Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 15:27
Of course it never suits the powerful to see things my way.

If I talk to the Jews and Asians and Roman Catholics and Gays and Africans and others ....who REALLY misrule our farcical collapsing bankrupt English Rothschild/Vatican/Islamic banana`s not long before they are confiding to me that "their"......

... "wonderful" culture race religious nonsense or nation of origin is quietly but quite naturally and obviously FAR superior to my endangered pathetic racist xenophobic right wing Celtic remnant of a "community"in its sink estates ....

...that is only just clinging on here by the skin of its teeth after centuries of being "cleared" like vermin in our millions from the British Isles.

The reason many "entrepreneurs" and professional politicians and journalists and lawyers in Britain are Jewish or Asian is NOT because on average Jews or Asians are any brighter or more talented than Africans or Celts is because they RUN Britain (like ALL of us would if we were in power) suit themselves and their "community" THEIR ADVANTAGE!

That`s why "democracy" cannot work!
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 12:29
And the amusing racial irony of it is that Noam and Tariq and I bear a fairly strong physical resemblance to each other....and that is quite possibly because we three are of KAZAR stock...and maybe none of us is a Semite at all!

If all the Semites evaporated tomorrow would London change all that much? NO!

The "honourable members" (sic) at Westminster and the BBC`s Catholic bosses would ship in more crooks from Asia and Catholic Italy and the USA to run the SAME old rackets Jews have been running for centuries.

We are all of ONE race ..the HUMAN RACE...and folk like Jesus and Karl Marx and Friedman and the others were probably BONKERS ....just unrealistic DREAMERS who did not have a realistic understanding of what we ALL really are .....and what system of government will WORK PROPERLY for us.... as we really are.... when ANY of us gets his greedy fingers on the levers of power.

If you doubt me ...just look at what the richest and most powerful people in the world have quietly created with your money and the support of your Murdoch Press and your pious po-faced BBC.....ISRAEL!!
Rubin Schmidt June 29, 2012, 12:28
I would have more faith in RT or Julian if either would wikileak the the B.B.C.,s "Panorama" programme aired on Sun. 16th. May 2004 at 22.15 bst. The programme envisaged an attack on three tube trains and a road vehicle.OVER A YEAR before the events of 7th. July 2005. To add insult to injury some of the people sitting round the table on the programme turn up on the same day, at the same locations at exactly the same time as the "fundamentalists" Oh come on, what are the odds.? Is this mass murder by the state not worth mentioning.?
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 12:10
This is the only place in the world I can speak the truth....and I thank Providence there is this tiny asylum and sanctuary in the BS Zionist dictatorship created by oligarch gypsy thieves and liars and ersatz "radical" professional drivel mongers like Noam and Tariq .... who ALL TOGETHER unconsciously conspire to stop us from seeing the world and themselves and ourselves and mankind in general as it REALLY is.

The TRUTH that powerful people of ALL races creeds and nationalities and fraudulent political persuasions HATE to face is that we are ALL just a bunch of chimps...... from His Holiness in his "modest" "Christian" Vatican gin palace (or the Rothschild`s at Waddesdon)... down to the beggars on the streets of Rome ....and the illegal hoards in the corrupt Londonistan multicultural menagerie Rothschild uses to run his empire of crime.
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 09:36
James..I wonder if it would help you to act and be in the world more politically effectively if you thought in a more concrete way......and responded to the points I am making about global multi-racial mono cultural social democracy being a way to go .....but inconsistent with the way International Jewry actually behave in their own so called "homeland"?

I know for a fact that my ancestors have been in the Celtic fringes of Britain for many centuries whereas the substantial body of British people with Jewish ancestry arrived quite recently....though they have never been shy about telling me (and everyone else in the whole WORLD) to live my life here in my homeland (multiculturally/Multiracially)while operating a different system in Israel...using vast amounts of British and American money!

How would you respond to me declaring a "Homeland for the Celts" and excluding or marginalising "other races" on the model used by International Jewry?
james June 29, 2012, 04:22
i agree with you (i think i understood you) in that leaders come last (pandering to voter blocks based on false promises that will never be ’delivered’). perhaps that makes it even more important that we work to contribute to (in a positive way) the conscious of mankind...but it isn’t a one man thing (or in the interviews case three men). most people contribute to make this inefficient nonsense (based on ’necessary illusions’) work but it is possible to work under different economic and social assumptions.
james June 29, 2012, 04:22
by fungible (yes i spelled it wrong...i was rushing) i meant to say that things are not homogeneous and collectives such as ’international jewry’ or indeed ’the ancient britons’ cannot have collective opinions or personalities. they’re imagined communities based on fiction and these kind of group identities always break down under more careful scrutiny. as for the ideas in the piece, well, things are bleak and power is becoming more concentrated. we are certainly marching toward an economic world order that will be inimical to the interests of most of the people in the world and congenial to only the few. as for what can be done well i think there are many ideas, some have yet to be fulfilled and others have been outright crushed for even taking a vague flurry in what i would consider a better direction (i.e Catalonia being crushed by Franco). the most important thing is appealing to the collective imagination of the species and trying to identify steps we can take that will alleviate suffering and help move society in a more fruitful direction.
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 03:44
James...I am off for a few months so keep an eye on Israel for me in case the Arab Semites (whose ancestors may have been Jews before Islam existed) hold an Arab Palestinian "spring" based on Tariq and Noam`s so cleverly interpreted by you.....perhaps!
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 03:26
I think I see now mean fungible (not fungiable)as in interchangeable...I might have guessed this code for you being a Zionist who believes in racial purity?

If so surely you should not have done things like joining up with the Kazars in the 8th century!?
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 03:09

DO explain this ....."Ideas of racial fungiability are linear and short sighted" I would have to be very short sighted not to have you sussed young man!

And I notice you still have no ideas based on the interview itself.Perhaps Chomsky and Ali were too linear for you? Maybe they need dowsing in fungiside?