Donald April 26, 2012, 16:00
Cleaver sever cut my reply off.. here it comes again ..

I think you are forgetting to consider someone else here.. When you say that Christianity and Monotheism have been implemented you forget that Europe and America are not the only lands where people live on this planet. In truth, Monotheism and Christianity were never implemented but (as it happened with Communism and Socialism) but imposed, not ideologically (the good ideals were never digested by the ruling ecclesiastic casts but just exploited..), but politically to gain social control (as for Communism and Socialism). Again, good ideas are always exploited and misused by those seeking power.
What about Hinduism, Buddhism, Spiritualism, Animism, and the thousand of indigenous believes of the many so-called uncivilized (I would argued with that) cultures that Anthropology, for instance, has discovered in the last 150 years worldwide, in Oceania, Africa Indonesia, Polynesia and so on? Do you still think that Monotheism and Christianity were ever implemented?
If there is an ethnocentric point of view here, it is yours mate. And btw, do not patronize me with spelling mistakes.. English is my second language and I am sure you do not even have one.

Never follow ideas but live them, that’s my motto.

Donald April 26, 2012, 15:58
Theowrote on April 26, 2012, 00:20
Dear Donald: The ideals of Communism and even Socialism were never implemented in history by any government (present or past) but are still indeed valid. I am glad we agree on that, however, fortunately, it is not at all a Utopian fantasy. If Christianity, or Monotheistic mythology, the most utopian concept and ideology managed to survive for two thousand years, then I think that there is plenty of room in a modern society, much more” informed” in a way, much more scientifically and technologically evolved, to understand the ideals and fundamental principles of Marx’s economic theory however dated it might be, as well as the Materialist dialectics as a philosophical concept. Provided that they are open minded. I am also very glad, that you are somehow, somewhat, somewhere with me in that vague stereotypically very brief interlude of mine and I partly agree with you, that one owes to reform him or herself firstly, however, the objective for replacing a corrupt system, it is a struggle of all against all, a straggle by a classless community in which social solidarity replaces the search for individualism and individual wealth as the essential motive for action, and in which the wealth of society assures the harmonious development of all individuals. Marxist ideology is far from wanting to “make everyone the same” as the very ignorant opponents of socialism pretend it to be. Marxism allows the development of a whole infinite range of different possibilities of thought and action to be present in each individual. Individuals that understand that social and economic equality, the emancipation of humanity from the necessity to fight for its daily bread, represents a precondition for achieving the true realization of the human personality in all individuals. A society that we, fortunately or unfortunately share, requires an economic development where production for need supersedes production for profit. Only such a society will liberate humanity from the chains of the social and economic division of labour. Moreover, Marxism rejects the idea or the thesis according to which certain people are “born to obey” or that others are “born to command”. Nobody is by nature born to be a miner or postman, refuse collector for the rest of their life, or that some are born with blue blood in their veins, to be leaders, monarchs etc. You assume that I invoke, hence, claim or perhaps demand on “individuals” like you, an artificial father, a super-state de facto, to bypass each individual and to work for the common good. You seem to forget my dear “individual” human that you are not as individual as you would like to think. You forget that you live in a community, and that someone digs the earth, to cultivate and feed you, someone else produces your clothes, someone else protects you from danger, as an infant or an adult, somebody else, or somebody else’s son gets killed to protect you from evil, somebody else digs the earth to provide you with energy products, or material goods. Are you that type of individual that can provide everything for your survival as an “individual” of the human species? I doubt very much that this is what you are. What perhaps, you are is a deluded individual, that seems to think you are capable to live as an individual, on this planet, and that can survive in the wilderness of a corrupt society without help and support from you equals. Or perhaps you are deluded to believe that you are above anybody else. Well, that is not a utopia; it is a dream that will never come true. I am afraid that, your type of “individuality” is utopian, and yes, with people like you “individuals” society will never improve or get better. I will call your deluded individualism, as Selfishness’ more to the point, and greed for individual power. You need to know that in every walk of life, talented individuals are needed for the benefit of society and mankind. A simpleton’s example is Football, you need individuals with certain skills in order for the team to win the challenge, but it’s a team effort not an individual one. Do you want more examples of camaraderie, and not individuality, for the commonwealth of humanity? My dear individual Central power and power does not know altruism. Do you know as an “individuality proponent” the virtues of Altruism? Unselfishness, self-sacrifice, Philanthropy. Individuals with these attributes create a central power, to defend the principles of altruism against its antonym “selfishness” Perhaps, you are not the type of individual, that encourages or practice Selfishness, if you are an altruist then I take my hat off to you, and apologize for such an attack on your integrity. But we need each other as species to survive and progress. YES IT IS SOLIDARITY THAT WILL GET THE GREEKS OUT OF TROUBLE, this is what the Greeks have to teach you in life, not individuality.
Donald April 26, 2012, 15:39
No candidate for presidency?

Again everyone is forgetting Ron Paul, as soon as Julian asked who would you vote for I was certain the conversation would lead to Ron Paul, He is the Only choice, Obama & Romney are the same agenda different face, The Illuminati have 2 candidates to secure control of the public yet again, Ron Paul can’t and won’t be corrupted, he is the only one who wants the government to benefit the public by backing off not sticking a camera in your house and groping your kids at airports.
Yea, He forgot to mention Paul didn’t he. Which tells me that .. something smells here. You wouldn’t expect from the wikileak founder to miss that reply...I guess he just wanted to stick to the pamphlet.
lern_tvp April 26, 2012, 15:08
they still think people are born gready and some should have less products cuz they are lazy? they still believe that humans born very diffrent? this 2 guys there talking like they made study on human behavier all their life, but in the end they just talk at each other with their opinion without any facts and a lot of meaningless words witch they dont understand. like human nature and the people are the problem. its the enviroment that shapes behavier and not inborn greed! assange should talk with jaque fresco, he got some solutions ready
Never mind who is right. April 26, 2012, 13:16
I wouldn’t like you to be consumed by this great machine- the State.
I would like enjoy your presence and to celebrate Freedom of Speech, that our democratic society had been blessed with, in the long process of the natural evolution in this part of the World, and other countries.
The are some rules that we all have to obey
1 The strongest will always win
2 The new Dictators will always emerge
3 New idea is not always free from being interpreted in a way, suited to those in power.
4 The Humans have to be organised in some kind of society or under religious
And there is no ideal Utopia that can ever please every and single of us...
I wish you to be safe, healthy and free from all sort of judgement
Never mind who is right April 26, 2012, 13:01
Dear Assange
You are an amazing True and Freedom of Speech fighter and a journalist.
You are standing for the Truth and Revelation.
In the Humans being History - the War was the way of life, where the Aggressor had to be defeated, or win and suppress, take over.
You have to agree, that there is no rules on the War, there never was.
EVERY regime, every state has some secrets- that are best to be kept hidden from the wider public, because they cannot comprehend, understand or justify how and why and in the name of what idea.
We all hold our own Truth, our perception of Truth- based on our upbringing, country of origin, and the ideology, we were brought in.
Standing against and revealing the hidden, sometimes unnecessary details can both stir up unprepared, lucking of true knowledge minds, and bring distraction, or riots, or even an Revolution- and the new, more brutal idea or ideology will be born from the ashes, and a new, more brutal state will emerge with its Dictator.
Key-GB April 26, 2012, 12:03
the zionist exposed himself for what he is: a warmonger and hater of european Christian cultural heritage.... and also a Romney supporter ;)
Jim Evans in Worcester April 26, 2012, 11:30
Once we "free" ourselves from gods and leaders and all the rest of the armoury of excuses mankind has cleverly devised to AVOID personal responsibility it soon becomes obvious that "we" are in a dreadful mess as species.

Why has Bibi Netanyahu got hundreds of nuclear missiles and why have "we" gifted him the power of life and death over the whole of humanity and our species? Who is HE to have such power?

Why can Soros dump half the world`s poor into Europe....and use "our" politicians to bully us into accepting them... when it makes no RATIONAL or JUST sense at any level!? Who is HE to have such power?
Jim Evans in Worcester April 26, 2012, 11:14
But as we grasp that apparent reversal of "the truth" so we can also see that the so called "powerful" (and their USA and Israel) are CURSED by their superpower status....because it suits the rest of us to BLAME them for everything that goes WRONG in the world!

What would the world really be like if the Oligarchy and America and NATO and the CIA and "the Jews" were not around to take the BLAME? THINK ABOUT IT .

In fact they have a huge THANKLESS task...and the best we can practically hope for is that they are mature enough to operate out of humanity and generosity and the concept of Noblesse Oblige.

Jim Evans in Worcester April 26, 2012, 10:48
Put more simply....we are AFRAID of holding power because mankind`s collective unconscious mind senses the danger and RESPONSIBILITY we would experience if we ever got it together as a species and matured enough to really take control of our collective lives and the prospects for those who are not yet born.

Put this way we quickly realise that power is NOT PURE FREEDOM but an awesome RESPONSIBILITY in a mature CIVILISED ENLIGHTENED society ....and that (at a collective unconscious level) "politics" is about AVOIDING having power and responsibility.

Those in so called power HATE the ordinary voters in a "democracy" because our "leaders" know the truth .....that for all their status and wealth they are SCAPEGOATS for us......and in a very real way have LESS FREEDOM than a vagrant or unemployed man on benefits in a slum!

(Study the demeanour and comments of Tony Blair Clinton and Obama as they went from being everyone`s bright young hope to being some of the most disliked but wealthy men on the planet......were any of them "in control" at ANY stage of their progress?)