for-what-itz-worth July 2, 2012, 23:28
Both the Left and Right is dead! Why don’t you interview Jason McQuinn (editor of the journal Modern Slavery) and John Trudell (a Lakota Indian depth speaker)? There are some visionaries! Left and Right are two factions of colonialism, neo-colonialism included. Commonalities are never allowed, only perpetual Us vs. Them-ism, keeping stables of easily mob-ilizable masses to do the bidding of each elite manipulation group. "Human Nature" to engage in perpetual war?? --A dogmatic belief mediated by the propaganda mediation industry (and its Left/Right perpetual dichotomists), which, for one, never demystifies or exposes contexts--i.e. reasons for why people appear to act so stupidly. We are stupidized (not stupid, "naturally") and our spirits mined as resources, and all of these ideologies keep us appearing to be impossibly chaotic; thus, the status-quo continues without any real challenge!
happypedro June 28, 2012, 14:53

David Horowitz focuses on a very narrow range of human behavior. Yes, humans do terrible things and have dark sides, but they also do wonderful and loving things. Human nature is not monolithic. Horowitz is driven by fear and anger to such a degree that it blinds him to other perspectives, and to his own internal contradictions, which is why he keeps interrupting and doesn’t listen and is not open to any new perspectives. He says humans are terrible, so we therefore need to have our terrible politicians and leaders in charge have the biggest weapons and the greatest power -- assuming that such terrible people have the interests of the American people in mind! Really? We need a surveillance state in order to preserve our freedom? How more Orwellian can one get? Peace only comes when one group can control everyone else through force? War is Peace! Unreal and deeply flawed, indeed dangerous, thinking. He’s far too monolithic -- all those on the Left are horrible, the cause of ALL the problems in the world, and ONLY the Right have things figured out. No one group has all the right answers. Horowitz just strikes me as one who lives by fear and anger. He’s an extreme version of what psychologist Jonathan Haidt talks about in describing Conservatives in his talk on Ted.Com called "The real difference between liberals and conservatives."
Russ June 24, 2012, 00:23
Julain, love what you are doing, your dedication and courage. But what on earth made u invite Horowitzt, that vapid bag of stale air? He didn’t even understand half of what Zizek way saying.
Josh Thurston June 13, 2012, 09:15
Two very entertaining and enlighten individuals I would really like to see these two as regulars on various subjects
neil May 28, 2012, 21:10
cheak the history most issues in the world are the product of the bankers and the aristocraty washington wanted to introduce the green back he was murdered kennady has the same ideas remove the imf and the fed he’s dead thacher wanted to keep the the power out of the hands of the banks lost the leadership in the uk to john major plus the bankers funded both sides in ww2 and im guessing most other wars and if you have studed economics the bankers are glossed over having nothing to do with the economic world WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEOPLE wake up were all in the matrix and the bankers run your world with politions as their dogs and anybody who apposes them will generally disapear they have played us all off against each other for millenium so wake up grow some and take a stand the world could be a gr8 place if a few familys didn’t require world dominance peace to all love and light
quadrivium Veraciticas May 22, 2012, 16:32
This whole left right argument is all meant as a distraction so the masses can be kept in the dark to the truth.. It is the International banking elite who have funded the psychopaths on either side of the left/right political debate as a means of profit and power through political instability. This stuff is not hard to know so why is Julian playing this left/right pseudo debate? Why is he allowing the truth to be manipulated in such manner?
lib May 17, 2012, 01:39
Does it strike anyone else that the individuals involved get lost in all this talk of "the jews", "hamas", "the palestinians". We are throwing rocks blindly at groups, perpetuating the same bad behavior that led us to the place we are in in the first place! It sucks, it should never have happened, but these are people’s lives you’re messing with when you use guns and bombs to fight for your desired outcome.

It’s not fair to just throw people into groups and say "this group should win", because that obscures the actual lives of real people.
oopz May 16, 2012, 11:48
Horowitz needs to shut up and let other people speak. Jeez. What a windbag.
Kco May 15, 2012, 15:06
as Zizek said on another lecture, the comunism and Marx specifically was able to expose the nature of a problem.( capitalism, liberalism) although that doesn’t mean comunists or leftists are fully concious about the problem (contigent), and that is why the ’problem of the problem’ becomes the ’isms’... in that sense I understand his perspective and discourse which I would just describe it on opposition of Horowitz ’s who seems for me a cat chasing in circles his own tale thinking it’s a mouse... zizek chases his own and sometimes others cat’s tales knowing the cats they belong to!
European May 15, 2012, 06:10
Right or Left, nowaday, has no meaning. What is hot is 1% and 99% or the "Have" and the "Have Not". In a world, the interests of the 1% imposing on 99%. For example, jews are only 1% of US population but they could impose their interests on American Middle-East policy, why?