Ancient Briton June 27, 2012, 09:32
And we will not get this from "faith" or any other denial of reason and denial of Attlean secular practicality and moderate balanced social democracy.

We HAVE to give God and Baal the elbow in his old former self as crutch for the powerless and those in despair......and a PR man for the powerful and the continuation of the status quo.

Notice how "faith" is allowing us to blow each other up in the name of Allah......and have Vatican`s full of gold bars ....and to overpopulate the planet by saying "It`s OK folks....God will provide"!
(Google the name Athanese Seromba and the word Haiti for further information about where that will take us!)

And Soros and Rothschild and the BBC can rest up as well....because globalist togetherness using Open Society (?)secrecy and stealth and totalitarianism and fraud and mass migration and sociological stupidity no way to re-integrate Mankind to good purpose at all!

Two threats face us immediately ...Bibi Netanyahu`s nuclear arsenal and Zionist suicide mission in the Middle East....and the shadowy Mr Blofeld Soros and the CIA running the politics of the world.... primarily for Israel`s benefit and Rothschild`s profit.

Ancient Briton June 27, 2012, 09:08
And yet the Internet and television hold within them the power to re-integrate Mankind into the only tribal formation that can possibly work to ensure the best hope of Mankind`s survival....

.that is if we see ourselves as ONE cherished wholesome organism.... that looks to cooperate rather than appreciate rather than look out for every aspect of our enormous and endangered collective self.....

.. with indifference to the concocted nonsenses of race and religion and nationality and class etc...and all those other divisions that the immature and the megalomaniacs among us have always used to "gain (illusory) power" over the more mature members of society.
Disclosure June 27, 2012, 08:19
Ancient Briton may experience envy in other contexts but in this instance he feels anger and contempt towards two old men who have blown this unique golden opportunity to get behind where stupid vain selfish tribal territorial Mankind is coming from and tell it like it is.
The truth is like a studiously ignored elephant in Julian`s studio.... and as each celebrity windbag enters and leaves the smell of bull and elephant excreta simply gets stronger and the smoke and mirrors leave an honest observer of this pantomime more bewildered than before.
What are we too stupid to conclude? Quite simply that we are doomed by our own prehistoric built in obsolescence...our own self centred and tribal centred and racial centred and faith centred and philosophy centred to see that Mankind is not at the Chomsky/Ali half way mark in an heroic progress from ignorance and instinct to Nirvana...... but still sitting in the Cave of Forgotten Dreams awaiting the wisdom to embark on a cruise on the Ship of Fools!
Reason For Sanity June 27, 2012, 04:05
Julian you have done what most news networks cannot do even with their billions and that is produce something with substance. Two great intellects for the ages Mr. Chomsky and Mr. Ali. Julian there are millions of us out here supporting you. Do not give IN nor UP.

A work of Art!
Beatriz Tagle June 27, 2012, 03:18
Amazing the exposition of Chomsky and Khan about the current state of the world. I complitely agree with the statement that the democracies are in trouble due to the extreme power of the corporations. Unfortunately the mayority of the citizens in USA has been dormant by the low quality of the education system and for being easy to be manipulated by the politics in Washington and the Wallstreet elit.

Mr. Assange, thank you for this magnificent series!

Graeme Briggs June 27, 2012, 02:21
You are a brave and honourable man. Thanks to you and those like you we can understand the world and how it really is, as opposed to what the western media would have us know. By giving people that would normally not be heard a platform we can have a fairer world tomorrow. Thanks Julian!
Kamaal June 27, 2012, 02:06
this world is desperately in need of more number of Julian assange.
Newsnight June 27, 2012, 01:01
This is setting the bar very high but we still feel our ground breaking jaw dropping consciousness raising feature about the Arab Spring just has the edge on you.

Would Julian have had the journalistic imagination to call together a poor outnumbered group of defenceless Jewish people like Kissinger,Jeremy Greenstock,Christopher Mair and Simon Shama......and leave them at the mercy of one young Arab NGO and Kirsty Wark.

No stones left unturned there!!
Ancient Briton June 27, 2012, 00:35
Sinawrote on June 27, 2012, 00:14
Brilliant... I am honoured as an activist to have patrons like Chomsky and Ali, they are doing the same good as Rocker and Goldman were doing a few decades ago. Thanks Julian for making this possible and thanks RT for providing the platform.

Rocker and Goldman? I have heard of Goldman Sachs but who are Rocker and Goldman and where is there evidence of the good they did?
Sina June 27, 2012, 00:14
Brilliant... I am honoured as an activist to have patrons like Chomsky and Ali, they are doing the same good as Rocker and Goldman were doing a few decades ago. Thanks Julian for making this possible and thanks RT for providing the platform.