafi offend Mr Horowitz political sensibilities or those of the voting public? NO! But they got "voted out" by the biggest gangsters in the world all the same!

Absolutely right ...the media is a Zionist bread and circuses in Rome.

Assange and RT and Keiser will never EVER investigate the REAL issues troubling the average western voter because if you talk about immigration of cheap labour into the heaving disgusting slums of your high unemployment country!

Because if you do so you are immediately exposing the global "liberal" George Soros middle class of journalists and NGO`s and wannabee politicians as the new self-serving tyrants and Gestapo of the modern age....and there`s no smug and easy and profitable lifestyle to be got from telling the truth like that.

You moan about Blair and Obama but you will make very sure YOU die in comfortable surroundings and YOUR kids live prosperous lives!

Let`s see the RT "journalist" hypocrites going into the SLUMS of Europe asking the real underclass about what THEIR life is like in this neo-liberal FEUDAL SYSTEM.

What`s it like to share your sink estate and jobs and welfare state with cast offs from every other nation on Earth?

Give me one Horowitzs any day to a hundred of you creepy "me too" do gooding air-head "occupy" leftie traitors to ordinary people!

I notice you preening hypocrites do NOTHING about Israel yourselves while moaning about neo-cons!! But I suppose you are mostly the usual mouthy Jews.... just PLAYING politics for the benefit of the Rothschilds!!
JB April 25, 2012, 09:54
Horowitz is barking mad. Warfare is mankind’s natural status, really? Because there has always been war. Really? If that’s the case then is prostitution a woman’s natural occupation because there has always been prostitution? (don’t anyone say yes). I can’t believe the lack of depth that is evident in Horowitz’s outlook.

Horowitz makes no more sense than does, say, Aristotelian physics today, which held that objects tend toward a different part of the universe according to their composition of the four elements; an object in motion wants to be in motion, it wants to get to the other side, so to speak. However, now we know that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, absent some force. And an object at rest tends to stay at rest, absent some force. In a similar way, warfare can be thought of in terms of cause and effect. A people at peace tend to stay at peace, and a people living in fear and want tend toward war. Fear and want have been a constant element among most societies, but there is no reason to believe that peace CANNOT result from the absence of fear and want, that people cannot create peaceful, democratic societies that seek to mitigate the evil fruits of fear and want around the world. Horowitz seems to gleefully anticipate a future of perpetual warfare that culminates in an apocalyptic blaze of glory.

He went on to implicate those who lack religious belief as being responsible for much of the terrible suffering during the 20th century (although Horowitz was interrupted before he could actually say it, if you’ve read his books you know exactly what he was about to say). Tell me something, David: if the Crusaders had at their disposal 20th century weapons, and could starve people simply by stopping delivery of food on 20th century railroads, don’t you think they would have used those methods too? Wouldn’t their crimes have matched or exceeded those in the 20th century? Of course they would have... Therefore, there is no high ground to be found in thinking that a government which lacks religious belief is more evil than one that endorses a belief in God.

I wish someone would call out Horowitz on these types of absurd claims.
Richard April 25, 2012, 09:42
Why is there still another platform for a morally degenerate capitalist bigot and a cowardly opportunist defender of capitalist reform that fails again and again. The only real question today is the percentage of the World population who are outright slaves as far away from the 21 century as those of the Roman empire. Note how the peasants are fed on a steady diet of religion, while capitalists feed on the peasants. Julian has to decide whether he is to be a martyr or a clown. This silly liberal anarchism facade is irrelevant given the iron grip the corporate fascists already have on us. Individuals not possessing more then a hundred million dollars are employees. Whether they are conscious of who their boss is or not.
Fernando April 25, 2012, 09:34
I think the show was a total failure and came behind the expectations. At times difficult to understand because of Zizek poor English and lack of fine analysis. Most of the discussion was based on "left-right" stereotypes jargon. A total dissapointment given the current information war performed by USA and Israel and the need to rise the global awareness on what is at stake. If the program does not involve scholars and the rich information obtained by Assange, this opportunity will be enterely lost.
Clair April 25, 2012, 08:51
3 STOOGES !!!This show was nothing but rants If you know the REAL TRUTH about the ’New world Order’ Speak about and inform people you know there is no left and right the agenda is ONLY TYRANNY AGAINST FREEDOM!!RON PAUL IS RIGHT !HE IS THE REAL REVOLUTION!It is all the same ’bankster rulers’ the new world order and enslavement of PEOPLE and take away TOTAL LIBERTY BY ROCKFELLER & SOVEREIGNTY/NATIONS /STATES by the GLOBALISTS FINANCIERS IMF/BIS/WBANK/UNITED NATIONS!!
Stan Jones April 25, 2012, 08:36
Listening to David Horowitz on Julian Assange’s new talk show on Russian television today was much like listening to right wing blowhards like Bill O’Rielly on Fox News. These purveyors of paranoia see a Muslim terrorist under every rock. He kept describing Obama as representing the far left which is utter nonsense -- Obama is a "liberal", not unlike Bill Clinton or John Kennedy. And liberals are very much in the pocket of the corporatocracy. The American political system is ’owned’ by the very rich and controlled by their corporate lobbyists. And if ’conservatives’ like Horowitz had their way they would give them even more power.

While I do admit that Horowitz is right to say Obama and other "liberals" have been morally culpable in killing innocent civilians in America’s wars he ignores the "progressive left" that have been just as critical of the war atrocities that Obama has, if anything, intensified over what George Bush had done. Why didn’t Assange or his other guest Slavoj Zizek challenge Horowitz on this? Zizek is a charming fellow but I certainly believe that somebody like Chris Hedges or Jeremy Scahill would have presented a much more aggressive argument to counter Horowitz’ simplistic right wing talking points. His repeated insistence that "the natural position for mankind is war" reminded me of the dogma perpetuated by conservative supreme court judge Antonin Scalia and many other degenerate right wing fatalists. They see no hope so why do they bother? With such low regard for humanity what is the point of serving the greater good as an important judge or prominent journalist? The answer of course is they are in it for strictly self serving reasons. They are no more than shills. America is becoming an increasingly degenerate society in which there are plenty of openings for clever opportunists who are willing to pander to conservative populism and get rich doing it.
Bob Armstrong April 25, 2012, 07:55
The projection of political space onto a "left - right" axis is very crude . Both these guys are statists . The only sense in which Horowitz is "conservative" is as a "neocon" , just a zionist authoritarian liberal .
prepare for the NWO April 25, 2012, 07:49
MKwrote on April 25, 2012, 07:47
I watched this show based on You Julian But This show was nothing but rants If you know the truth about the New world Order Speak about and inform people you know there is no left and right the agenda is all the same banker rule the new world order and enslavement of mankind by the elight